Ch.3 New Bonds or Not?

By DarkFayt

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Jutsu or Sp. Power/Attack being used


(Last Time…)

As Yoruichi allowed a soft giggle to pass he lips she said, "Not that you're not cute but you just seem a little young for me…" she then slid off the branch as smoke once again surrounded her form returning her to her cat form, "Now it seems you're a little lost. If you agree to answer a few questions for me I'd be happy to help…and maybe we could play later." she finished with a wink and a small twitch of her whiskers.

Naruto only smirked lightly as he said, "You have a deal as long as it's not math…and by the way I very much doubt that your older then me."

"If only he knew how old I was…but still he was the first one ever to rush me after I transformed…" thought Yoruichi as she turned and began heading back through the think forests, "Follow me and we can talk."

Naruto only smirked lightly as he followed behind the small black cat with his sword firmly in hand, "Well, I guess things are turning out all right to start with…I'm not dead yet anyway…"


Naruto hummed lightly as he looked down from a large hillside that looked over Karakura town. A part of the city called Tokyo from what he had gotten Yoruichi to tell him. He was actually getting slightly annoyed that she seemed to refuse to talk to him as they walked but then he realized that a talking cat was most likely strange to begin with without it explaining the basics of the world to a boy so he decided to wait and just list his questions for later.

Naruto was very glad that where ever he was that his ability to speak to and understand pretty much anything still seemed to work. He had been lucky he guessed…it never really mattered in his world because he rarely traveled out of 'Fire Country' let alone the 'Elemental Continent' but he could already feel how massive this world was compared to his own…he would most likely thank Kyuubi to no end for the power he always thought useless.

He followed the cat woman down a steep hill as they entered the town. The town was almost ridiculously complex and large with so many strange things but he supposed he would have to get used to it over time, "Most likely will need a map…" For now he simple took his time to catalogue the different sounds and smells to attach to all the new things he was finding.

He settled on ignoring most of the different things he wanted to gawk at though…so he could look normal and fit in even though his clothes still seemed to gain him unwanted attention from the few people still out, "Note: shinobi style clothes are not the norm here…I'll have to get Yoruichi to show me some different clothes for me to add…", said Naruto as he focused what little youki he could so he could alter his clothes to something more normal. Since it was night now it didn't really matter. They were taking all back streets but it was still good practice to stay unnoticed.

Yoruichi froze and looked back towards Naruto when she sensed an energy that was far to similar to a Hollows for her liking but what she saw had her cocking her head in confusion. Naruto had stopped right in front of a poster for a local punk-rock band. As he stared intently into the poster the red energy that seemed to flow from his like water began to seep into his clothes. It almost seemed that his clothes pulsed with the crimson energy as he stared intently at the poster.

Just as Yoruichi was about to question Naruto she watched in amazement as his once black sandals seemed to stretch and meld with his pants and the rest of his clothing seemed to stretch together as well until it resembled a black jump suit. Then just as quickly as it had happened the black seemed to evaporate leaving Naruto standing in average black shoes, faded and ripped jeans, a loose fitting black shirt and black leather bands around his wrists. As Naruto slowly took himself into account Yoruichi seemed to slowly approach as if he would attack at a moments notice but what sent her off the wall is that Naruto turned straight t her and smiled in a way that completely dispersed the oppressive energy that had been hanging in the air as he asked, "So what do you think Yoruichi-san? Is this a little more fitting? I was getting a little nervous with all the stares so I thought it would be a good idea to change my clothes to something more normal…"

Yoruichi, completely forgetting that she was still in her cat form stared between Naruto and the poster as she asked, "How…did you do that? And what was that feeling just now? That energy…"

Naruto frowned as he heard the tone of his new friends voice. If there was one thing he had learned in his life it was when someone was bothered…or scared of something and he could easily tell that something he had done had set her on edge, "Umm…its one of my abilities…my clothes aren't actually clothes. Their a part of me in a way. All I need to do to clean, repair, or change them is to flow some of my youki into them and then focus on what I want." said, Naruto trying to put on the most disarming smile he could as he jabbed his thumb towards the poster, "It's always easier when I have something to look at…"

Yoruichi took a moment to look over Naruto with a critical eye as she simply said, "Youki…" it was then that Naruto realized that he had let something slip he probably shouldn't have, "You mean like demon energy correct?" asked Yoruichi as she continued to drill holes straight into Naruto's.

Naruto took a deep breath…of course this would happen. In his world a demon was an embodiment of evil in every way to people and other than himself he had never met a demon that didn't fit the description perfectly. So even if demons didn't exist in this world like the Shinigami had said they must have still had legends or stories. Some similar view of a demon, "I guess claiming to be a demon in any world is rather stupid…"

"Yes, like a demon Yoruichi-san but can this wait until we reach wherever it is you're taking me? I promise to explain everything there…"

She looked on for another moment trying to find any malcontent. Even the slightest deception or sign of insanity but when she found none all she could do was node her head as she turned and said, "They look good on you…just be careful with using…whatever that energy is. It feels horribly similar to a Hollows…you could gain the wrong attention…"

Naruto smiled softly that she had looked at him with a soft and understanding eye. She had looked at him…looked at who he was and not what he was…, "Just like she did…" thought Naruto as he started following Yoruichi again, "Thanks Yoruichi-chan! I was afraid there for a moment. I almost thought you were going to attack me."

She slightly cocked he head back as she said, "I was…"


Naruto was curious because after all their silent walking they approached an out of the way shop with a sign reading 'Urahara shop'. Naruto watched in interest as Yoruichi changed into her human form once again. Much to his liking and knocked on the door, she kept knocking until footsteps were heard. A kid about 9 or 10 years old with red hair opened the door, he had a grumpy look on his face but immediately stood at attention upon seeing the stark naked woman before him. It took a moment for him to realize what he was looking at but he eventually did the only thing he could do…he fainted dead on the spot after a decent sized nose bleed.

Naruto chuckled as Yoruichi simply stepped over the small boy without a care. Naruto quickly followed her but stopped and picked up the small boy to carry inside the store. Naruto watched as Yoruichi took some clothes off a rack and gestured for Naruto to follow her. They stepped into a small room near the back of the shop which was fairly sparse except for a chair a small desk and a single bed.

"Urahara Kisuke, the owner of this shop leaves this room open incase I stop by. We can relax here until morning so sit down and lets hear your story and don't leave anything out…"

Naruto chuckled and sat in the chair across from her, "Should I just tell her everything? I mean I don't know anything about her but I do need help in this world and she did take a big step in bringing me here…oh well. You only live once…"

Yoruichi watched him expectantly as he sighed deeply and began a full and detailed version of his life. He started with being from another alternate world. The fact that there existed not only their two worlds but thousands of possible ones and that it was possible to move through them some how even if he himself didn't know how. After at least partially convincing her of that he went on to explain the basics of his world, his childhood, days as a young shinobi, training, and his ascension to being a demon during the war. It was surprisingly easy for him to retell his tale. He had thought it would be painful and difficult to remember it all but it was as if he was telling an ancient legend or fairy tale…which he figured wasn't too far from the truth since most of the people in his own world considered him a myth…

Yoruichi had more then a little difficulty believing everything she was hearing, the sheer complexity and magnitude of his story was astonishing, not even the idea of multiple possible timelines for the world and the ability to cross in-between them seemed that unrealistic when hearing it from this boy. Who could make up such a thing? The being over five thousand years old had fazed her some since the oldest Shinigami she knew of was only slightly over 2000 and that was Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni himself. She was after all an ex-Shinigami and knew people who were well over a thousand years old but such an age was unheard of and the boy looked no older then 16! He should have aged at least some! She herself was well over five hundred though she never did count it and even she looked to be in her twenties.

His life story, his accomplishments, and his burdens…these were the hardest parts to believe and that in the end…after doing so much and accomplishing such amazing things that he was told he had no more purpose in his own world and was sent away? Just as if he was a tool to be handed off to the next in need of him…it just seemed so wrong…

This though was not the most insane thing to her, oh no what was most insane was that she believed it! All of it…it was just to crazy to be a lie. What had really clinched it for him was his intimate knowledge of Zanpaku-to! Knowledge about Shinigami, Hollow, and Kido had been available to humans for centuries and knowledge of Seireitei and Hueco Mundo was just as common in certain humans so it would be no surprise for a human with spiritual power to know about them but Naruto knew such intricate details about Zanpaku-to. Details about them that only captain level Shinigami were trained in. Shikai, Bankai, even the training methods needed to attain each. Naruto even knew of the different types of Zanpaku-to… "Either a Shinigami of vice-captain level or higher has told him all this or he really is telling the truth…"

She groaned as she fell back onto the bed trying to absorb and sort through everything she had just heard, "Tell you what fox-boy, you recap some of this so I can ask a few questions to get some better details until Urahara gets back and I'll not only teach you a little more about this world but I'll get you some help on waking up your friend there…" said Yoruichi as she pointed to Naruto's sword.

"You got a deal as long as you put that shirt on…it's getting a little hard not to jump you and I at least like to know a girl a couple of hours first…" Yoruichi couldn't help but to break out into a fit of laughter…

"This guy is just too cute…if all this really turns out to be true I may start regretting not staying against that tree…"


To say Urahara was surprised at finding Jinta passed out in the main shop on a make shift bed out of clothes was a slight understatement. He was about to prod the boy awake with his cane until he saw a light on in the spare room. It was rare of his old friend to come by more then once a week and she had just been there the night before so he couldn't help but wonder why she had dropped by again.

He was ecstatic as always to see his old friend again as he pushed open the door about to before a hello could escape his lips he froze dead in his tracks. Yes, his childhood friend Yoruichi was there and she was in her human form with only a long black shirt covering her. This though was not the strange part.

What made him freeze was that she was currently staring at the chest of a tall well muscled blonde teen who was naked from the waist up. The same teen was currently smiling at him as if nothing was wrong. He gave the blonde teen a smile and a wink as he sat himself down in the single chair as he chuckled, "Well-well Yoruichi…I never pegged you for one interested in younger men…or children for that fact."

Yoruichi gave a light giggle much to Urahara's dismay as she said, "He's older then you Kisuke…just wait until you hear his story. You'll flip…"

Naruto merely turned to face the mans shocked face as he said, "Yo, name's Namikaze Naruto. If you want to hear my story to that's fine but it would probably be easier if Yoruichi-san here retold it and I just fill in the blanks as we go…its rather long."

"I can see that…it looks like my old friend hasn't slept all night…must be one hell of a story or you two were doing more then talking…" said Urahara as he ran his eyes over the half clothed forms of the two people in the room only to get a soda can thrown at his head by Yoruichi.

Naruto started to laugh fully as he chocked out, "Not that I wouldn't have loved the chance and all but it seems some of my powers are a little haywire at the moment. About half way through the night I ended up losing my clothes and had to grab a pair of pants from your store."

As Urahara glanced at Yoruichi he saw her give a full nod as what appeared to be a light blush stained her cheeks, "Must have been quite a sight for her to react like that? She's always been a little too at ease…well at least with her own body but now that I think about it in all the years I've known her I don't think I can remember her being with a man? Not that she would tell me anyway…"

Yoruichi then disappeared into the store for a moment. When she returned she and handed a beer to Urahara and handed Naruto one for himself with a few packages of ramen much to his delight. She couldn't help but smile when he had asked if ramen existed in this world. When she had said yes the comical tears he had shed were just to much. Not to mention when she had given him several cups he had almost crushed her smaller frame in hug.

As she popped open the top of a beer for herself Urahara asked, "Isn't it a little too early for this? It's barely 6am…"

Yoruichi looked dead at him as she took a long drink, "Trust me…by the time we're done her it will be lunch time and you'll be wishing for another…"

Urahara just shrugged his shoulders as he popped his own top and settled in for the story until he heard, "Damn, out of water for my ramen…" before either of them could offer to grab more for Naruto since Yoruichi was rather wary of letting him back into the store after he managed to cause the microwave to explode when he had tried to make his ramen earlier Naruto merely raised his hand into the air as it began to pulse slightly red as small spheres of water seemed to condense out of the air.

Both ex-Shinigami stared on in utter astonishment as Naruto released the water into the open ramen cups and then preceded to raise the cups to his mouth where he took a deep breath and seemed to breath steam into his cups one by one. As both Shinigami turned to look at each other after watching Naruto begin to eat his formerly uncooked ramen Urahara could stand it any more and asked, "How…did you do that?"

Naruto looked up at him with ramen still hanging from his mouth as he asked, "Do what?"

Both Shinigami wanted to smack their head as Yoruichi asked, "You just created water from no where and had to floating in the air and then breathed steam hot enough to cook your ramen…it's not a normal thing to see."

As a look of understanding passed over Naruto's face he said, "That was just a form of elemental manipulation. By altering my energy to a form that matches the energy of a specific element I'm able to draw it to me and allow it to feed off my energy. After the element has come to me I'm able to feed more of my energy into it so I'm able to use it to my liking. It's rather hard to learn but really useful but for some reason the elements seem much weaker here then in my world…"

Both Urahara and Yoruichi had to take a moment to compose themselves…, "So you turned your energy into water?" asked Yoruichi.

"No, all I did was change my energy into a form that the energy of the water could feed off of. As the water in the air came together I was able to feed more energy into the water to create more. After that all I did was continue feeding energy into the water to maintain what I had gathered and manipulate it for what I needed but for the amount of energy I just put out I should have had enough for a small pond and all I got was a few bubbles…"

Both Yoruichi and Urahara shared a look that clearly said, "Leave it alone for now but find out more later…"


(Several hours later…)

Urahara just couldn't believe it, mostly it was the fact that Yoruichi believed it! The simple idea of it all had his mind nearly exploding with all the possibilities Naruto had opened and did open. It took a lot of time to explain it all and Urahara was more then willing to listen and discuss the workings of jutsu, seals, and shinobi in general.

So many new ideas came to him but the one thing that he had been severely disappointed about was the fact that most of the jutsu Naruto attempted to show him were either rather useless to a Shinigami, failed completely or were far below the power Naruto had described.

What it had finally come down to was that it seemed since there were so many more people in this world and the energies of nature were so much weaker that his jutsu in turn were far weaker even with the boost in power Naruto's unique way of casting them did. Naruto explained that a normal shinobi changes their chakra to the element type they want and then channel more into it to determine the use and power of the jutsu. Naruto himself drew on the power of nature itself and offered his own energy to strengthen them. He said normally his jutsu were far above the level of a normal shinobi but since there was nothing for him to draw on here his jutsu were basically useless.

Urahara had asked if he couldn't use jutsu like normal shinobi but Naruto had instantly said that because his youki while like chakra was far denser and difficult to fully change into an element. That's why he used his power in tune with nature just as other demons did. While being extremely disappointed that he couldn't look deeper into these new powers Urahara had gotten 2 rather interesting pieces of information he wanted to experiment with more then any other though:

Using hand seals to form the energy for Kido instead of incantations…

And seeing these higher level jutsu that didn't rely on elements once Naruto's Zanpaku-to awakened and more of Naruto's power returned to him.

The idea of learning all this had Urahara almost skipping and all Naruto asked for in return was to be taught of the world, someone to help awaken Kyuubi, and maybe be shown some Kido!


Urahara decided to introduced Naruto to the others who worked and lived in the store. Yoruichi and Urahara had decided it would be better to only tell others that Naruto was old and powerful and to leave the rest to him unless it was need to know. It would be hard enough to get others to believe it let alone to explain it another time.

The morning did have some shocks however…Naruto had been freaked out by a blender when Jinta had turned it on next to him, blew up a microwave when he tried to cook ramen in a pan, and set a TV on fire when someone turned on.

Jinta had been unable to look at Yoruichi all day after seeing her the night before. Naruto couldn't blame the kid on bit since he himself was still having some trouble keeping the image from his mind but he couldn't help but to chuckle as he listened when Ururu had mentioned it.

Jinta's face lit up a brilliant red that nearly matched his hair as he had began to hit her as he pulled her hair. Naruto only watched this for a moment before his temper flared. It was so fast that not even Yoruichi had seen it but there it was right in front of Jinta's face. Naruto had drawn his sword with such speed and placed the flat of the blade before Jinta's face that the boy didn't dare move. The raw force of the motion had blown over several items on the table. As Urahara and Yoruichi tensed they both looked on as Naruto drilled his eyes crimson slit eyes into Jinta's…

Naruto just continued eating with his one hand until Jinta finally released Ururu's hair. With a simple turn of his wrist Naruto had seamlessly sheathed his sword once again and returned to eating as if nothing had happened until after about 3 minutes of silence Yoruichi asked, "Umm, Naruto what was up with that?"

Naruto looked up for a moment and simply said, "You shouldn't treat someone like that for something so trivial as a little teasing. Especially a boy to a girl…it's just not right."

As everyone at the table blinked a few times Jinta just seemed to stare at Naruto as if he had just turned pink. Finally Ururu squeeked out a small 'thank you' only to receive a wide grin in return from Naruto…


The next few hours were spent learning about everything Naruto could imagine from cars to toothpaste and especially the joys of pizza bagels. Naruto had decided he liked this world a hell of a lot. It had many things do learn of and discover and the fact they had ramen just made things better.

Naruto sighed slightly as he finally returned to the shop and settled down in the sole chair in the room. Urahara and Yoruichi had said they needed to tell him something when he got back from his tour of the city.

He sat and watched as the Yoruichi stretched in a very feline manner on the bed, Urahara was leaning against the wall, as he began to rock back and forth in the chair. He supposed it was fair, they had to take in he was from another world and was a five thousand year old ninja/demon but it still bugged him that he had to hear all this over again. The Shinigami had already explained the different realm, powers, and history of this world and he barely understood it the first time! Now he had to hear it again but at least not he was getting more specifics. Naruto pondered the idea of a large force of Shinigami instead of just one, he decided that since he had heard the same thing before that it had to be true but for them to number in the thousands?

Naruto had a solemn look on his face as he asked, "Well…what should I do now with my life? I could go and see if I could work for Soul Society or maybe go explore the Hueco Mundo place…I can't live off of you forever Urahara…"

Urahara spoke with a strangely strong resolve in his normal sing-song voice, "Since you appear to be fifteen you should go to school. It's hard for someone under the age of eighteen to live on their own. This world has laws that place the age of being an adult at eighteen and until then there is little you can do on your own. Also school would be the best place to not only learn about this world but to meet other humans. You may not be human but your not a Shinigami either…I'll set you up with the necessary paperwork and you can work here in your spare time to earn money so you can own your own apartment. Also once we're done here we can take care of waking up your sword for you. It will take a day or two to set you up at school and I can even fix you up with an apartment for now if you agree to come work for me. What do you say?"

Naruto was stunned "Why are you going to do all this for me Kisuke? I've known you for like 7 hours and yet you're doing all this? I can understand teaching me and even giving me food but that I could chock up to curiosity…"

"Two reasons, one Yoruichi would most likely hurt me very badly if I didn't…she seems to not only be curious about you but she seems to have taken a liking to you." Naruto smiled warmly as said woman smirked back at him, "Second, I'm very curious about you, what I can learn from you, how powerful you will be, even just how someone like you lives. I can sense your power and it honestly has me on edge…it's different…I'm a scientist at heart and I want to figure you out."

Naruto gained a slight edge to his blue eyes as he looked into Urahara's, "Not to mention it would be handy to have me on your side…" this caught both of them off guard, "Don't think I'm blind either. Kami-sama sent me to this world for some reason so I know there's something going on here that goes deeper then Hollows. I may not be able to sense spirit energy yet but I can see in your eyes how powerful the two of you are and the fact that every other person in this shop isn't an ordinary human…I really don't care what your stories are at this point. You can tell me when you want me to know but if you want me to fight for you I'll be here…"

"Wait…what? You just went through that whole speech and you don't even want answers?" asked Yoruichi as she stood stock still thinking she would have to convince him.

Naruto only chuckled darkly as he said, "I'm a trained shinobi…a killer for hire. Following orders and completing the mission is a part of who I am. As long as the orders themselves and the one giving the orders are to my liking then I'll follow them through without question. It's not like I have any mission or goal in this world…there's not even anything I want. You two are giving me everything I need. Food, shelter, money…what else do I need? It's the same reason I followed orders back in my genin days so why not here? The only reason I ever went against orders was to protect the ones important to me and the closest thing I have to that here are the people in this shop anyway…"

The other two just shared blank stares for a moment as it finally hit them what kind of being sat before them…an ancient demon that had fought in a war they couldn't even imagine and even forced a Kami back into the fires of hell. A being with no desires or ties to anything. A power that was waiting for a purpose.

Both Yoruichi and Urahara shared the same thought as they looked into those deep blue eyes, "If that power is waiting for a purpose…why shouldn't I be the one to give it a purpose…"

Finally Naruto moved to the bed that Yoruichi laid upon mere moments ago and fell on it as if he had reached the end of his day. With a deep breath and a smile on his face as he stared back into Yoruichi's eyes he said, "I think I'm really going to like this world…I really do…"


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