A/N: We have finally came to an end of this fiction. FINALLY! lol. I started this back in early '06 so you gotta understand. Originally this was called The Blindness of a Weasley but changed it when I put it on this site. Enjoy!

Chapter Eleven: You Say Hello While They Say Goodbye

This morning I woke up on the couch with a horrible headache. I sat up and went into the kitchen to see mum busy cooking. I looked at the table and there seemed be already too much food on the table. What was she getting at? I started to walk towards outside for some reason. Once I opened the door I realized why my conscious told me to walk down out here.

In our yard were teenagers practicing magic like crazy and without wands. These were the kids that were helping the battle with us knowing and at the same time without us knowing. For some reason I had a gut feeling that they triggered it. I walked passed the threshold of the kitchen door and walked on the soft, wet grass towards the chaos and commotion.

I saw the blonde that I remembered from earlier. I started to walk towards him at a faster pace when something flew past me and nearly blinded me. I jumped and blinked several times. Next thing I knew I was on the ground and my head was swirling. I looked up to see everyone around me…again. I swear I have a curse for these things now. Or… I just have a magnet. Maybe a sign saying: "Hey! Look at me!" I highly doubt it though.

I was helped up by an Asian girl. She told me her name was Amy Sims. I smiled and started to introduce myself when she interrupted me saying she already knew thanks to Alicia. Where was she anyway? And everyone else? She lead me to a tent and everyone followed. Once inside I sat down at a table. Inside the tent was a mansion, literally. The table I was at was past a flight of step, down two halls, and in a kitchen the size of Hogwarts' own kitchen.

"There must be a hundred of you all." I said thoughtfully.

"Right on the dot redhead," said a black guy.



"Thanks Riley. Why are you all here?"

"That's easy. To help with the war. Get back aquatinted with the wizarding world…well…this one. By the way, you guys are so behind on technology."


"Exactly. My name's Brittney A."

"A stands for…"


"Oh…so how are you exactly going to help, and when you're going to start?"

"We've already sorta kinda helped. But, it was to the other side's advantage."

"What you mean Britney?"

"Sorry, me and my twin Donald kinda rigged the protection spell and it fell and the rest is history."

"Oh. Well, that's okay…"



"We're going to help you guys by using our technology and mold it to help ya'll. Easy stuff…really."

"Technology like what…"

"Sarah. And we'll use the cell phones that we've programmed magically to work in magical places like you're hose. Nice by the way. The structure is weird though…"

"Anyway, we've got computers and laptops and walkie talkies and other tricks that are up our sleeve. Like right now we know we where 'the Golden Trio' is."

"Really? How can you tell that…"

"Rebecca. And it's called a tracking device."

"Can you show me where they are now?"

"Sorry no can do. Alicia said that you guys can't know anything about their whereabouts until they come to you."

"That sucks."

"We know, sorry."

"That's okay Ronald."

"By the way, you have my brother's name."

"Yea, I know."

Everyone burst out in laughter.

The rest of the week all one hundred of them helped with protection spells and things like that. They even learned something from us like making food from magic and such. I learned the plans on helping Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they went on their adventure I guess you can say. I had to learn their name in groups. There was the security group, the technology group, the spells group, the hands on group, and the all around group. There were twenty of them in each group. Great people they were. They easily became my friends, even the ones that seemed like they were going to be the enemies and bitches. No offense though…

The rest of the summer passed with hardly any nightmares, but visions of the abuse I went through earlier in the summer. I finally talked to someone else about what happened earlier in the summer. Marie was very helpful. Since they've been around it was like early this summer was real. They helped the whole atmosphere become clear, free, safe, and most important happy. Even though each day one of my family members is out in the war, I can't help but feel like they're okay because of them.

Marie says I'm finding my inner happiness even though I'm craving for understanding and love. I'm starting to believe her. I have family, friends, and my other self here with me to make my happy. But, the summer is ending and I have to go into a war zone and help plans fall into place. They say they're going to change the story up without anyone outside our circle knowing. I believe them whole-heartedly.

This summer has been weird. I should've seen it coming since Dumbledore's died. I should've saw that when he fell to his death that everything was about to make a dramatic change, too dramatic if you ask me. I laugh now as I think about what happened this summer, even the bad parts. I know I'm better than the summer even with a scar on my back. Now that I think about it, I knew it was coming because, I am Ginny Weasley. I am the only Weasley girl and who is insufferably in love with a hero. Ugh, my luck. But, again, I saw it coming. I guess it's just the blindness of a weasel wanting to be loved.

The End