Here's the Epilogue, yes it is finished at last and it was about time it was. I was like, "ok, this is gonna take a freakin long time" lol ok, here it is I hope you like it. Man, I'm writing two new stories lol. Review please!

A ship was sailing through the seas as the waves kept pushing against it. The people inside it were just enjoying their ride as you see Damon who was watching the waves. He was old in his late 50's looking down at the wavy shore. He had once had a daughter that was kidnapped by Captain Phantom including Sam, but the Search Party stopped for some reason. He had been on the seas looking for her ever since and was now about to give up hope.

"Hello sir," smiled a young lady who was a young adult.

This woman was extremely beautiful and filled with grace in her crystal violet eyes. She had cherry red lips that was glittering in the sunshine, a velvet black dress with a navy blue ribbon on her waist tied in a bow, a white umbrella for the sun, and light toned face that was showing miraculous beauty. Damon sighed and tipped his hat to say hello to this young lady.

"How are you doing madam?" Smiled Damon.

"Delightful, a beautiful day it is indeed. You seem like you lost something," said the young lady.

"I miss my daughter. She was kidnapped by pirates years ago and nobody ever found her. I'm starting to think she's dead," admitted Damon.

"I'm so sorry, I'm just here waiting for my sisters. They can be a handful," laughed the young lady.

"Yeah, I hope your day goes well," said Damon.

"Same with you," smiled the lady as you see the Captain running from the wheel of the ship.

"PIRATES! THERE ARE PIRATES ON THIS SHIP!" Screamed the Captain as everyone started screaming.

"Oh my," gasped Damon as you see a little 12 year old boy with a black cloak, violet eyes, a white long sleeved top, blue jeans, and brown boots on his little feet. He had a sword in his hand to stab the first person who came in contact.

"Get back you scurvy dogs!" Shouted the boy.

"Donny, you're not supposed to go on and attack the Captain head forth, you're supposed to tie the Captain up, throw him overboard, and take the booty," glared a young girl who was wearing Captain Phantom's outfit with her belly exposed and black boots.

"He's only 12 Diana, give him a break," annoyed another young girl who looked exactly like Diana, but with a purple outfit that looked exactly like Red Robin's outfit. These two girls were pretty bright with violet eyes that sparkled in the sunlight.

"It's the Phantom Kids, we have to . . ." gasped Damon as he found himself gunpoint on his forehead by the young lady he was talking to.

"You know, 18 years is a very long time. Valerie is ok, but she's married, that's why they stopped finding her you big dolt," glared the young lady, "by the way, your grandson's really hot, just wanted to let you know."

"Lilith, we got the booty!" Called a young guy who was African American with bright green eyes, a red shirt, yellow pants, and black boots on his feet.

"Good, I'll be seeing you later," whispered Lilith deeply, "hey handsome, I found your grandpa!"

"Really, who knew?" Widened the young fellow as Lilith ran to him and he put his arm around her waist, took her gun, and pointed it to the citizens, "THIS WILL BE THE DAY YOU'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER! THE DAY YOU ALMOST CAUGHT FOLEY AND THE PHANTOM KIDS!"

"Hey!" Shouted a little girl who looked almost like Valerie's twin sister, but with glasses on. She was wearing a velvet yellow dress with a orange ribbon that was tied in a bow and white laces on her sleeves and collar.

"Ok, The Foleys and Phantom kids, let's just go already," annoyed the young man as Lilith kissed him deeply on the lips, got picked up in his arms, and he jumped onto the pirate ship.

The kids laughed and sailed out as they all jumped and counted all the loot. Diana sighed and leaned near the pole right next to her as her twin sister came and smiled at her.

"Ok, how much was it?" Asked Lilith.

"300 gold coins," answered Donny.

"Good, what do you think Ben?" Asked Lilith to the young fellow next to her.

"I like it, don't cha think Tiffani?" Asked Ben to his sister.

"You still didn't have to kiss afterwards, it was disgusting," grossed out Tiffani.

"Says to the girl who flirts with a lot of the pirate hotties," teased Diana's sister Sammantha.

"What ev," glared Tiffani.

"And I liked how I tore those guys apart, pow, pow, pow," laughed Donny with his sword.

"We better go home before Mom gets worried," said Diana.

"Come on, let's go to the next sucker, my husband will lead the way," said Lilith.

"Yo ho," smiled Ben as he sailed on his way.