I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End and I was like so into those movies. Elizabeth turning more pirate-like and then there was Will. For some reason I came up with this idea. Was thinking of a crossover, but this is even better. Hope you like this story. Review please!

In the distant seas, you see a ship where the English men are sailing through the sea. There is a young girl around fourteen years old. She has short black hair, violet eyes and lipstick, and plain skin. She wore a light purple dress with a white collar, white gloves, and a purple bottom skirt of the dress. She watched the waves of the sea and started smiling.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Pam who was her mother.

"Oh Mother, I'm just looking at the seas, it's so beautiful," told Sam, "I wish I was a pirate and traveled the seven seas."

"Don't say that, you know what pirates do. They steal gold and they steal from England," told Pam.

"I know, but just recordly to explore the seven seas," smiled Sam as the wind blew against her black hair.

"Well, just don't get too into it," warned Pam as she left her daughter to watch the waves of the sea.

Sam saw a ship in a blurry distant. She bit her bottom lip and saw what looked like a pirate ship with a DP logo on the pirate flag. It was the ship of Captain Phantom of the Seven Seas. She heard legends that he was the most filthy pirate of all times and was hunted down for a high grand. There was fear, but at the same time, excitement.

"It's probably not directing at our ship," muttered Sam as she could see the ship directing at them, "but then when have I been right?"

Sam ran to the captain as fast as her high heels could take her. The captain looked down at her with a quiry look.

"What is it Miss?" Asked the Captain.

"Captain Phantom is directing at us!" Warned Sam.

"Thank you for the warning Miss," said the Captain as he took his telescope and then brung it down, "yep, it's him alright. GET THE CANNONS READY! PHANTOM'S HERE!"

"Alright Captain," agreed Sailor #1.


Captain Phantom was driving the ship and looked through his telescope, showing a smile on his lips. It then turned into a grin and knew what he was after.

"Is there anything you want Captain?" Asked Tucker who was one of Captain Phantom's crew.

"Yes, we're heading directly to that English ship," said Captain Phantom as he tucked his coat.

Captain Phantom wasn't different from any ordinary Pirate. He wore a black coat with a white collar, a white undershirt, brown pants, and black boots. He also had a black hat covering his raven black hair and shown to have baby blue eyes. He headed towards the English ship and continued looking through his telescope and then saw a young lady with black short hair, violet eyes, and a purple dress. She looked stunning.

"Nice, English Women always seemed fancy," smiled Danny.

"What cha eyeing at?" Asked Tucker.

"Look at that beauty," showed Danny as Tucker looked through the telescope.

"Nice, English Women always are more beautiful up close," grinned Tucker.

"What do you think?" Asked Danny.

"Hm, I think she's one beauty to try out," smiled Tucker.

"You take over Tucker," ordered Danny.

"Don't tell me you're gonna flirt with the women again. You've already tried Paulina," smirked Tucker.

"Hey, why not on trying out the beauties and Paulina was spankin," grinned Danny, "it was so worth it to get to her, otherwise these lips wouldn't have any woman to kiss."

"And I wonder why I have you to do these things," annoyed Tucker as he took over the ship.