Just a short little one shot. It just struck me, so I put the pen to pad.

Megan rolled over in their bed and admired her sleeping husband. They had been married fifteen years now—the happiest years of her life. He had given her the world when they met. She was fresh out of college—he was living his dream as a wrestler. In the time they had been married, he gave her the three most beautiful children in the world. They had an amazing house in the best neighborhood, living the American dream.

She never thought dreams came true. It took twenty-four years for hers to. He rescued her in a sense. Megan never believed she would do better. She grew up in what appeared to be the perfect home. Things, however, are never what they seem. Her father was always mad over something it seemed—always her fault in the end.

Megan finally escaped when her husband came into the picture. He was respectful and romantic, and she was instantly smitten with him. She could never forget the day she brought him home for the holidays. Her father hated him, which only made her like him more. She wasn't exactly dating the most normal guy in the world. He was older, his job wasn't what people normally accepted as a nice way to make a living, and he certainly marched to the beat of his own drum.

He showed her how happy life could be. Sure, they had their problems, but all couples do. The pair never let them interfere with things, however. They would sit down and talk about things rather than fight each other. He spoiled her with random presents for no reason other than "wanting to see her smile." Every time he came home from being on the road he made sure to show her just how much he missed his wife. Megan never once wondered if he was faithful on the road.

Her husband stirred from his sleep, and Megan smiled. "Good morning." Jeff smiled back at her, "You are the best thing I could ever wake up to." He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. They lay there, just like that, until their three children jumped on the bed. Megan happily watched as Jeff and the kids had a tickling match. She kissed Jeff one more time before getting up to make breakfast. I couldn't have asked for a better happy ending.