Chapter Two: The Beauty Behind the Mask

Finally arriving at the house from side-appparating, I left everyone and went up to my room. I slammed my door once I was in and looked at my bedroom. It wasn't a regular girl's room. It wasn't ivory white with pictures of the guy they liked, thought was sexy, or has orgasms off of on the walls. The walls were covered with athletes from the Chuddley Cannons, other Quidditch teams, and Bulgarian, stupid bon-bons. I didn't have soft carpet that you can rub your feet on; I had hard wood floors with no polish and a dent, dirty, white wall to match. My bed covers were patches of several sewn together to make it look uglier than it was and a lumpy mattress to go with it.

I had a dresser that looked like it was made in the 17th century. No color was on it, just wood and mirror. There were no jewelry boxes on my dresser just an old lip chap, and notes from the year before last. Yeah, there were a few potions for blemishes and a used tube of mascara, but nothing to hide my freckles.

My closet, well let's not get started on that scenario. If you open my door to my closest you'll see a sight. It's a dump really. Clothes and hangers alike are all thrown on the floor; chocolate stuck my brothers' clothes that I have stolen to wear. Some girls might call it disgusting but I call it art, or you know, my life.

Unlike my so called friends, I like my life. I like my style, except for my face…and body. You might not want to hear my complaints, so I'm going to spare you. I walked over to my dresser and looked in a specific drawer. That drawer had pictures of Harry and old journals that were filled with my dreams about Harry and me.

I sighed. I remember those days, they were in the past; my first year at Hogwarts; again all in the past. A new life has come upon me. First, it was a good one. Forgetting, or should I say a trying to forget Harry and start dating. But, that only came to a dreadful event; the event of my brothers becoming uncontrollable gits. The next level was my brothers' high level of protectiveness. Ron was the most annoying and protective of all since he was at school with me. And I have to say that I'm glad he was… or is… still is. With the help of him Harry came around and then we started dating. And then Harry came being all noble and heroic and all. (That's his main occupation in the world you know.) The a-hole brought an uprising of hell into my life. The war is what I mean. Okay, so I don't blame him for the war but –


-shake and crumble sound affects-


-yelling begins-

"Fred and George Weasley! You stupid, stupid boys! How and the hell-o! could you blow a hole in the middle of the house? What were you thinking? How are we supposed to get your dear sister from the third floor?"

"Well mum, we were thinking she can always jump!"

"Fred shut up!"

"But, mum! That was George!"


"What Forge?"

"That was our evil triplet Carl, not me!"

"Oh sorry George. Carl!"

"Both of you shut up!"

I giggled.

Okay, I couldn't help it. Come on. Carl? That was so stupid. And I'm starting to agree with mum… hold on what just happen? I opened my door and I screamed. I looked down and saw mum's head. There was a big hole in the middle of the house. OH crap. That's really unfortunate. Oh well. I shrugged my shoulders and yelled, "Mum! When you get an idea, tell me. But for now-err- I think I'll just be up here. Okay? Great," I slammed the door.

'Okay Gin, back to business. First, destroy the records of even liking Harry. Hold on, what was I talking about before this?'

I sat on my bed to ponder, and nothing came to mind. I shrugged again and began to unpack the drawer. One by one I saw the old journals that were kept until my second year when I my trust of journals went misguided. And then one by one I began to rip the pages out. At one point and time I started to read the pages before I ripped them up. I stopped when I got to a page where it said, "Our Wedding, Our Perfect Wedding." I scolded at myself for writing that, but continued to read it. When I was finished, I decided to rip it up anyways. I stared to tear it apart when someone startled me, "Ginny! Come down!"

'Damn. It was starting to get good.'

"Coming mother!"

'Annoying mother.'

"Hi, I'm Alicia Henderson. And you already know Angie over here."

"Um, okay. And why are you here?"

"Ginny," mum's beam slipped into a scold.


"Be nice."

"It's okay Mrs. Weasley. I'm George's girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? Here? Fred and George's girlfriends," I turned to them and said, "You're loosing yourselves guys."

"Yes, but that's what men do when they find a gals like them."

I snorted, "Gals?"

"Yep. That's a term that you'll learn when you find the right one little sis."

"Right. Sure."

"Believe me Ginny. You'll eventually have a sister-in-law. You know, in about ten to twenty years from now."

"Yeah, and I guess I'll be gone since it's going to take that long. Hey Ginny." Angie said as she hugged me.

"'Ello. So, Alicia, where're you from?"

"The states."

I spit out my Butterbeer and blinked at her. Witches? In the U.S? Is she pulling my wand or something? She blinked at me back.

"Excuse me?"

"What? You've never heard of us?"


"We'll we're there. Living as muggles. Having' fun. Sometimes forgetting we have magic until our offspring comes along. They go to muggle school first, then magic school. After that they decide to continue with the magic or leave. We haven't had any contact with the other part of the world – that is wizarding world – since the witch trails. Whoa, that was so long ago." She said all of this while eating an apple and staring off into space.

Mum, I, and Ron looked at the people sitting across from us and just blinked as they nodded and George beamed. George seemed proud of her as I thought of her as another Luna. I just blinked until she said something else. She didn't. Angelina finally did though. Thank Goodness.

"Well we better go."

"Yeah, we better. Our shop isn't as safe as it was."

"Yeah, so we better go close up mum."

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley for having us over."

"Yes, nice meeting you all."

"Bye-bye dears."


They all left out with a pop and we just sat there staring at where they sat. Mum cleared her throat, I nodded, and Ron made mediating noises as if trying to tell us something.

"Wow. Interesting."

"Yes, interesting bunch."

"You know I always wondered about the twins. Did Bill and Charlie drop them on the head as babies?"


"What? I was just asking," Ron shrugged.

I agreed, "You know, I always wondered about that."


"At least they have the most fun," I said as I ignored her.

"Yep, lucky ducks."

Mum sighed and gave up by saying, "This is going to be one interesting summer."


That was all we said as we continued to stare, clear out throats, nod, and make umming noises.

That night at dinner, well, it was pretty uneventful. No one was at there except the three of us. Charlie went back to Romania to wrap it up; Fleur and Bill went back to get a check up and an okay from Madam Pompfrey, Fred and George… who knows where, Dad was still at work, Remus and Tonks… who wants to know what they were doing. So, yeah. I guess all that was eventful was when Ron squealed on me when Mum asked what happened during the school year that she didn't know about. Yes, he told mum Harry and I went out… you know until we broke up. And that turned her frown up side down. Oh well. That was fun. That's pretty much that had happened and is going to happen. I think that is a pretty boring beginning for an interesting summer.

Good night all.