A/N: A brand new story for my avid fans. The couples go as follow: LancelotOC, GalahadOC, DagonetOC, GawainOC, TristanOC, BorsVanora, and ArthurGuinevere.

Chapter 1

"The heart has reason that reason does not understand." – Jacques Benigne Bossuel

"So Lili what movie are we watching?" questioned Mandi-Faye as she settled down on the couch with Lena and Airen.

Liliana just smiled at her three best friends before closing the DVD tray.

The four girls had been best friends since they had been found at the orphanage. From then on, they were inseparable. They had gone to the same high school and college before settling down to find jobs and an apartment they could all share. Now at the ages of twenty-three and twenty-four were closer than ever.

"Aw man," exclaimed Lena, "not this movie again!"

"How can you tell what movie it is from the previews?" asked Airen looking back and forth between the TV screen and Lena.

"I know because we've seen this movie a million times in the past several weeks."

"Oh," whispered Airen looking sheepishly at the TV.

Liliana suddenly stood up telling her friends that she'd be right back she had to get something to drink and they'd better not press play until she got back. Mandi-Faye made sure that Lili had gone out of earshot before whispering at the two other girls. "Guys can we not complain? I mean think about all that she's been through. She's been physically abused by a man she thought loved her. We can at least let her watch this movie a million times or more," Mandi-Faye hissed looking between the two girls.

"I'm back and you'd better make room for my skinny butt!"

They all laughed before settling in and pressing play. However, as soon as they were getting into it they were blinded by a bright, white light. When they opened their eyes, they weren't where they wanted to be. "We aren't in Cleveland anymore," whispered Airen looking around wide eyed.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," replied Mandi-Faye who was looking at Airen incredulously.

The two girls began to bicker with each other. Lean joined in trying in vain to get Faye and Ren to stop. "SHUT UP!"

All three girls stopped and stared at Liliana, who was looking over there heads at something behind them. "Mandi we know that we aren't in Cleveland so you don't have to yell at Airen and Airen we really didn't need you to point out the obvious and while I understand that you were trying to get them to stop Lena you only made it worse." Each girl, minus Liliana, stooped their heads in shame only to raise them again when they heard Liliana chuckling at them. "Now if you are done then we can jump into that pool behind you and wash in the waterfall."

Quickly they undressed and jumped into the water. They each came up screaming and laughing at each other. Three of the four girls continued to play around and swim but Liliana had gotten out. She needed to let her waist length hair dry but she had also gotten out because she could feel eyes on her and the girls. She had appointed herself protector of the group long ago and she was going to investigate where these eyes were coming from.

As she walked around, in the nude, she nearly fell in the mud when she tripped over a bag. She turned around and looked at what she had tripped on. She was amazed to find a bad with her name neatly sewn on. Inside it, she found her favorite blanket, her two stuffed bears, and her favorite pair of pajamas, a clean pair of clothes, and her sais.

When she pulled out the outfit, she found a light blue skirt with a slit that went all the way to her knees, a purple corset top, an opaque vest top that fastened underneath the bust line and had flared sleeves, and a light purple pair of thigh high boots. Liliana put on the skirt and while she had put on the corset, she had problems tying it. She went to find one of her friends only to find them getting dressed themselves. Mandi-Faye was wearing a pair of lace up leather sandals, a flared purple short skirt, and a sleeveless swoop neck black top. Airen was wearing a dark blue knee high loose skirt, short sleeved v-neck baby blue t-shirt and a pair of slight high heeled white boots. Finally yet importantly Lena was wearing a pair of flared forest green pants, strapless white top, and shoes that looked remarkably like tennis shoes.

"Faye could you help me tie my top?" Liliana asked turning around for Mandi-Faye to tie. Quickly Faye was done and had gone off to do her own thing leaving Liliana to finish getting dressed. Finally, Liliana got her vest top on and she fit her feet into her boots instantly falling in love with them. Liliana realized that beside her bag was a set of swords meant for her. She tied them underneath her arms and tried them out. They felt wonderful in her hands just as her sais did.

Finally satisfied with everything Liliana looked back at her friends before venturing in to the forest. She could still fell the eyes on her but she couldn't discern where they were coming from. While walking Liliana realized how much more at home she felt here than she did before. It was so much more peaceful here than Cleveland and Liliana knew that the girls loved it here too.

Liliana had been so caught up in her mind that she missed the man coming up to her and grabbing her around her neck. She started having trouble breathing as he squeezed tightly at her neck. He didn't have time to question her though because an arrow flew past his head and embedded itself into the tree beside her head. "Let her go," she heard Airen demand coldly as she let go another arrow.

He let her neck go and turned on the rest of the group. Lena gasped when she saw who it was. "Tristan," she whispered before turning to the other girls. He looked at the girls with a blank stare that scared the crap out the girls.

Suddenly all four heard horses' hooves coming in their direction. Liliana quickly scrambled away from the silent man and stood by her friends. They were suddenly surround by six knights on horse back and one knight on foot. All four girls stared in amazement at the knights who just stared back at them. The four looked at each other before screaming and squealing in excitement. The knights, who hadn't known what to expect with these new people, looked on wide-eyed.

"Oh My Gosh!" exclaimed Lena. "I can't believe they're real!"

"I know! They look exactly like the actors who played them!" Mandi-Faye also exclaimed.

None of the girls had noticed that Liliana had moved away from the group. None had noticed that she had started to hyperventilate either. None that is except Galahad and Dagonet. The two knights motioned to Arthur who nodded to them to go toward her. Airen noticed the advancing men and would have readied another arrow but Tristan pointed his dagger at her silently telling her to stop. She glared at him before announcing loudly, "You can't help her."

The other two girls instantly quieted and all the knights looked at her. "You can't help Lili when she's like this," she explained, "and even if you could help her she wouldn't want it."

"Why?" questioned Galahad not but a foot away.

"She's seeing something," replied Mandi-Faye pointedly.

"Ana has premonitions," continued Lena. "She sees things that are going to happen. Apparently, the powers that be or whatever are showing her something that she doesn't like. She hyperventilates when she sees something she doesn't particularly want to see."

Lena didn't explain anymore because Liliana's gasp for air made all three girls come running to her aid. Liliana smiled at them before standing to her full height. "Sir Knights we require you assistance," she stated quite plainly.

"And if we refuse?" questioned Arthur.

"You wouldn't leave four women alone in a land unknown to them?" Liliana questioned back.

"All right Milady what can we do for you," Arthur replied smiling.

"If you'd be so kind as to allow us to ride with four of your men. We need to get back to the wall as soon as possible."

Arthur nodded motioning for Lancelot, Gawain, Dagonet, and Galahad to step forward. "Before I allow you to ride with my men I should need to know your names," Arthur commanded looking at Liliana.

Liliana nodded at her friends before saying their names. "Going from left to right there is Airen, Mandi-Faye, and Lena," she said pointing at each girl as she named them. "And I am Liliana. I will tell you this now that Airen is Woad," Liliana explained causing Airen to look at her questionably.

"Lili what do you mean?" Airen questioned.

"My premonitions aren't always of the future. I saw who our families are and I saw how we came to the time we did. I will explain all of this later.

"Now Arthur is there anything else you need to know before allowing us to ride?"

It wasn't Arthur who answered but Bors instead. "What are the rest of y'all?" he questioned pointing at the remaining three.

"Mandi-Faye is Celtic, Lena is Sarmation, and I," Liliana said pointing at herself, "am both Sarmation and Celtic. I will explain everything to everyone as soon as we get to the wall but we have to leave now!"

Arthur nodded allowing the four men to go toward the girls. Each one looked at each other, smirked, and walked toward a man. Seductively Airen glided toward Lancelot who only smirked at her, Mandi-Faye boldly walked to Gawain and almost gracefully got on the tall horse, Lena shyly smiled at Dagonet who easily picked her up and sat her on the horse in front of him. That only left Galahad and Liliana. She nodded at him before coldly brushing past him and jumping on the horse. Galahad annoyed at the dismissal she gave him, quietly got on and grabbed the reins.

"Arthur," called Liliana," how long till we reach the wall?"

"We have several hours before we reach the wall," he replied gigging his horse forward.

Satisfied with his answer, Liliana settled herself against Galahad before promptly passing out.