Ok I'm working on a couple of bigger fics at the moment so without one of them this is going to seem semi-wierd but I thought of it over the holiday and I had to post it. River is my own, I created her. I wasn't looking for details in this so don't ask about them. Anyway look for the bigger newsie fic coming soon and even if you only skim it, this one will make a lot more sense afterwards. At least in my opinion it will.


"Give me my hat woman!"



"You'll have to catch me Conlon."

With that she jumped from Spot's perch on the pier and took off into the city.

"Damn that girl." He muttered to himself.

Climbing down from the ledge he called to his second in command to watch things and went after the unruly newsie.



The two weaved through the crowds of Broadway, River always keeping two steps ahead of the Brooklyn leader.

'God she's got stamina.'

Barley able to follow her into an alley he gasped for breath, grateful that she had stopped. A chase from Brooklyn to Manhattan had taken it's toll.

"What's the matter Spot? Winded?"

"Don't...Start...With me."

"You could have had it back awhile ago you know, all you had to do was convince me."

Having regained much of his breath he scoffed.

"I thought that's what I was doing?"

"Well your doing a poor job."

"Than how do I do it?"

"I don't know. I've become immune to everything the guys at home do and I was hoping you'd have something new."

He stepped forward, a plan forming in his mind.

"Oh I have an idea."

"What? Chasing me didn't work, nor did fighting me and neither will tickling."

With that he tilted his head and brought his lips to hers. For a moments she was shocked but it didn't take long for her to close her eyes and kiss him back. Backing her against the brick wall he leaned one hand on it and cradled the back of her head with the other, deepening the kiss in the process. She could feel her knees go weak as he flicked his tongue across her lips, asking if he could enter. Greedily she gave him access shivering as he intoxicated her with the taste of cinnamon. Pulling away he moved his head so his lips just brushed her ear, his warm breath leaving her craving more.

"I win."

And with that he was gone, hat back upon his head. Running her fingers along her lips she smirked.

'That's what you think, tomorrow it'll be your cane.'