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Chapter one




Two figures clash at Valley of the End. Both brimming with power as they meet each other blow for blow, unyielding. The land lay desecrated as they clash both in strengths and in believes. One fights for her family, her promises and those precious to her, the other for power and pure vengeance that someday might corrupt him to point off no return.

One cannot blame them for the way they are. Both born in noble and powerful families, both has unlimited potential, both possessors of devastating blood lines, both went to the same hardships dictated by faith and both grew close and now being separated yet again by faith.

She, cursed from childhood subject to hate and loneliness at an early age, the vessel of the Kyuubi no Youko the curse placed on her by her own father, fighting for his village he died for and wishing for the well being of his daughter in hopes his home would honor his last wish. But alas the village was not so kind, no friends, no family, no bonds…forced to hide in guise of a henge seal of the opposite sex for her own safety yet remained strong on the inside to continue her dream and achieve it even though she was slowly wearing down, breaking, she moves forward unrestrained by the chains of the past. Placing a smiling facade whenever she goes, hiding behind her mask guising her strength hoping that one day they would acknowledge her.

He, his happiness robbed from his very hands right, in front of his very eyes by his own blood his brother his role model. He, from a boy with dreams, hopes and ambitions, a loving family, all destroyed by one faithful night, shattering him to the very core. The boy grew in despair and sadness only these emotions were replaced by anger and hatred distancing himself and his, in his opinion, lesser peers but one remained constant throughout his growth fear and loneliness. Fear, that one day those close to him would be taken once more, loneliness of the lack of his family and precious people. An avenger he calls himself wallowing in a darkness of his own creation grasping any straws that offer power that come his way. His darkness was exploited by one who dwells with snakes, corrupting him making him believe that his is the only way, just when he started walking towards the light.

"You arrogant bastard!" she yelled as she pour more power in the sphere of her father's creation. Her seal broken, showing her true appearance. Her long blond hair that reaches to her waist and frames her face, golden as if it was kissed by the sun, her orange jacket open revealing a black undershirt slowing her slender figure, hole on the shoulder from a almost lethal attack that cause her to break and orange pants hiding her slender legs, giving her an appearance of a tomboy. Blue eyes that show rivals the color of the sky is now the color of blood with slits for pupils. Sharp fangs replaced her canines and the dainty whisker marks grew larger and darker making her once angelic face turns demonic. Red chakra surrounding forming a fox shroud enhancing her skills and power. "You had everything and you're just throwing it away. The village wants you back, hell, everyone want you back. That's just stupid you have everything given to you and you're throwing it away. For what, power?! You selfish prick!"

"I told you earlier I will do whatever it takes to kill him even the taking the devils fruit. Besides you wouldn't understand what I'm going through you never had a family in the first place!" he said as the once white blade created to protect comrades turn black and evil signifying his total betrayal to his village increasing it even further he concentrated harder. The boy whose hair reminds you of ravens turned long and wild, with equally dark eyes now colored red with 3 tomoes revolving a center pupil. He wore a blue shirt with a red and white fan on his back. His pale skin and handsome features made him quite the catch to the lucky female to win his heart but sadly this vanished as it was replaced by dark skin with black cross like marking in his face. On his back two hand-like wings, his being radiated darkness like a winged demon, "and killing you will grant me that power."

The two techniques cancelled each other out sending both combatants flying in opposite directions crashing into the canyon wall.

"Hey dobe! What's with the henge?! You trying to use the perverted technique on me? You came out looking like that little while ago!" he yelled as charged up another Chidori.

"It's not a henge you prick! This is what I really look like Teme! You broke the seal with that blasted attack! Now after I drag you back I have to tell them everything! You have no idea what you have done!" She yelled as tears slowly started falling from her eyes as she summons the mighty Rasengan once more.

"What makes you think you're gonna take me back huh?" He then started to attack once more.

"Because I promised, Teme!" she cried back as she move forward as well.

"You have no idea what I've through, you will never understand the hell of losing everything in one night! The pain and loneliness that comes with it, you would never understand, you with perpetual grin like no care in the world!" yelled the boy named Uchiha Sasuke as he pushed forward to his now female teammate technique.

"If you your life is hell try living mine! Everyday is a struggle to survive because your father did what he supposed to do. Living under the hateful glares everyday not knowing that sooner or later their gonna beat you up again, while you were practically worshipped by everyone!" retorted Uzumaki Naruto, or her real name Namikaze Natsumi, as she rushed to her friend the first bond she formed determined to bring him back whatever the cost.

The two vanished from view only to reappear at the center of the valley their attacks once more pitted against each other at full force.


A blonde haired boy sitting on pier by a river alone and unwanted. Rushing crowds glare at the child filled with malice and hate towards an innocent girl in a form of a boy.

A raven haired boy walking in the street lonely and left-behind. People praising him and adoring him, sadly unheard for the ones he wish to call him were no longer here.

Both looked up and their eyes met for the first time, within familiarity the same pain they both have.

Both looked away and went with their previous endeavors both thinking 'I am not alone.'

End Flashback

A battle of ideals was taking place no one can stop and one with the stronger will, is the one who'll emerge the victor. Natsumi and Sasuke kindred spirits fighting with all they have. Until a bright flash, Sasuke moves in and landed a devastating blow on her stomach while she slashed his torso with her lengthened claws. Both crash to the floor unconscious, unmoving the only sign they were alive was the gentle rise and fall of their chest. Just then a silver haired man appeared in and viewed the battle that took place.

And the wheels of destiny slowly start to turn.


END Chapter one


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