These are Natsuki/Shizuru challenges for anyone who wants to do them. The challenge is to make a story for each important holiday. I'm not talking one shots. I mean a story like 15 chapters or more with good plot. If your stories lack sufficient plot then the story won't be good. I'm calling for good authors to do these. I would also like to have at the least, very good fluff, to lemon or limes. The holidays I'm talking about include Easter, thanksgiving, Christmas, july 4th, etc. I know they are Japanese and all but I'm sure a good author can work it in somehow.

I had some ideas for Christmas and stuff. These are just ideas, you can do what u want. I just want some good romance shiz/nat. .

For Christmas: Something like….Natsuki is falling for Shizuru hard…but is trying to hide it… Mai figures it out and tells Shizuru…they make a challenge for each other….Shizuru has to make Natsuki hers by Christmas…and Shizuru says Mai can't make it that far without becoming Mikoto's…whoever wins gets something but I haven't thought of anything so u can figure it out…this will be rated M so u can use whatever perverted means u want to get Natsuki to confess to Shizuru… and the same goes for Mikoto and Mai…I imagine Shizuru could give pointers to Mikoto….or Mikoto might be a bit of a deviant herself… the winner could get something like a paid trip to some romantic place or something with their significant other…so there is 12 days of Christmas….so I imagine you could have at the least 15 chaps for each point of view…Shiz/Nat side and Mai/Miko side.

For Thanksgiving: I suppose this could be a kind of excuse for Shizuru to invite Natsuki to her house for a few days…so let the deviant behavior for Shizuru and blushing for Natsuki…begin. It could also be a kind of contest…whoever make the other blush more…decides how thanksgiving will go…what kind of food…what kind of "activities" they do…hint hint .0

I suppose this could be a kind of prequel to the Christmas story…but then you couldn't really have the romance on thanksgiving because Natsuki and Shizuru wouldn't get together until Christmas….so there could be 2 turkey day stories, one as a prequel and one totally separate. Both the thanksgiving and Christmas stories are about Natsuki and Shizuru getting together….they aren't already together. Of course you can write what you want…but for these ideas I would prefer the whole getting together thing.

Some Mai/Mikoto stories for this kinda thing would be cool. I don't see too many of those.

Remember I want these to be good stories so anyone who knows that they aren't all that good at writing plz don't make one and mess up the story. No offense or anything…there's a reason I'm writing this challenge and not writing the stories myself…

Plz message me with any ideas related to these and/or if your putting one out…

P.S. remember Mai/Mikoto stories are also appreciated.