Ch.6 School days…

By DarkFayt

I'm back! Now I have a few things to address before I continue. First, this fic will be told from Naruto's point of view. I will try to retell the important powers and events of the 'Bleach' timeline from Ichigo's view the best I can but this is a Naruto centric fic so if you haven't seen 'Bleach' or stayed up to date with either 'Naruto' or 'Bleach' this will be hard for you to enjoy.

Next, I have gotten a few complaints (4) that Naruto isn't strong enough for being a 3 tailed former demon Hokage. First let me say that the 3 tailed Bijuu was defeated by Dedara in the manga and Orochimaru was insulting the power of the 3 tails Naruto. That doesn't give a very good view of JUST 3 tails to me.

For Naruto's strength and skill in my fic as of now…well let me put his strength this way…if he was facing Orochimaru NOW then the Hebi would be dead already. In this world Naruto is not only without most if his jutsu but he's still unsure of what works and what doesn't. He will get stronger quickly once he has time but for now he barely has had time to breath. The big problem here is that Naruto's youki is about:

80 percent physical energy (or Kai) and 20 percent is spiritual (or Reiatsu) Not enough…

He is having to focus large amounts of youki to gather enough spiritual power just to touch the Hollow let along attack it. His focus is split between controlling enough youki, fighting the Hollow, and watching the others. It's like a normal person seeing a ghost and trying to hit it. Naruto can see it but he's not a Shinigami…yet.

This is where his problems are coming in. Before he had his Zanpaku-to. Not only did that give him a weapon of solidified spiritual energy to use but he was able to draw on it as well to reinforce his own.

Like I said, Naruto will get stronger quickly once he has time…but hundreds of years between fights, unknown enemies, new world, weird people screaming at him, and a sword dropping into his back…give the guy a break! He only arrived the day before yesterday.

Other then that enjoy the fic and the next update will come when I figure out if Naruto will get his 'Shikai' first or…other powers…Opinions anyone?

"Normal Talking"

"Demonic talking"


"Kyuubi talking/thinking"

"HIGHER BEING talking"

Jutsu or Sp. Power/Attack being used


It only took Naruto a moment break the tree line to reach where he had tracked Ichigo and the Hollow. The sounds of battle permeated the forest to Naruto even with the falling rain. The sight Naruto came to was one he would remember for years to come…not for the level of battle…no. He had seen genin perform better…but he would remember for what he would hear…

"That's the definition of 'careless', BOY!" was all the Hollow said…

Naruto and Rukia watched as Ichigo blocked a deadly strike from the Hollow's left hand with his Zanpaku-to…only to have the Hollow's grotesque red hand distort before extending claws to pierce through Ichigo's chest!

Naruto's fur bristled as his muscles tensed to move out of instinct but he knew with the claws still impaling Ichigo an attack on the Hollow now could cause more harm then good.

Ichigo leaned against his sword after stabbing it into the ground to keep himself from falling. He coughed and spat trying to ignore the stabbing pain and the shifting of the claw through his chest as his blood slowly fell to mix with the rain…

"Impulsive…you're impulsive! You sent away your comrades on a fleeting emotion…and on fleeting emotion, you lunge at your enemy! And, in this way you will perform for my amusement and die at the end!"

Naruto listened to every word that the Hollow spoke…and would grind his teeth with every word it spoke. The damn thing was mocking Ichigo and his feelings for his mother. It was mocking all of them…even HIM and it was clear when it's other arm regenerated. The arm Naruto had cut off! Even Naruto took a darker mood. The thing had been playing with them the whole time…and now it was taunting him. Baring its clawed hand at Ichigo as its eyes locked with his. It was clear to Naruto, 'move and I kill this boy…so we can have our fun…'

Naruto knew…if he moved it would mean Ichigo's life. It was a sick game he had seen many play. Taunt the weakest member of a team into battle and use them to weaken the stronger…and the tactic had never failed.

Rukia ran past Naruto before he could stop her. Naruto watched in horror as the Hollow raised its clawed hand at the approaching girl as she cried, "Ichigo!"

Then the Hollow stopped…Rukia stopped…even Naruto was rooted to his place as Ichigo spoke, "Stay away! Keep away, Rukia! I'm going to beat him! Even if my arms get severed…even if my legs get tossed…I'll beat him!" It wasn't Ichigo's words or even what he was doing that had them all still. It was his eyes…Naruto had seen them worn by men before…and he didn't want to see them again.

"That is why you will die…" Said the Hollow as it lowered it's hand, "Because you are young, you anger easily. Because you anger, your heart is in chaos…and because your heart is in chaos, your blade is dulled."

Naruto knew this was his chance. To strike and end this foolish fight the moment the Hollow lowered it's hand…but something in this boys eyes made him not want to move. To let him learn a lesson. To see what would happen. Naruto didn't know what it was. If it was the raw emotion in the eyes or the split second…that one moment…Naruto could have sworn he saw those brown eyes flash white.

"It's over, boy! You are far too young to fight with me!" cried the Hollow as it raised the lure above it's head.


It was cruel…horrible to even Naruto who had seen true atrocities that the Hollow had taken to using Ichigo's own mother to defend itself from the young Shinigami. Whether it was simply a fake or not didn't matter…it was the fact that this Hollow had killed Ichigo's mother and was now using her image to distract Ichigo.

Naruto's blood was boiling…damn what ever this feeling was! He knew how he would kill the Hollow, could even see how it would play out inside his mind but the moment his muscles tensed and he lowered himself to shoot off towards his latest massacre he heard Rukia's soft voice float through the rain, "No…don't interfere. This is Ichigo's fight…"

Naruto was shocked. Livid even that this girl would abandon her friend when he was injured like this with such a disgusting advantage against him, "You want him to die? He's already injured and now that filthy Hollow is using his own mother against him! How can you think of leaving him?"

"Listen to me," was Rukia's ghostly reply as Ichigo began to climb back to his feet, "If-if we help him now we can…save Ichigo…but what of his pride?"

"Pride?", Naruto looked on trying to decide on what to do. It seemed ridiculous to talk of pride when a life was on the line. This wasn't a competition or game but her words continued and Naruto seemed drawn to listen…

"Please…listen. Someone once told me that there are two kinds of fights. A fight to defend life, and a fight to defend pride! We-we must always know the difference! If we help Ichigo now then I know he'll be alright…"

"Vengeance is it?" asked Naruto to the night sky as the rain continued to fall. It took Naruto a moment to understand Rukia's words…it seemed utter foolishness to think of pride when a life was on the line, "But…is this for Ichigo's pride or is this for revenge?" The question stung the air even with the falling rain. Rukia stayed silent as she wrapped he arms around herself. Not sure of the answer herself, "There is more then just a fight to defend life and pride. I have seen those how fight for many reason. Money, status, women, fun…if this is truly a battle for Ichigo's pride then I won't get involved any further…but I have seen what happens to those that seek revenge over what is truly important…and I will not allow such a battle."

Ichigo slowly turned his head as he heard the same resounding voice from earlier. He was shocked to see the oppressive being before him. The crimson fur, shined black armor, and those red eyes…even under the falling rain it was enough to stop anyone but it wasn't only the appearance of it that caused Ichigo to stare…it was the words of the being that stole his attention…

"All revenge causes is more pain. It's a poison…a disease that never leaves you. To take a life…in anyway but to defend another's…it leaves a stain on your soul…a stain that only you can see or feel but it's a stain that will weigh you down. If you allow your heart to be driven by revenge…it will disappear little by little…until revenge is al there is…"

The clearing was silent but for the rain falling until, "You're right…" it caught everyone's attention. Ichigo had his head lowered as he sword slacked in his hand, "Right here and now…this is revenge for my mother." Naruto bared his fangs as his claws dug into the soft ground, "But, it's not for hatred…it's…there isn't anyone else here…please…only my life is on the line now. It was my fault that this thing killed my mother so I have to…"

Everyone…including the Hollow waited to see what the crimson beast would do. Naruto was silent until…Naruto laid down, "Fine…do what you want. If you fail then I'll finish it off…so don't die…"

The Hollow seemed to laugh, "What fools you are! To think two pathetic Shinigami and their pet could defeat me!" Naruto merely looked on as he locked eyes with the Hollow…the Hollow blinked as it took a step back.

Ichigo tore the ground from beneath his feet with a burst of power as he charged the Hollow…until the lure in his mothers image appeared before him.

"Don't, Ichigo. Put your sword away. Don't kill mommy. Please…" Naruto and Rukia watched as Ichigo stopped before the image of his mother…and as the Hollow drove a spiked tentacle through his right shoulder…

Naruto's tails swished behind him violently as he looked on. Rukia took a deep in hail as Ichigo's sword feel to the ground after his arm lost the strength to hold it. It was then that the other Shinigami from before entered the clearing drawing Naruto's attention for but a moment until the Hollow began to speak.

"I told you. Anger dulls the blade. It will be over with the next attack, boy. Let me pay my respects to you. Of all the Shinigami I've encountered, you were the youngest, the most impulsive…and by far the WEAKEST!" Spoke the Hollow as it raised it's had yet again to extend it's deadly claws.

Naruto was already moving to stop the Hollow as Rukia screamed out Ichigo's name but it was then that the Hollows lure began to fire off bolts of energy that forced Naruto to leap back. It was the mothers soma…her dieing wish that had been left imprinted on this Hollow…

"Ichigo…" said the shining visage of his mother, "I'm so proud. Dad…Karin…Yuzu…and you, Ichigo. I'm truly proud to have known you. Ichigo, live. Be strong. Be gentle. And smile. Ichigo, thank you…' was all the visage of his mother was able to say before she disappeared into the light she had created.

"What…happened to her?" asked Naruto a little shocked…

"A soma is someone's dieing wish that's left behind as they die and pass on. Not all souls need guidance from a Shinigami to pass on if they have lived a good life being loved. That was only her final message to her loved ones before the light of her own soul allowed her to pass on…" said Rukia only for Naruto to stare off into the distance…

Naruto stared on if for only a moment as his mind wandered, "Did…she pass like that…was there a message for…"

Ichigo then grabbed hold of the spike through his shoulder as he began t stand, "Anger dulls the blade? You may be right. But…you're wrong about one thing. To beat a loser like you…a dull blade is more then enough!" Ichigo then tore the spike from his shoulder as he drove his sword deep into the Hollows side and tore it through its shoulder for the Hollow to scream in pain.

"AHHHH!, shit, shit, I won't forgive you! Just a mere Shinigami!" before Ichigo could give chase the Hollow flew into the night sky to disappear into the clouds.

Naruto watched as the Hollow disappeared into the sky…too many thoughts and questions bouncing crossing his mind to care about it anymore. He wouldn't aid in anyone's revenge…even against something like that…never.

Naruto had seen many things this night. Things he hadn't considered and even more questions for when he returned to the shop…one thing was for certain…he didn't know nearly enough. He had thought it would have been easy in this world. As soon as he had arrived Yoruichi had appeared…then Urahara. It just seemed the easier thing was to be lead around until he had learned enough…it seemed he couldn't wait that long…

"Ichigo, stop, it! That's enough." cried Rukia as she ran to his bleeding side and placed her hands on his shoulders, "Neither you nor he can fight anymore. The fight is over!"

"Not yet! He's not dead yet! I still haven't…" it was then that a harsh growl reached Ichigo's ears stopping him in his tracks.

"You see…this is the pain that comes of revenge. If you had fought to protect you would have won. The Hollow was right. Not only was your blade dulled by your anger but your mind was clouded by revenge but in the end your mother brought you back to your senses…never forget that now you have been saved from that Hollow by your mother twice. The first was from the Hollow's evil and this time was from your own foolishness. There is no such battle…not for revenge. Never fight with it in your heart again. It's pointless."

It was then that Ichigo's strength finally faded and he fell into Rukia's arms as his blood slowly flowed into the grass to be washed away by the rain…Naruto then slowly moved towards Ichigo as he laid one of his tails over Ichigo's shoulder and chest.

"I've never tried healing a Shinigami before so I'm not sure it will work…" in a small flicker of light the two rings on Naruto's tails began to spin much to his surprise drawing spirit particles to Ichigo's wounds. In a moment it was as if they were never their at all. Even the clothes had been fixed. Both Shinigami looked on with awe as Naruto began to turn away and walk towards the forest…

"Wait!" called Rukia, "Who are you? Why did you help us?"

Naruto looked back for a moment before saying, "We'll leave that for another day but lets just say we were after the same thing and it just ended up that Ichigo had a better reason then I did for hunting the Hollow…Ja-Ne."

In an instant a blue light flooded the area blinding all for an instant…once Rukia was able to see again she was able to catch the last glimpses of a small blue flame disappearing into the trees…


Yoruichi was flying through the trees faster then she would normally dare to travel in the human world for fear of being discovered. Even she couldn't travel at this speed for long with the small amount of spirit particles in the human world...even 'Shunpo' had a limit for how long it could be used before it began to affect not only the area but her Gigai as well...

"Damn it…I never should have let him out of my sight like that! What was I thinking? He's barely been here a few days and I let him wander the city by himself? Anything could have happened!" these and many other grim thoughts passed through her mind as she continued to head towards where she could feel Naruto's…unique energy when she spotted a small blue light speeding past her leaving a blue streak behind it as it speed across the forest floor.

Once it passed it only took her a moment to sense it…, "Naruto! Wait, I'm over here!" called Yoruichi as she wondered if talking to a ball of blue light was normal…at least she did until it flew up to the branch she was standing on. She seemed shocked for a moment. It was something new to see a small ball of blue flame floating before you.

In a small flash of light Naruto was standing there just as she remembered him. Blonde hair, jeans, black shirt, weapons…all the same…except where before he had a permanently happy glow to him…he now looked tired. Even weary with a strangely calculating look to his eye as he gazed at her…but not at her really she realized. It was as if he was looking past her and she was the way to get where he was looking.

"Naruto?" asked Yoruichi unsure, "What…happened? Where were you and why are you looking at me like that?"

Naruto remain quiet for a moment as his steely blue eyes never left amber yellow ones, "There are many thing we need to discuss about this world and how it works…starting with what a Hollow…truly is."

Yoruichi blinked for a moment almost unnerved by the sound of his voice. So commanding…and wise sounding…like he was talking to a child and would hear no excuses, "They…are lost souls that became corrupt by staying in the real world too long or turned by other Hollows feeding on them…there's not much more to them. They are beings that have lost their hearts and are driven by base instincts…"

Naruto's eyes sharpened, "Really? From how you just spoke of them they sound like nothing more then animals driven by the instinct to feed?" Naruto then moved closer to Yoruichi as he stared into her eyes, "I just fought one along side another Shinigami a moment ago and the thing was anything but an animal. Intelligent, devious, strategically, and evil to the core…if there truly is an entire world of these things then how powerful do they get…"

She knew he would figure it out eventually. That Hollow were more then simple animals to be kept at bay but she had hoped to keep him ignorant of the true dangers of Hollow for a time. It wasn't that she wished to lie to him…she just didn't want to weigh him down after just arriving. He may have not told her everything about his life but it was clear from what he had said that it was one…soaked in blood he never wished to draw and when he seemed so excited about the idea of slaying monsters she couldn't help but think he looked like a child that had heard a fairytale and couldn't wait to dream of it with themselves as the hero…but now seeing into these eyes…she knew this was no child, no person to be babied or cared for. This was someone that was far beyond her even if she was stronger then him at the moment…but she knew…that too would change soon…if she tried fooling him…

"I…will tell you everything I know about them once we get back to the shop. Urahara found out some thing about you that will help greatly. While he finishes some of his tests I'll tell you what I can…"

Naruto merely nodded as he began walking back to the shop with Yoruichi following close behind thinking, "What happened out there to cause this kind of change? And what Shinigami did he fight with against a Hollow? The only ones I know about in the area are Kuchiki and Kurosaki…this could get complicated if he gets mixed up with those two…especially if he gains strength like he has been…even now he feels close to vice-captain level…and it's only been 3 days…what could a 9 tails become? If we allow him to decide sides now…it could end everything!"


(3 days later…)

Naruto frowned as he rolled over in bed. He hadn't needed to sleep because of his demonic body for eons but he always had enjoyed it when he had the chance to but now he couldn't sleep for the life of him. He wasn't even tired after all the training he had put himself through…it seemed the only time he truly tired was after severe injury…it was annoying having to learn the ins and outs of a body again.

"This human body may heal almost as well as my demon one but it seems to have it's limit to how much it can heal before needing rest…if only I could access my hanyo form things would be far easier…I wonder why I still can't? I can change into my demon form but I can't take on any others…I can't even get into touch with Kyuubi!" thought Naruto as he rolled over in bed to stare at the alarm clock '5:11am' He would have to get up soon for his first day of school and he was actually dreading the idea…

He had spent the last few days locked inside the training area beneath the Urahara shop trying to discover what worked in this world and what was useless. He had wanted to train with his sword and discover more of his spiritual powers but not only was he not able to get into touch with Kyuubi but every time he turned his back Urahara had run off with his sword again to do tests. It was frustrating but he figured it was for the best in the end. He had figured out what powers was useful and what was pointless because of it…

Elements were one thing he found utterly pointless in this world. He had no way to use jutsu normally because of his youki and gathering elemental energy was too weak here. Every jutsu and manipulation he knew was far too weak or simply didn't do what he wanted it too. He had tried for hours to find anything that would work but even the most useful jutsu such as the Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu that could be made as powerful as you like was nothing more then a flashy show…it was rather depressing. He had gone through nearly his entire ninja carrier with barely 10 jutsu and now that he had a chance to make use of the literally thousands he had seen and created over the years…they were useless since most relied on the elements. When he really thought about it his library only consisted of a few dozen jutsu that were pure chakra…

The Jutsu he seemed to be able to make use of were his old and trusted Kage Bunshin Jutsu in all their glory, many Genjutsu to his surprise and his Kitsune illusions, his shape-shifting abilities…were limited for some reason. He could change to his demon form or change his looks as a human but anything else was…impossible. It frustrated him but to his surprise his Fuin Jutsu still worked perfectly or any jutsu purely reliant on chakra. Such as his trusted Rasengan!

Urahara was kind enough to set up several proxy spiritual bodies for him to train with to see what worked properly…and he wasn't satisfied in the least. He was just as powerful with 3 tails here as he was in his world. Maybe even more so for some unknown reason but the amount of concentration…and the magnitude of the attacks he needed to affect a spiritual being was ludicrous!

He was using jutsu that would be considered high A-rank that could reduce land to ash…and it did! They earth and stone of the training field was scorched and smashed under his power but there was so little spiritual power in it that the damned manikins made it out with damage and burns that a D to C-rank Katon jutsu would cause!

He couldn't help but laugh at himself! If he was home the hidden villages would have been scared shitless of the power he was producing and yet it seemed his only useful attacks at the moment were his Rasengan variations for being pure chakra attacks and his own body when he focused enough youki to attack head on…

This was not acceptable in the least but he had no clue how to increase spiritual power. He knew of it since it was a component of chakra and youki…and some Jutsu required a higher amount of it but it was so useless to a normal shinobi he never bothered to study it. The only powers he could even think of that used spiritual power in excess were some rare Kekkai Genkai and medical Jutsu…

Naruto chuckled darkly as he said, "Damn…Sakura-chan can even mess with me after all these years can't she…" Naruto stared at the ceiling after rolling over once again, "I can just hear her now saying, 'yah Naruto no Baka! I told you to learn some medical Ninjutsu!' I'm sure she'd love to see me now…yah…I would…"

Naruto slowly sat up as he looked at his clock again '6:14am' and groaned, "I guess I lost track of time…oh that's right! I'm supposed to work at the shop after school today. Urahara said he would have a training program set up to help increase my spiritu…I mean Reiatsu. I wonder what he has planned?"

Naruto stood and began going through the new routine he had gained over the last few days. Get up, shower, groom, check over his weapons, dress, eat the breakfast of champions! 2 Chicken ramen with a fresh egg and a side of 3 miso ramen before setting out for the day.

He had found early on that wearing his supply pouch and leg holster was going to be a problem in this world. Apparently these people looked down at carrying weapons! Strange people indeed thought Naruto. He decided to play it safe and still keep his weapons even if it was dangerous but he figured that if anyone asks he could easily use a small mind trick or illusion to get around any…insinuations. 5 millennia straight with his weapons was nothing to break after all.

Naruto easily looked over his holster. He had long ago changed from a simple 2 slot holster to a 3 since he carried shuriken, normal kunai, and a decent amount of his 3 pronged kunai just in case. Even though he hadn't needed them for hundreds of years he might have to take the Hirishin up again if things didn't go as he hoped with his training.

His supply pouch on the other hand was his life! With several decades of study and several failed attempts he had created a pouch that had greater room on the inside then it had surface area! Even he didn't truly know how it had come about that way but it worked. He carried everything from scrolls and books to spears and cook wear inside of it. All it took was a little rummaging and the proper chakra strings and pop! There it was…he had wondered for awhile what would happen if he merely turned it over and shook…but he didn't wish to take that chance of what would fall out. He had lost track long ago of what he had shoved in there…he still remembered the time he had put one of the last holders of a cursed seal in there as a way to transport him to prison and had forgotten about him…it was rather inconvenient when Naruto had been looking for a roll of toilet paper in there and the man had popped out with the second level active…, "Never again…" was all that Naruto could think as he shuddered at the image…

Naruto then exited his door in his new uniform. After locking it he couldn't help but sigh loudly as he looked over his new MANDATORY uniform. Grey pants with a grey button down shirt was not what he considered appealing. Red, white, orange, black…these were colors that he liked. His new favorite black shoes and long blonde hair was just put to waste now…he may have not been vary vain about anything but he had come to take pride in his mane over the years and this uniform clashed horrible. He even had his blonde color back that he had missed since becoming a demon and now it even flowed to just in between his shoulder blades, "Definitely going to have to figure something out to get some color into this…"

As Naruto walked to school he began to see many people wearing the same uniform as him and he couldn't help but think how boring this school thing would be. He already had his Kage Bunshin memorize all the textbooks they had given him and the information seemed pointless. Why go through the trouble of using math to figure out trajectory when he could just look and see it? These people were all too strange.

Naruto even had Kage Bunshin rummage through whatever he could find in Urahara's shop so he could get more information on the world in general so school was rather pointless at this point but he thought he'd give it a try since Urahara had gone to the trouble of getting him in. At any rate he had nothing better to do at the moment. Neither of his new 'employers' …had a mission for him and his training had hit a dead end for the moment and exploring the city seemed to prove rather…dangerous. He'd forgotten that he was rather popular with women ever since he grew out his hair and grew out of his teens. He had been reminded in a very…unwelcome way when he entered something called a mall…he still felt bad that he had always given Sasuke such a bad time about his fan girls…they truly were the ultimate opponent that no man could defeat, "I need to get a girlfriend again…that was always my solution before…"

As Naruto neared the gates of his new school he realized he had too many questions to be answered after he had returned from the battle with the Hollow. Even though he had gotten most of his answers from Yoruichi about the Hollow and what they were capable of even more questions arose…questions he wasn't even sure of himself…more like a feeling that there was more to know and even so he still couldn't believe what he had heard from Urahara about himself and his connection to Hollow in the first place…


(2 days ago…)

After another day of being poked and prodded by Urahara after his fight with the Hollow Naruto had finally had enough and had asked to be set up in his own apartment like he had been promised and all in all he had to thank the strange man. His apartment was very nice compared to what he had when he was a child. 2 bedroom, full bathroom, living room, and separate kitchen. It was even fully furnished and stocked when he moved in with an envelope of spending money on the counter. His fridge was even well stocked…Urahara had even filled a cabinet with ramen! In a way Naruto was actually rather willing to be prodded after seeing the benefits…even if he would prefer a normal mission instead.

So when he showed up the next day he sat quietly and allowed Urahara to take his readings and samples of blood just as the last few days but this time Naruto just sat still as he asked, "Urahara-san, I know Yoruichi explained Hollow to me yesterday but I was wondering if you could tell me once more before you explain how I'm similar to one…"

Urahara was rather taken back by the turn around. The last few times he had to keep Naruto in the chair by force to get his samples with Yoruichi keeping him entertained for the time it took to get his readings but here he was calm and quiet asking simple question, "Ahh, very well Naruto-san. I have no problem with that since it will take another few minutes to finish my tests. What would you like to know?"

Naruto stopped for a moment to think over what Yoruichi had told him the day before, "I understand how a Hollow becomes a Hollow and that they feed on humans and plus souls. What I'm unclear about is the levels of Hollow and how they become stronger as well as their connection to me…"

"Those are some very good questions Naruto-san. I can see that you are as old as you say you are…" said Urahara as he finished marking his findings, "We are unsure of how Hollow gain their strength. It's different for each one. Some gain it by simply feeding, others by age, and some just appear as powerful as they are. That is at least in the lower classes of Hollow. Hollow themselves can be split into three main groups. Lesser Hollow, Hollow, and Gillian. Lesser Hollow are too weak to be concerned with or are souls in the process of becoming Hollow." Naruto nodded from hearing of this several times now but he wasn't going to be rude. What he truly wished to know of were the Gillian…but he could wait.

"Alright, lesser Hollow are nothing. Even students in the Shinigami academy can take care of them correct?" asked Naruto to see Urahara nod in response as he studied Naruto's sword.

"Correct, the next level is Hollow and this is the most common with literally more then can be counted of them in every shape and strength level you can imagine. These are the one's to be careful of. You can never be sure if they have the intelligence of an animal or are very cunning. Never take any of them for granted. Kill them quickly and cleanly and move on. That's all I can tell you about them really. Each one must be assessed separately to determine it's level."

Naruto again nodded. Yoruichi had made them sound like more of an annoyance then anything else so he was feeling much better with Urahara's explanation, "So an enemy that is large in number and can be weak or strong with no way of telling so before hand? Sounds like the 5th Great Ninja war all over again…" said Naruto to only receive a strange 'Umm' sound from Urahara, "Oh, sorry…in the ninja world shinobi were classified by their level of strength. Genin, Chuunin, Special Jounin, Jounin, ANBU, and Kage. Each wore different gear and symbols to show their status normally but in that war several small villages banded together with Iwa…one of the larger ones. In that war none of the shinobi of that army wore anything to show their class and because of that many shinobi fought out of their class and gave Iwa the advantage. Eventually I too had to step into that war…to say more died then needed to would be an understatement. Even the commanders stayed hidden in the ranks so there was no choice but to fight until there was a surrender…many died."

Urahara nodded his head thinking what it would be like if there was ever an open war between Seireitei and Hueco Mundo…the idea was very grim, "There's no need to worry about that here Naruto-san. Hollow in general are very animalistic. Very few have intelligence like the one you told me of but if they do it's a very good sign of their power. The last kind of Hollow are the Menos class."

Naruto tried to remember what he had heard about these things before but he was coming up blank other then they were the most powerful and dangerous, "These are the big one's right? The one's that only seated officers go after?"

"Yes, they are very dangerous and almost never leave Hueco Mundo unless attracted by very high spirit energy or are ordered to go by a more powerful Menos. As you know Hollow must devour human souls and spirit energy it compensate for losing their heart. Over time human souls are not enough to sustain a Hollow and the hole in their chest widens. At this point they turn to eating other Hollow…"

Naruto's face almost turned green at that point. He had heard some twisted things but this was up there, "A Menos is formed by Hollow eating Hollow and then being eaten themselves in a never ending cycle. Eventually a Gillian is born from this but they too continue to eat other Hollow. There are two forms of Gillian. Those without a conscious that will never evolve. They count in the thousands and then…there are those that maintain the mind of one of the many Hollow that made it up as well as a unique mask. These intelligent ones are very few maybe 1 out of 100 is able to maintain a mind and has the chance to ascend to the next level by continuing the cycle and become an Adjuchus."

Naruto nodded his head in understanding as Urahara continued his work. It may have been more fun hearing all this from Yoruichi but Urahara made it far easier to understand, "Ok, so Menos become Menos because some Hollow eat each other. Because of this a Gillian is born and is either a brainless animal with matching masks to the other brainless ones." Naruto looked at Urahara to see him nod under his hat, "But some are able to keep the mind of a Hollow that made them up and because of this they are able to become Adjuchus. The next level of power in the Menos."

"Yes, Adjuchus are much smaller then Gillian. Nearly the size of humans. They are very intelligent and fast. In terms of battle capability they could easily fight with a Vice-captain with a high chance of victory but there aren't many of these as I said. Think of Gillian as foot soldiers with the Adjuchus as their commanders. There is not much to tell about these ones other then to be very careful of them. They do not survive to be what they are by chance…finally there is the strongest of the Menos."

"Vasto-lorde…" was the only thing to leave Naruto's mouth.

"Yes, no one is sure how an Adjuchus becomes a Vasto-lorde but there are very few…but the fact is…a Vasto-lorde has battle capabilities that even surpass that of a captain class Shinigami. They are believed to reside in the very depths of Hueco Mundo. They are believed to even have surpassed the need to feed on other Hollow or even humans. No Shinigami has ever faced one and survived…not even captains."

Naruto nodded as he sorted through the information to be sure he understood it and hoped he would be able to tell the difference between the classes when the time came, "Thanks, it would be pretty bad to pick a fight with the wrong Hollow. Especially since spiritual power can affect me all it wants and I need to struggle to fight against it…so unfair…"

Urahara just broke out into laughter, "AH!, that's right I haven't told you yet have I? Well you see your energy is mostly physical energy that is unused by Shinigami with only a small portion being spiritual power. This is why you are having so much trouble." Naruto merely looked on with a 'Duh!' look in his eyes, "Oh? Already knew that did you? But what if I told you that Hollow were that same way…"

This had Naruto falling out of his chair as he gapped like a fish at Urahara, "I know Yoruichi said that my youki felt similar to a Hollow's but to be the same? And if that's true why am I having so much trouble fighting?" asked Naruto.

"I suppose 'same' was a little much to use. You see your energy is about 80 percent physical energy and 20 percent spiritual. A Hollow is the opposite with their bulk being spiritual…about 90 percent. You see when a spirit becomes a Hollow they regain some of the energy from their physical body. This is why it feels, looks, and acts the way it does. It's also why Hollow can so easily affect humans. It takes a certain amount of spiritual power to be affective but the smallest amount of Ki will allow contact with the living."

Naruto nodded yet again in understanding. It made sense after all, "But this still leaves the problem of me not being able to fight against Hollow with my current power…and I can't always rely on my Zanpaku-to…"

"Now you just leave that to me Naruto-san. All I need is to finish my studies and experiments and I'm sure we can help you!"

"And how do you plan to do that Urahara?" asked Naruto while climbing back into his seat, "It's not like I can just train to gain more spiritual energy."

"Actually…that's the plan!" said Urahara a little too happily, "It's true that I can't just convert your energy over but I can cause your body to create more spiritual energy and less physical. In the mean time just continue with your own projects and always come when I ask for tests…if everything pans out we should be ready to start training in a few days…"

Naruto blinked as he listened to Urahara's voice travel from a higher jolly one to a deep and serious one that seemed to darken the mood of the store. After a few moment of hearing nothing other then the rhythmic sounds of the machines Naruto asked, "And just what is this training and it's goal?"

Urahara turned to Naruto with only his one eye visible under the shade of his hat, "The training is that of a Shinigami and the goal is to take you from 20 percent to around 30. At this point you should be able to interact far easier. Just the 10 percent would make all the difference but what I truly wish to achieve is a complete 50/50 saturation…a perfect union of spiritual and physical energies. The first of it's kind."

"What would that cause?" asked Naruto completely unsure of what to say at this point from the sound of Urahara's voice.

"Maybe…the birth of a god or monster…for all I know it will do nothing other then make it easier for you here but the one thing for sure is…you would be the first one to do such a thing…"


Naruto still couldn't believe that gaining spiritual power was that easy but he supposed he would have to wait until after school. He was supposed to meet with the principal in a few minutes to take some placement tests and sign some papers.

It only took Naruto a few moments to reach the door of the principal to hear the crying of a man and when he walked through the door Naruto say a small balding man sitting behind a desk with an ordinary looking women to his right. When Naruto turned his head he saw a large man in only a red muscle shirt and grey sweat pants crying over one thing or another. Then he saw an open window and several people running away. Naruto raised an eyebrow until he saw it…the boy with orange hair, "Ichigo?" asked Naruto to himself only to here the large man begin to yell.

"YOU! You know those hoodlum don't you?!" questioned the man as he grabbed a hold of Naruto's shirt. It only took Naruto a second to grab the mans arm and easily flip him with little effort. The balding man stood from his chair with an awed look on his face.

"You should never attack someone like that unless you are open to a response…" After a moment of looking the man over Naruto merely walked over to the principal and said, "Good morning, my name Namikaze Naruto and I was told to come here before attending classes. There was a mention of placement tests in the letter I received…"

It only took the principal a moment to respond, "Aw…yes, Naruto-kun, I apologize for that…he is a little hasty." Naruto merely shrugged his shoulders as he motioned for the man to continue, "Well since you are your own guardian we needed you to sign several papers to start classes here. Also it seems there was an accident at your old school and your transcripts are incomplete. Because of this we need you to take a few tests to not only give you a class ranking but to figure out if you will even be accepted."

Naruto just nodded as he caught the female teacher staring at him, "You know for a teacher to look at a student like that is rather scandalous these days…" this of course brought a ravaging blush to the poor women as both men stared at him with wide eyes, "I came from a rather rough junior high…so which one of you will be giving the tests and how long should they take?"

"I will actually be the one to give the tests Naruto-kun," said the principal as he stood from his seat, "We will begin now and should be done in a few hours. Most likely just before lunch so they may be graded and we can add you to the class rankings. You have actually come at the perfect time. If you score well enough you could shoot up the rankings easily…of course we are only at the half semester rankings so you will have to hold onto it even if you get a high one! The rankings are very competitive at this school."

Naruto just shook his head at the mans attempts to spur him on and just followed close behind as he walked out of the room behind the small man…, "This is going to be annoying if all the teachers are going to treat me as a child…"


Kurasaki Ichigo frowned, it was turning out to be just another normal day in his life starting with his father trying to assault him and getting beat up for the attempt. Then eating breakfast with his sisters before heading to school. It seemed strange…just days ago he had faced his mothers killer and failed to do anything against it…and that strange dog/fox thing had lectured him about it. Ever since it appeared that day Rukia had been non stop about finding it but even with this hanging over his head he couldn't get over something else that was bothering him. Something he should have ignored…but couldn't.

He had noticed someone his age he had never seen before dressed in a school uniform walking through the hall with the principal and Orihime had been blabbering about some new person in the apartment across from her. Ichigo should have shrugged it off just like anything else but for some reason it stuck in his head. He was apparently a new student and she wouldn't stop talking about the guys hair for some reason. Ichigo hadn't noticed anything strange about it. Although he had been looking at the guy from across the school court yard.

What he was really frowning about though was because he had sensed something different about the guy even with only that one glance he got something…powerful and dark. He didn't know what it was but he guessed it was spiritual power like he had. The ability to see ghosts and all that but he had never been good at sensing anything so he would just wait and ask Rukia.

Ichigo ignored Keigo's posturing about something as someone else entered the class room followed by the principal. He glanced towards them but fully turned to face them as he realized it was the new kid. The new guy was tall about as tall as Ichigo himself, he was broad shouldered and looked fit like a fighter with just slightly more muscle mass then Ichigo himself. Ichigo noted he moved like a fighter too…stealthy, quiet, fast, and graceful.

Even the way he breathed seemed controlled and calm. He was a blonde…that easily said why he was getting so much attention. It was rare to find natural blondes around but that wasn't the only thing. Even Ichigo had to admit that this guys hair was…well…lack of a better term for one guy to use on another…girlish. It was far too well cared for from what Ichigo could see. There was no way hair could be that shiny and smooth without some major care and the length made it look like a girls from behind but Ichigo was the last person to mess with someone over their hair.

The principal talked with the teacher for a moment before saying something to the boy before leavening the room. The guy smiled as he looked over the room before stopping when his eyes met Ichigo's. It only took a moment before he walked over to Ichigo and his little group of Keigo, Chad, and Mizuiro. He simply held out his hand staring Ichigo right in the eyes and said, "Hello, I'm new here. Who are you guys?"

Ichigo grunted as he decided girly hair or not he wasn't going to hold anyone in contempt for their hair, "My names Kurasaki Ichigo…" a weird look flashed across Naruto's face, "What going to make fun of my name?" he asked.

"Wouldn't dream of it. I'd be a hypocrite my name's Namikaze Naruto."

"Maelstrom, huh?" asked Ichigo already starting to like this new guy.

"Got that right…strawberry." Ichigo growled but he suppressed a grin at the twinkle in Naruto's eye.

"Whatever fishcake…" Naruto laughed and was quickly introduced to the rest of the gang. Mizuiro just smiled as he greeted Naruto but Keigo had said something along the lines of it being unfair that Naruto got along with Ichigo so simple.

Ichigo had been greatly surprised at his reaction to Chad. Most people had awed and shocked expressions on their face until someone else did the introductions but all Naruto did was look him up, down, and then locked eyes with him and raised his hand saying, "I've seen bigger but not by much…"

Chad chuckled lightly as he took Naruto's hand. Everyone else seemed surprised as Naruto began asking simple questions like is anyone had classes with him, what sports they likes, simple conversation.

Tatsuki walked in feeling very good after smacking Chizuru around after she tried to molest Orihime once again. She then spotted someone she didn't recognize and figured it was the new guy Orihime mentioned. He looked over his shoulder at her since he was talking with Keigo and gave her a dazzling smile. This large smile combined with deep blue twinkling eyes made her stomach do back flips. She fought down a blush and merely smiled in return. She froze when a strange look came into his eyes but dismissed it when she heard someone enter behind her. When she turned she found the petit figure of Kuchiki Rukia behind her. She smiled as she said, "Yo, Kuchiki! How are you after your run with Ichigo earlier?"

Rukia was caught of guard for a moment, "Oh, it wasn't anything like that! I just had something I need help with and Ichigo was close by!"

Tatsuki had a curious look as she said, "But you came looking for him remember? I heard you call for him before you grabbed him?"

Thankfully just as Rukia was going to try something else to distract the girl Orihime walked in and spotted the Naruto talking to Ichigo and said, "Hello, Naruto-kun!"

Naruto turned and beamed at her, "Well if it isn't my new neighbor…Orihime wasn't it?" she nodded and repressed the urge to touch the marks on his cheeks that for some reason she could see. It was strange…he could have sworn they weren't there when he first arrived in this world with a human form and yet now there were three faint whisker marks on each cheek. Almost silver in color and almost impossible to see unless in the proper light but yet she saw them easily?

To Naruto's annoyance she had asked if she could style his hair and had turned her down to her disappointment. He just wasn't sure about that one. She giggled and began to chat to him about different things, neither noticed the astonished looks sent Naruto's way because not only was he paying complete attention to and commenting on Orihime's ramblings but he had also agreed to try her cooking at lunch! Only Tatsuki and the other girls noticed that Naruto was doing something no other boy did while talking to Orihime…he was staring at her face and not at her chest…that in itself got a large amount of respect from every other girl in the class for Naruto.

Soon the teacher arrived and the class sat giving occasional glances Naruto's way, who'd acknowledge the boys with a wave and a wink to the girls which ended up with the female populace blushing heavily. The class went smoothly with Naruto surprising everyone. His manners, way of speaking, sunny personality and even his willingness to help and be helped had everyone in class liking him even before lunch. Many had asked him for help in many things from history, writing, English. Naruto seemed to excel at them all to the point the teacher had stars in her eyes. Then…they started on math and everyone was shocked. Naruto wasn't just bad at math. He was horrible but even with that every question he asked had the teacher blinking. When she had asked him for an answer the first time he didn't have the slightest clue but after about 15 minutes of asking question about what symbol meant what, the use of an equation, or even just asking for help from the people around him Naruto had begun to get the hang of it. He was even able to answer a question by the end of class with a small amount of help from the teacher.

"Yo, Naruto!" called Ichigo as they left the class, "Why do you such so much at math?"

Ichigo got a small slap to the back of his head from Rukia and Tatsuki as they said in unison, "THAT'S RUDE!"

Naruto only laughed good heartedly as he said, "Math has never been my thing. Other stuff I've always had an interest in…" then Naruto thought for a moment, "Plus my last school wasn't as far as you guys are so I think you guys are a few months ahead of me so there were a lot of things I didn't understand."

Everyone just nodded since it was perfectly reasonable that the lesson plan could be different from school to school. As everyone continued to file out of the class room Ichigo and Rukia fell back, "Rukia…do you feel anything different from this guy?" asked Ichigo in a quiet voice.

"You sensed it too I see…I always thought you were horrible at that? I guess with one as different as this even you would notice. I don't know what it is but he isn't a Shinigami or just a human with high spirit power…I'll keep an eye on him. Why not ask him to sit with you at lunch? It will give you a chance to watch him…"

Ichigo merely groaned as he began walking towards Naruto. Naruto himself was having a rather bad time as it was though. Many had asked him to sit with their group at lunch. Even the girls had asked until Mizuiro suggested that they all sit together. Naruto was in no position to disagree even though his mind was on what he had over heard from Ichigo and Rukia, "So those are the two from that night…and they're already curious about me. Not good…if even Ichigo can sense me then who else can? She just said he wasn't good at sensing…"


Ichigo was frowning more than usual. He was planning on inviting Naruto to sit with his group at lunch like Rukia had said to get a better feeling of him but Chad had invited Naruto along with their group for lunch first. Which Ichigo didn't mind since he was planning that anyway but Naruto had been followed by Orihime and Tatsuki, which was slightly annoying but easily tolerable however soon the entire girls group was joining the boys on the roof.

However entertainment had apparently arrived to chase off the tense air…

Tatsuki watched fearfully as Orihime pulled a…thing out of her backpack and broke some of it off handing the smaller piece to Naruto. She snickered slightly when one of the girls mentioned all the food must go to Orihime's breasts. Tatsuki like all the other girls was slightly jealous of her chest size even though she would never admit it. She watched in surprise as Naruto popped the piece of food? In his mouth and chewed slowly then froze.

Ichigo's eyes widened as Naruto ate some of Orihime's food, he had done that once…once being the important word and figured it would be best if Naruto learned from experience. However he along with everyone else's jaws dropped when he swallowed and said "Hmm, interesting…it's like ramen flavored bean paste…can I have some more Orihime-chan?"

Orihime blushed at the title. While others watched in awe and disgust as Naruto ate another large chunk of whatever it was Orihime had made. They eventually got used to it no matter how disturbing; however trouble was brewing its name…Keigo.

Keigo was muttering under his breath about the unfairness of the world when he decided to do something about it. Food was sent flying when he leapt up screaming and pointing a finger at Naruto "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

"Huh?" was Naruto's only rational response. Here he was without any food of his own and trying something that his nose clearly said was hazardous out of pure hunger and had it turn out rather tasty even if it smelled horrible to him but now he's getting yelled at?

Everyone was staring at Keigo in shock, as his outburst continued "Who do you think you are turning up here and trying to have your way with all these pretty girls?"

Naruto blinked a few times before chuckling, "I'm not 'having' my way with them. That's a rather…insinuating term there. You may want to rethink it…" said Naruto in a calm voice while Keigo growled as a couple of girls growled toward Keigo.

Keigo himself was sweating with all several pairs of murderous eyes staring him down. However before he could say anything to save himself Naruto spoke again, "You don't need to worry Keigo, I'm not some random lecher…plus I think I've already got a girl I'm just not sure about it yet…" everyone froze.

Several girls including Orihime and Tatsuki to their own shock were very disappointed to hear he was already interested in a girl. Keigo turned from righteous fury to lecherous curiosity in an instant, "So this girl what is she like, how far have you gotten with her eh?" he sidled up to Naruto who blinked owlishly.

"She's very interesting, tons of fun to be around, very playful, and you asked how far I've gotten with her right?" Keigo nodded and Naruto smiled, "That's really none of your business now is it?"

All the guys face vaulted at the answer. They had been expecting some bragging or joke. Even an insinuation! Not just a flat out no comment. Naruto could see Keigo was about to respond but cut him off, "If you ever wish to get a girl there are 3 simple rules you need to follow to have a chance…"

Now this had everyone's attention. Boys and girls leaned in to overhear, "First is respect…" all the girls had stars in their eyes as the boys raised their eyebrows, "Never ogle a girl in front of her or her friends. Look at their face and talk to them not their chest. No guy can resist looking but be tactful about it and never stare."

The guys nodded as the girls didn't know whether to applaud him or hate him for giving tips that included looking…, "Second, be interested. Never approach a girl based just on looks or…attribute size. Be sure you share interests and actually have something in common. If all you interested in is…physical activities then you are basically insulting them from the get go…"

No this had all the guys wide eyed as the girls were all looking at Naruto with stars in their eyes or looks of awe, "Finally, take your time. There's no hurry. Get to know them, be sure you like them for who they are, and just be sure you have a connection. If you follow these rules not only will most women like you anyway but you're sure to find one just for you. Its that simple…"

The reactions where unique, most of the girls froze not sure what to say. Tatsuki dropped her drink as Orihime almost choked on her food trying to say something. Keigo fell over while Ichigo just gapped like a fish by the end as Mizuiro tried to get Keigo up. Chad just stared as Naruto began to chuckle and took a sip of a can of soda before saying "I'm not lying…it really works. How many times have you guys insulted, been turned down, or been beaten by girls for not doing what I mentioned?"

All the guys stopped to think followed by the girls and it slowly began to add up in their heads. Nearly every time a conflict with one of the girls happened it was over those very things, "Where did you learn this?" asked Chad much to everyone's surprise.

Naruto laughed, "Trust me. It wasn't over night. I had someone very special to me when I was younger that beat the living crap out of me all the time and I was never able to figure out why until my first girlfriend told me that! Every time she would hit me it was because I said something shallow or without thinking…or just for being stupid. All guys are like that sometimes. It like it's in our blood or something but just trying to do those things help immensely…to keep you alive."

All the girls began giggleing as the boys had flashbacks of the beatings they themselves had received and it showed on their faces until Tatsuki asked a simple question "What do your parents say about this?"

"Nothing I think…I've been an orphan since I was born so…I don't think they care about my views very much." Tatsuki looked down in embarrassment obviously sorry but she looked up when she heard a gasp.

Jealousy spiked into her when she saw Orihime hugging Naruto with her more than ample breasts pressing up against his arm. He gave her a small smile "Hay, it's alright I'm fine with it! I lived in a group home until a little while ago and moved into my own apartment which is right across from Hime's here!"

No one asked anymore serious questions of the blonde as they all began to chat with each other. Naruto just sat there and commented when asked or chatted happily when someone wanted. He noticed that Rukia's eyes never left him through the entire time but never let her realize it, "Hell, I can sense her pathetic energy so its damn sure she can sense mine…but I'm doing all I can to suppress my powers as is. I guess all I can do is wait and see what happens."

Then Naruto heard Ichigo asking him something sarcastic so he replied back in the same way. After that Naruto and Ichigo occasionally swapping barbed remarks at each other between their own chats…then it happened. Ichigo said something Naruto had never expected…

"Naruto…you dobe…"

It struck deep and everyone could see the shock and maybe pain on Naruto face. Ichigo thought for a moment he had gone too far somehow and was preparing to apologize. Naruto may have been knew but Ichigo figured he was one of the cooler guys around. Just as He was about to say something a foxy grin split across Naruto's face that brought his cheeks just into the right light to show his whisker marks as he said, "That's what you think, Teme!"

Now this had everyone looking between Naruto and Ichigo strangely. What Ichigo had said wasn't nice but it wasn't that mean wither and yet Naruto responded like that? But then Ichigo did something that had everyone breath easily, "That's really hurtful from a fishcake…"

Naruto smiled as he returned with another bard as he thought, "Oh yeah I'm really liking this world…now if only I could get Yoruichi-chan to teach me that trick I'd be all set…"




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