Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem, I only own Jeikobu, Yushi is an OC made by my friend. This will apply to all chapters because I don't want to write this every time.

In the capital of Golda, a young dragon laguz was pestering King Deghinsea "but father, why can't I learn sword play?" This was Jeikobu, son of the king and his white dragon mate, "because it is a beorc way of fighting and I will not have you tarnish our races good name." Jeikobu was both a black and white dragon, and had the potential to change into both forms, but he was still to young to change at all. "I don't care, shouldn't we be trying to strengthen the bond that you and the beast king are trying to form with beorc, besides, it seems like they are useful tools." "For the last time, NO! We shall only use our alternate forms for defending our lands." Jeikobu glares at his father before stomping out of the castle grounds before disappearing from the land for many years.

In the countryside in Gallia, the second eldest child out of 4 was having an argument with her parents. "Why can't I learn how to use a lance?" Yushi was a young cat laguz who had an odd fascination with the use of lances "we are laguz, show some pride in who you are!" "But King Caineghis said that we should become friends with the beorc, what better way than to show interest in their fighting style?" "THE AWNSER IS NO! Show some pride, we shall no sink so low as to even try a fighting style used by the humans!" Her eyes began to tear up a bit before running out of the house shouting "I HATE YOU ALL!" "She should be back in a couple of hours" says her father, not knowing that this time, his daughter wouldn't be back for several years. (AN: Jeikobu and Yushi are about 9 years old, Jeikobu is older by a couple of months)