Ch2: Acquaintance

December 16, 96th year of the Dog

Jonin, Higarashi Futama walked through the forest surrounding Konoha a happy man. 'Ahhh... A wife in one hand and a bottle of sake in the other! What could be a better way to spend our anniversary! Tenten at home with a baby-sitter... couldn't be better?' he thought as he walked through the woods.

"Ahhh! Otama-chan! Can you imagine a more perfect night!? A full moon! Stars all over the night sky! And a nice soft bed of grass!" he finished as he pulled his wife down to the ground with him earning him a tiny squeak. Now smiling shiftily Futama said "Hey... I bribed the guards to stay away from this place for the night... we can do whatever we want..." "Futama-kun, we shouldn't..." Otama protested weakly. "Oh where's your sense of fun? Or are you just chicken!?" he yelled starting to tickle her. "Hehe! St-stop! Hehehe! Stop Futama-kun! Hehehe!" "Are you a chicken?" Futama asked her as he continued to tickle her. "N-no!" Futama stopped tickling her then. "We don't have to if you don't want to..." said Futama seriously. "No, I need to lighten up. I'm to serious all the time." said Otama.

Futama gave a perverted grin as he moved in for a kiss, but before they could connect Otama grabed her head and rolled off of him. "Otama-chan?! What's wrong!?" yelled Futama. But Otama only responded with a scream of pure agony. "Otama-chan! Otama-chan!" yelled Futama desperately. Slowly Otama began to change, mutate. She turned red and started to bulge out. She slowly transformed and Futama had to jump away to escape her thrashing limbs.

Finally the transformation ended and standing before Futama was a monster. It was hunch backed and twice Futama's height. It's shoulders and chest were very wide and is stomach and legs seemed small in comparison. It's head was an elongated orb that stuck out in approximately the middle of the chest. It had yellow-green glowing eyes and it's mouth lolled open so far that it's jaw must have been un-hinged. It had square teeth and it's hands were pretty much large spiked clubs.

"What the hell are YOU!?" yelled Futama angrily. This thing had taken his wife somehow and he would have his revenge. He may have been a weapons specialist but he was still a jonin damnit and he would not lose. "Take this!" he yelled going through seals. "Rock Spears!" he yelled and then 20 spears came up from the ground and impaled the monstrosity.

As the spears turned to mud and drifted away, Futama walked over to the monster and looked at it closely. "Hump! All looks!" he said, the shock of losing his wife not quite taking hold. As he turned and started walking away he heard a sound. His eyes widened as he tried to jump away but didn't make it in time. The creature lunged for ward and bit his right leg of from below the knee. "AAAAAAAAAA!" Futama screamed in pain before falling onto his back. He looked at the creature that was leaning down to devour him. A small smile came to his lips. 'Sorry. Tenten... Otama-chan...' he thought.

The last thing he saw before blacking out was a blur running into the creature and a roar of pain.

Naruto had been training in the forest when he first heard the screams. One pain-filled scream and some one else screaming: "Otama-chan!" over and over again. He started to leisurely walk towards the sound thinking that it was nothing. At least until he felt Kyuubi chakra appear.

"Shit!" he said before taking of furiously running with all the speed he could. There was no time to really think. Naruto made it to the clearing just as the creature was leaning down to devour a man who was missing a leg. Naruto didn't slow down as he drew two butter knives from his kunai pouch and charged right into the creature stabbing it with both knives. The creature screamed in pain and stepped back looking at it's new opponent. Naruto grinned then started running around the creature who started swinging it's arms around wildly.

Finally one of the giant's arms got stuck and it stopped to pull it out. Naruto used this arm to get on top of the creature and stab the two butter knives into the sides of the creature's head. Another scream pierced the night. Naruto pulled the knives out and then stabbed them back in it's again and again till it gave it's death cry.

December 17, 96th Year of the Dog

"Ung..." said Futama as he opened his eyes only to see black. Wait black!? Was he blind!? Where was he!? What about-! "Otama-chan!" yelled Futama as he tried to get up. That's how he found out that he was tied up. "Otama-chan! Otama-chan!" he continued yelling frantically as he pulled against his restraints.

"Please stop what your doing. I'm getting a headache..." said a voice. The voice was strong and carried a weight of power, and yet still bore the sound of child-hood in it. "Who are you?! Where am I!? WHERE'S OTAMA-CHAN!" Futama finished. "The one you call Otama-chan is dead. Now answer this question: What level of power did you have during the Kyuubi attack?" "Mid-jonin level..." Futama said slowly, shocked about the suddenness of the knowledge of his wife's death. "What was the lowest amount of chakra you had that night?..." the voice asked again. "Low Jonin at the least... I was one of the ninjas assigned to protect the container..." Silence reigned for a few minutes. Then suddenly, Futama felt the blindfold he had been wearing removed and felt himself being untied.

A young blond boy was the first thing he saw. The boy was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and black pants. He had black leather boots and fingerless gloves. The pants and shirt had holes and tares in them. The gloves were falling apart and the boots were held together with duck tape. The kid had blond hair, blue eyes and wicker marks on his cheeks.

'The container!' Futama thought, his eyes widening.

"Yes, I am Uzumaki Naruto..." said the boy. "You don't act like him..." "I cant exactly let the contaminated know who I am..." "The contaminated?" Futama asked. "Yes... this is gonna take awhile..." said Naruto.


"So my wife... she's-" "Dead yes." said Naruto firmly. "...why did you take me with you? No nija would have believed me if you had destroyed the body..." Futama asked now staring at the stub where his right leg used to be. "Some would have... but the real reason is that I need you..." Naruto said. "What do you mean?" asked Futama. "Damors can only be killed with silver... and my weapons aren't the best they could be." Naruto said taking out a silver spoon. "I need better weapons... and I know that you're a weapon smith. I found your business card. I also know that you're a ninja... or was before tonight." said Naruto referring to Futama's loss of a leg. "I have bones that are the strength of steel, eyes that can see incredibly far, a nose better than half the Inuzuka clan, enormous plain muscle strength, lightning quick reflexes, and a high I.Q. But I don't know how to use any of it! For that I need a teacher. I need you to help me beat these things." said Naruto.

"Fine. I'll make you weapons and... you can drop by at my place everyday at noon for-" "No" Naruto interrupted. "What? Why not!?" "These things remember stuff from their past lives! You can't let anyone know your training me. People hate me and that hate stretches to the Damors! They will come after me and possibly you! We cant reveal ourselves or we'll be targeted. We need to stay secret, work from the shadows." "I can't do that! I've got my daughter Tenten to look after!"

"Well you can't! You'd be putting her in more danger than she is! That's why you have to choose to help me... or forget this night ever happened..." Futama debated with himself long and hard. "... fine... I'll... I'll do it! We'll kill these things!" "Then when its all over... or we're revealed to the public... you will see your daughter again."

"Alright... I'll need equipment... quickly! Make as many trips as you can! Go to my store and get my anvil, hammers, bellows, my furnace and as much silver and other elements as you can! I'll need it all!" Futama said quickly. "You'll have to hurry! When I don't come back to Konoha tonight the ANBU will come to my home for me then my shop. And when they get there they'll see it robed. It will be your only chance to steal from it." "Ok. I'll get as much as possible, and try not to let any one see me." and then Naruto ran out of the warehouse in the slums of Konoha.

Naruto had rented the Ware house to use as a base. Inside was all he could get to help himself. He had some lights some maps of Konoha some of witch Naruto had coloured over to represent the sewer system or short-cuts. There was all the silver Naruto had been able to collect... it was very small. There was a bed and a clock. The windows were so dirty on the inside that while it didn't look suspicious it made sure that it was impossible to see through. Futama had to hand it to the kid┘ for a kid he was pretty good. "What have I gotten myself into?" asked Futama to the empty warehouse.

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