Heres a Poem or letter! I shall pretend Sasuke wrote it mwhahaha! Sasuke would never do such a thing but he's so cool. I don't care if he's just a anime character lol.

Title: Dear Sakura

Dear Sakura,

I leave you for a reason

A Reason you may never understand

Its not only power I seek

But leaving you that day...

Broke you heart didn't it?

I acted cold and heartless

But.. Theres still one more thing in my mind

It won't leave me everytime I try..

Theres a secret I well tell you

That Between you and me

No matter how annoying you can be

I always find something nice about you

I thank you for the times we were together

My true feelings for you..

Are you suppose to be unspoken

Now that I'm not with you.. not even near

This may be surprising but..

I left everything behind except for my love for you..

Crappy huh? LOL well I felt like writing it. Enjoy. Hehe.