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Life of a mercenary

Jeikobu's PoV

I was resting after our latest mission when Boyd had left after Mist who had yet to return with the commander. After training for a while I had decided to begin forming my own style rather than coping the commander's, Ike however chose to use his father's style and was still technically a trainee. After an hour or so Boyd came back slightly scratched up with a sour expression on his face, Ike must have hurt his ego, closely following him was a laughing Mist and Ike and Greil all with smiles on their faces while Ike had an air of power around him. I chose this moment to make my presence known "It appears that the trainee is finally ready for work, it looks like you did a number on Boyd here." Boyd scoffed, "It was just a stroke of luck."

"Hmm, I wouldn't call that luck, it looks more like skill to me." I love to point it out when Boyd looses, it's so easy to get him worked up. "SHUT UP! WHO GETS MORE KILLS HUH!" I smirked "I'll give you that one, but who needs more healing from Rhys, also who needs more rescuing from Oscar." Boyd just glared at me while everyone else laughed and the commander shook his head at the argument in a way a parent would to two arguing kids, well, not much difference, we are friends, and commander Greil is a parent, but whatever. I hopped out of the tree I was resting in and followed the group back to base.

The next morning Titania came out from a meeting with the commander over our duties for the day when Titania gathered all of us in the mess hall. "All right, Shinon, Gatrie, you two are with Greil today, Oscar, Boyd and Ike, you three are with me. Jeikobu, I normally would take you with me but this is a light mission and Greil wants Ike to learn the ropes to being a mercenary so can you stay here and keep an eye on Rolf, Mist, and Rhys?" "Sure thing, and are you sure nothing is going on between you and the commander, you seem to be the only one who calls him by name directly." I smirk at the light blush on Titania's face. "Nothing is going on between us, besides, Shinon and Gatrie call Greil by name too." "Yes but they both call him commander Greil, you are the only one who just calls him by name, you should just admit it and forgo any further embarrassment." Everyone starts laughing and I smile before getting the blunt side of an axe slammed painfully down on my head, now I understand what Shinon meant by 'hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath'. "JUST DO YOUR JOB" Titania shouts at me before stomping out followed by Ike, Boyd, and Oscar.

Shinon helps me up with a smile on his face "nice job kid, I see my attitude is rubbing off on you a little bit." "What can I say, its just fun to annoy people, but it can be a little painful at times." "Yea, that didn't look like the most pleasant thing in the world, anyway, Gatrie, we better head out, you know how the commander treats tardiness" "Got it, I wonder if there will be any cute girls on today's missions?" Shinon sighs "Well, good luck today Jeikobu, don't have to much 'fun' while we are gone." "Whatever, don't act like Boyd out there, Rhys has enough trouble as is." "Don't insult me like that." "This is to troublesome, just get a couple kills for me out there." "Got it, see you later." Shinon and Gatrie leave to join the commander while Mist and Rolf run towards the living quarters to play while I go outside to rest in the tree outside the mess hall.

The day was fairly uneventful, Rhys was getting better from the fever he had been suffering from, Rolf was secretly practicing archery, and Mist was cooking the dinner for tonight when everyone would return. Everyone was successful and was joking over dinner; I had snuck some mistletoe over the commander and Titania which caused Shinon to burst out laughing while Gatrie was choking and Mist was giggling while everyone else looked confused till Greil looked up and saw the reason before everyone else noticed and I smirked. Titania glared at me before Boyd and Ike conveniently bumped her and the commander together causing Shinon to nearly pass out and Gatrie had to drink some water to be able to breath a tiny bit. Soon after this event however, Titania had broken the kiss and chose to smack Ike and Boyd before setting her sights on me, I chose that moment to artfully get into the tree outside the mess hall and sleep there for the night.

The next morning, before sunrise, commander Greil woke me up and requested that I keep an eye on things, he felt that something was wrong and that Ike at the others would need some help while him, Shinon, and Gatrie were gone. It was odd when I woke up a couple hours after sunrise, I couldn't hear Rolf's bow twang, and I couldn't smell Mist's cooking, something was wrong. That was when Titania was on her horse franticly galloping out of the base. I quickly made my way over to Ike, Boyd, Oscar, and Rhys to learn that bandits had kidnapped Mist and Rolf. I chose to follow with Oscar and Rhys when Ike and Boyd rand off. When we all arrived near the bandits gathering point they refused to let the children go if Titania wasn't with us so a fight began. Ike was doing fairly good, and Boyd wasn't getting himself killed, so I chose that moment to take on a couple bandits (Jeikobu's basic stance is similar to Riku's stance in Kingdom Hearts 1). One charged me but I stabbed him before dodging out of the way of his falling corpse before narrowly dodging the other ones axe and slashing downwards quickly killing the bandit.

Near the end of the battle Titania came and helped with the rest of the bandits. As we approached the cabin I saw a flicker of red hair in the trees to the east and chose that moment to duck out to join Shinon. As soon as the bandit had been killed we jumped out while Boyd looked at me before looking behind himself confused before realizing that I knew what was going to happen ahead of time. When we returned to base the commander thanked me before dragging Ike and the others into the meeting area of the base to chew them out for disobeying orders. Soon after I learned that Titania was taking Ike, Shinon, and Gatrie out to take care of some pirates while the commander stayed at base, I decided to join them and see what happens.

After taking care of some of the Pirates we got closer to the ship to notice an injured pegasus knight fighting off some pirates. We cleared a path and Ike ran up to help her out and I quietly followed and managed to catch her saying that Ike was handsome and to not forget her before they noticed me and both blushed before Marcia took off and Ike glared and muttered "not a word" while I just smirked before killing a pirate while Ike killed the lead pirate. I quickly sneak to Shinon and tell him what happened between Ike and the pegasus knight causing him to smirk before we call it a day.

As we return to base I hear that Soren is back from the capitol, which seems like some good news to me, I can finally have an intelligent conversation with someone my own age, mind you, Shinon is fun to talk to but I wouldn't call conversations with him 'intelligent'. I soon hear the disturbing news about the invasion from Daein into Crimea. Ike was sent out with the entire group minus Mist and Rolf, the commander then gave Mist a sword and told her to bring it to Ike before telling me to walk with him a bit before he took off. "Jeikobu, I fear that we may have to be involved in more than just normal mercenary work soon, so I would like to give you this sword and request that should I be unable to look after Ike and Mist could you help them as much as possible?" I just looked at the intricate sword that commander Greil held out to me, the hilt looked like two dragons back to back, one side had rubies for the eyes while the other had sapphires, the sword was pitch black and slim. As I picked it up it was incredibly light and easy to wield, I quickly sheathe it at my side before knelling. "I swear that I will do my best to help Ike and Mist survive should something happen to you, may I ask the name of this sword?" "That is the Merciless, may it serve you well. While we are all gone can you keep an eye on Mist and Rolf?" I smirk before nodding "You got it commander."

Commander Greil came back after a couple hours and soon after that the rest of the group came back but they were accompanied by a green haired woman who was reviled to be the princess of Crimea. Soon after discussing what to do with her a small faction of the Daein army attacked trying to kill us and get the princess but we quickly thwarted their attempt before we chose to escort Elincia to Gallia and try to avoid the war.

As we headed south Shinon was describing Laguz to Ike as 'being ugly as sin' and 'all hair and fangs' when I decided to intervene "Well Shinon, you know not all laguz are 'ugly as sin' as you pointed out during that one mission that I was turning out to be quite the looker to the teenaged female population of the village that we helped out." "Don't turn my words agenst me brat!" "But you do that yourself, I just point out your mistakes" Shinon is about to respond when the commander got him and Gatrie to help out in providing a distraction so that we could cross into Gallia easier. After a short fight at the border we separated from the princess, Mist, and Rolf to look for the commander, Gatrie, and Shinon, before we were discovered by Daein in a small fort before Ike met a young woman named Mia when I joined their conversation. "It seems like the number of women that could be in a harem for you is growing Ike" "Just shut up and fight!" Soon after this the commander helped us out when we were ambushed by the main enemy general and someone known as, the Black Knight. We soon took refuge in another fort just inside Gallia's border before Ike followed his father out into the woods.