It was a typical day for Mime. Or so he thought. Though he never said anything, Mime actually thought a lot about certain people (AKA Lumpy.) When he heard that familiar laugh outside his door, he tried to force himself to fall asleep again. He wasn't in the mood for another near death experience today. Eventually the sounds of the outside world faded away, and he was calm enough to go outside. He walked out the door, and did what he did every day. Mime poked his head out the door, and glanced around a few times just to make sure nothing was flying out of nowhere, straight at his head.

Mime saw nothing, so he silently crept around to the other side of his house. Still nothing. Would he actually make it through the day without a visit to the hospital? He couldn't help but wonder.

He walked to a nearby ice cream parlor, enjoying the silence and real alone time he was getting. This was really something. Though he loved to perform tricks and entertain everyone, he felt he needed a break today. At least the sun is still shining... he thought, staring up at the sky. He sadly realized that there were several grey clouds in the sky already. So much for that, he thought. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to enjoy the rest of the day.

He wandered inside the shop, but first peered in the window. It was empty, except Mole. He was standing at the counter, facing the wrong way. Mime found a place to sit.

Shortly after, the bell on the door rang. He hid under the table, thinking it might be someone he didn't want to see. But the person passing the table was someone he didn't know, even though he only saw their feet. He stuck his head out from under the table. Who could this be?... he wondered. What he saw made him crawl under the table again. She was a white fox, with black tips on the fur that hung over her eyes from her head. She was wearing headphones, and he could hear what she was listening to, since they were turned on full blast. Her ears, front paws, back paws, belly, and tip on her tail were all black too. The mysterious fox's eyes were a misty grey, like the color of rainwater, and they were also half closed. She was slightly nodding her head in rhythm to the music, and looked like she would fall asleep any minute.

Mime crawled back onto his seat. He was now blushing and shifting nervously. He looked back at her, but she happened to be looking at him at the moment. When their eyes met, they both turned around again, embarrassed.

She was about to leave, when she paused next to Mime. She smiled and shyly waved. He did the same back to her. Mime called it love at first sight. He didn't even know the girl very well, but he couldn't stop thinking about her, even after he got home. He fell asleep soon after, not expecting the events of the next day...