A/N Yay another chapter! Now I have to say that this chapter is kinda filler chapter. I need it so that you will understand what is going on. It is also a chapter filled with flashbacks because you need to see the things that have happened. I hope that it answers any sort of question that you might have or even if you didn't have a question I hope that you enjoy it.

Chapter 6

"And if you ever decided to leave me I would go and find you and bring you home because you would be wrong." ~ Mad About You

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and the bond of friendship between the male knights and female knights grew stronger. This bond did not come without problems interfering in their lives. The days following the loss of her necklace, Mandi-Faye would go around accusing the knights of taking it even though deep down she knew it was her own foolishness that lost her most prized possession. Even with this knowledge it did not stop her from releasing her anger on them. Many would say that Faye was just looking for a fight but the ones who knew her realized that without her necklace she would feel incomplete. In fact, Lena could recall several occasions where she listened to her friend's complaints.


"Why can't I find it?" questioned an exasperated Mandi.

"Possibly because you're meant to wait for what you desire most," replied Lena, hoping to ease her friend's unhappiness.

"Yeah? How so?" inquired Mandi, who didn't really think that what Lena had to say would hold interest for her.

Sighing deeply Lena went on to explain. "It is like me waiting to find and hold Lucan in my arms again. I want him back so much that it hurts but to get him I must wait until fate deems me ready. I may desire him to be with me right now but we both know that he isn't in the position to be here at Hadrian's Wall."

Mandi nodded her head in understanding before adding to Lena's explanation. "Like Renna right? We want our 'sister' back with us, we are incomplete without her, but since we have no clue where she is we have to wait for her to return to us."

"Exactly!" Lena exclaimed glad that Mandi had caught onto what she was trying to explain.

Mandi smiled, glad to have figured out what Lena was trying to say, when she tilted her head in thought and a serious expression replaced the smile that had previously graced her face. "Wasn't Renna with Lucan when he disappeared?"

"Yes," Lena replied hesitantly. "Why do you ask?"

"If Renna was with Lucan when both of them disappeared that would mean that she is with him right now!"

Lena's face glowed as she thought about what Mandi said. "You, Mandi, are amazing!" she exclaimed as she hugged her friend. But just as soon as the happiness came it disappeared and was replaced by doubt. "But Mandi if Renna is with Lucan how come she wasn't in a cell in the movie?"

"Because, silly, nobody knows about us. We didn't even know that we belonged here until Ana saw it. How was a director supposed to know that another person was to be alive in that cell hell hole? They don't!"

Lena smiled again before turning around and running off so she could tell the other girls what Mandi had discovered. Smiling, Mandi watched her companion walk away but as soon as she turned the corner a scowl marred her face as she thought back to her problem.

Now, Lancelot had the worst luck ever at this particular time. Because as he walked down the hallway, which had previously been occupied by the two women, he found himself face to face with Mandi-Faye. He offered her his signature smile that usually got him what he wanted in hopes that she wouldn't direct her wrath unto him. He tried side stepping her but found himself blocked as she cut him off.

"What'd ya do with it?!"

Knowing exactly what she was implying and talking about, she had been moaning and complaining about her necklace since she lost it for days now, answered her in a way that he hoped would get her to stop accusing everybody, especially the knights. "I've done nothing with your stupid necklace! You've asked me several times before and you'll get the same answer. Stop accusing and harassing the knights and me! We can't take it anymore!" he yelled finally allowing her to see that it really bothered him that she kept asking him so many times.

Mandi-Faye stared in astonishment at the spot that Lancelot had previously occupied. It goes with out saying that after his explosion Mandi-Faye stopped asking.


Mandi-Faye wasn't the only one who, in the first days of being at the wall, had problems. Airen as well had problems but hers was mainly directed to one person, Lancelot. After her declaration of love and him being shut out after having a door slammed in his face, both Airen and Lancelot avoided each other like the plague. All the avoiding was because Airen was afraid of how Lancelot would react and be like and Lancelot wasn't sure how he would handle being around her. Many thought it strange that should one already be in a room and the other come in, one or the other would decide to leave.

Airen wasn't the only one upset with Lancelot. Liliana too had it out for him. For several days after their brief argument, she would send very ugly, and if they were real, very deadly glares in his direction. Lancelot was lucky that they weren't real for if they were, he would have been very dead. As it was, Lili realized that Airen was just as stubborn as the next person was and could be just as pigheaded and in the end decided to apologize to him. In fact, she forgave so much that she gave him advice on how to ignore Airen, advice that he greatly used. Airen wasn't happy that he was ignoring her though, even though she had been ignoring him for several days. Since she was angry, she began pushing his buttons and was constantly trying to get him to yell or be angry in general.

Contrary to belief, their arguments made people happy. The arguments that they were interacting again and not giving each other the cold shoulder.


"Stop yelling at me!"

"You first!"

Airen and Lancelot stood glaring at each other as they momentarily stopped their argument over who knew what. One could tell that they were quite vehement about their argument in the fact that both were huffing and puffing for breath.

Lili and Lena stood together against a far wall and watched the two in fascination. "This is good," murmured Lili, a smile gracing her face.

"Good for them, not us," Lena grimaced as both Airen and Lancelot glared at Galahad who had been passing by them to get to the bar.

Liliana chuckled before walking off in the general direction of the bar in Vanora's tavern. Lena followed her and stood near Gawain as he held a conversation with Galahad, Bors, and Jols. Secretly she was looking for Dagonet, a person with whom she had been spending a lot of time with lately.

"Who do you think is going to throw the first punch?" Gawain asked amusement coloring his voice.

"My bet is on Airen," answered Jols.

"Yeah, no I have a feeling Lancelot will be first. He has a lot of pent up anger," countered Galahad.

"Ya're both wrong," Bors declared before taking a long swig of his ale.

"Why do you think that?" questioned Gawain, truly wondering why Bors thought that neither would hit the other.

"Cause Lancelot would never hit her cause she's one) a girl and two) he knows that is what she wants him to do. And I highly doubt that Airen would hit him cause she knows she won't get no satisfaction just hitting him," explained Bors, his eyes trained on the tense duo.

"Argh! Fine! I give!" screeched Airen throwing her arms up in the air in frustration.

Bors smirked before sauntering off in search of his lover to brag about his thinking. Behind him Airen and Lancelot stood stock still in silence, Airen's announcement of defeat stilling ringing in their ears, as well as everybody else's ears. Slowly, Airen walked forward to Lancelot, her head bent in defeat and sorrow. "I give. I am truly sorry that I caused you so many problems and pushed your buttons," Airen whispered her eyes clouding with tears of shame.

"You're not the only one," replied Lancelot his eyes tender with respect.

Hearing his admission Airen's head snapped up in surprise. The question forming on her lips died when he continued. "I too am sorry that I caused you problems. I should not have made you answer something you were not comfortable with and for that I am truly and absolutely sorry."

Airen smiled as she leaned forward to hug. "Your apology is beyond doubt and very happily accepted."


Through all these hardships, though everybody grew closer in the bonds of friendship and love. The love end of the bargain though actually being harder to acknowledge and accept because the person was afraid. The love that was truly noticeable was the one that was wrought with fear and hurt,


"I cannot be falling in love with him!"

"Really? And why not Liliana?"
"Because I cannot go through that kind of hurt again, that's why!"

"You do realize that all men are not this Rafael that hurt you so deeply before?"

"I know Arthur, I do, but I don't think I am ready for this again. How do I know if he really loves me?" Liliana asked Arthur as she rested her head on the round table that made up the meeting hall for the knights.

"You do not know. All you can do is hope and pray that what you desire is real."

Liliana sighed in defeat as Arthur walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders in reassurance. "How did you become so wise Arthur?"
"Time and age my friend, besides I know Galahad. I know that he is a little freer with his emotions and feelings. There is also the added bonus that I have seen the looks he has sent your way."

Liliana smiled at Arthur as he pulled her chair out so that she could follow him to the stables. As she walked through the door that he was holding open she continued their conversation. "You are a wise and kind man Arthur; it is no wonder the men are so loyal to you. Then again I have also noticed that the girls have to listen and follow you too."

"Does it bother you?" Arthur asked following behind the shorter woman.

"No it doesn't because I too would follow you into battle should the need arise," she answered over her shoulder.

"It seems as though I have gained four knights as well as four friends," he chuckled.

"You would have five knights and friends if Renna was here," Liliana quietly told him, her eyes emitting a sadness that touched Arthur's soul.

Hoping to elevate her sadness continued on a thought that had bothered him slightly, "But it would seem that Lena has no desire or show as much interest in the fight as the rest of you do."

"It is Lena's style," explained Liliana. "Appearing uninterested in battle gives people the idea that either she doesn't know how to fight or that she needs to be protected."

"Ah! I see, it gives her the advantage against the enemy fore if they get her 'protector' out of the way they will think she is an easy target."

"Yes, and when that happens she has the advantage to kill them."

Arthur nodded thinking the tactic very appealing for a situation should it arrives in the last few weeks as servants to Rome. Arthur continued on to the stables and while Liliana followed him she was rather distracted by her surroundings or more of one person. She couldn't help but admit that Galahad was no Rafael, in both looks and personality. Where Rafael was big and bulky with muscle, Galahad was small and lean with well toned muscle and agility. And while Rafael was fallaciously kind and caring about people, Galahad was a true friend and companion who was truly worried about his friends.

"Should I leave you to stare?"

Liliana's head snapped to the direction of where Arthur's voice came from. Blushing, she made her way through the door that Arthur was holding open for her and as she passed him she noticed him grinning at her like he knew something that she didn't. She walked into the stables followed by Arthur who made his way to the table that Faye had designated as the horse-care table. Picking up a brush he made his way to his horse and when he had begun to brush the beautiful animal Liliana jumped up to sit on a table and watched as Arthur lovingly caressed his horse.

Unbeknownst to the two, Galahad had followed them and was currently hiding in the shadows, his eyes trained on the woman who captivated him like no other woman had done before. They stayed in a comfortable silence until Galahad the bad luck to sneeze rather loudly. All three: Liliana, Arthur, and his horse turned and stared at Galahad in surprise and shock, who looked back sheepishly.

"I'll leave you two alone," Arthur stated before bowing out gracefully.

The once comfortable and companionable silence turned awkward, as both Galahad and Lili sat/stood not knowing what to say to each other. Both wanting to talk but finding it difficult to find the words to express their thoughts. "I'll just ā€“"

"Lili Iā€”"

Liliana giggled at their predicament, finding it funny that they both wanted to say something at the same time. She motioned Galahad to continue with what he was going to say fore she was had been going to tell him she was going to go. "Lili, I-I have something that I need to say," he stuttered nervously.

"You know, those are eight little words that any woman, in any time, do not want to hear."


"Most of the time when a person, usually a man, utters those words nothing good comes from it."

"Oh, well what I have to say isn't bad, at least I don't think they are," stated Galahad.

"So what is it?" asked Liliana, now truly curious as to the bombshell Galahad was bound to drop on her.

"Um . . . What I mean to say is . . . what I mean is . . ." Galahad nervously rambled until he did drop said bombshell. "Ireallycareforyou," Galahad quickly said, ripping off the proverbial band-aid.

"What?" Lili was confused, not sure, she understood what he said. She tried processing the words several times before asking him again.

"What I meant to say was I really care for you."

Galahad watched as wide grin appeared on Liliana's face hoping that she was going to say she too cared for him. He gazed on amazed as Liliana crooked a finger at him and beckoned him over. Slowly moving forward, as if in a trance, came up to her and stood between her legs to get as close to her as possible. Dazedly he watched as Liliana leaned forward until their foreheads touched and then the next thing he registered in his sluggish brain was that she was kissing him. Mentally kicking himself, he responded with such passion that it scared both of them. Pulling away when he could no longer ignore the burning in his lungs Galahad backed away from her until he was leaning against a brace. "Does that mean the feeling is mutual?" he couldn't help but ask.

Lili giggled a little before nodding, her mind still focused on the mind blowing kiss they had just shared. But then the happiness left her eyes and was replaced by something else that Galahad knew well about. It was the look he saw when he was about to kill someone, a look of fear. "I'm scared Galahad," she whispered in a small voice that about broke his heart.

Galahad moved to her again, this time enveloping her in a hug, her head resting on his shoulder as he whispered to her in reassurance. "We'll get rid of those fears together," he whispered in her ear, a wave of protectiveness surging through him.


After acknowledging her feelings for Galahad Liliana's mask of happiness slowly slipped away, replacing it with a true happiness that she hadn't felt in ages. Everyone seemed to notice the changes in her and would sometimes quietly thank Galahad for helping her, but others, like Bors, would thank him around Liliana who would then proceed to cause Bors a limited amount of pain. As it was, they all became quite happy and accustomed with the life they all now lived, even though there were times when life became hard and some wished for something else.

Far off, north of the wall, in a cold cramped cell a little boy whimpers and wishes once again he was with his mother. He misses her and wants to be with her, like any little boy of six. At least he has his aunt and friend near by. "Renna?" he whimpers, hoping that she hasn't died and left him alone to the mercy of the crazy men who were their guards.

Stirring, she lifts her weary head and opens her bleary eyes even though she knows that she cannot see him. "Yes Lucan?" she croaks her voice parched with thirst.

"Will we ever see Momma again?"

"I do not know, little one. We can only hope she comes here and finds us," she tells him not sure if she is lying to him.

Renna waits, wondering if Lucan will ask anything else pertaining to their situation and his mother. When nothing comes from the small boy, she tries to settle into a comfortable position on the cold, damp stone that made up her cell. Finding such position she huddles close to the warm body of her cell partner, hoping her friend wouldn't mind.

"Do you truly believe that his mother will come," the woman whispers. "You do not even know how you got here."

"I do not know what to believe Guin," Renna wearily replies. "I just don't want him to give up hope that his mother is looking for us."
Guinevere nods and thinks back to the time when she found the two she was now sharing Hell with, though she would not trade a moment of it. She had found them dressed in strange clothing in a middle of the forest, the little boy nearly hysterical. Renna had whirled on her with an ax in her hands that looked quite deadly. She had tried to explain that she would do them no harm but Renna had been stubborn and refused to listen. She had been grateful when her father had appeared and explained to them what he knew about their situation. She had been shocked to find that Renna had time traveled when she was younger and was now back home in her own time.

After her father's explanation Renna and the boy, Lucan she later found out, had come under her father's protection. She and Renna became close during the time they were with her father, forming a bond she later found out that Renna shared with four other young women. One of those being a sister she had, had no knowledge of until she met Renna. Renna explained that her sister was one of four aunts to Lucan was the son of one of her closest friends, and that her sister was the youngest of the five friends.

However, such good times were not to last fore one day when she, Renna, and Lucan were taking a walk they were ambushed by Romans. Renna and herself had tried to protect Lucan and themselves but were overwhelmed and later taken captive and put into these horrible death holes that served as cells.

Coming back to the present Guinevere acknowledges that all they can do is sit, wait, and hope that some one will rescue them and set them free one day.