Wow omg, I havn't updated in like.. FOREVER! I left a story undone I just have to finish it, my goal is to start it next week or so.. -.- School is just stoping from going online. Well Enjoy! Here out oneshot stories of Naruto! More like poems of drama on this one. P

Naruto Mini story, SasuSaka. One of the cool couples.

Title: Love in Sight

Sakura stared into Sasuke drifting eyes. She shivered as the wind blew heavily around them. Tears ran down her cheek as she continued to cry in sorrow. " Sasuke, don't go! " Sasuke looked up at Sakura in dazed and bluriness. He had lost a lot of blood making him feel weak and tired. Sakura held on to Sasuke as her eyes shimmered againts the moon light.

" Sasuke no! " Sakura lifted up Sasuke letting him lean onto her arms. He was breathing slowly and gently in Sakura's hands. The clouds above them started to move on as the droplets of rain started to fall from the sky. The rains were just a small immatation of the emotions spreading through the air.

Sakura tried her best with all of the healing jutsu's she knew. She stoped the bleeding the pain still spread through the ninja. Sasuke moved his on top of Sakura's hand. He slowly tried to speak coughing blood between words," S-Sakura chan.. I did what I had to do. "

Sakura's tears ran down her cheek dropping to Sasuke's face. " I know you did, but you still deserve to live Sasuke! Don't leave me now! " Sasuke closed his eyes still breathing in thought. Tired to speak he tried to hang on as much as possible. The pain continued to spread through him. He can feel Sakura's worries and thoughts about him.

Sakura hugged Sasuke gently trying to let him feel the love that she had for him. Soon enough the wind slowed down and the clouds stopped moving. Sakura noticed Sasuke's heartbeat slowing down. Sakura screamed filled with Sadness," No! Sasuke don't! "

Sasuke opened his eyes looking into Sakura," Sakura chan.. I'm sorry.. Thank you.. Even though I had always thought you were annoying.. I love you Sakura.. " The last words faded off as Sasuke closed his eyes.

Sakura layed her head on Sasuke as more and more tears streamed down her face," I love you too Sasuke. Don't forget it..."