It was a normal, sunny(as far as it gets if it's always night) and quiet day in the Castle That Never Was and Zexion was as happy as an emo can get. For the first time in weeks he had been out of his refuge, the library. Due to his current status of short term memory loss, he couldn't remember why he had locked himself up in there in the first place but since it has been weeks, whatever it was, it would be over by now. So he walked around the extremely quiet and unusual empty corridors of the castle. His innocent whistling stopped for a second. It was quiet. Too quiet. Where was ever-



"ROXAS! You idiot! Get the hell off me!" Zexion shouted at the blond.

"Sorry Zexy"He replied with his innocent childish voice.

"And stop calling me that!"

"Sorry Zexy...on"

The cloaked schemer gave him an evil glare. He rubbed his head. The collision reminded him of something but it wouldn't pop up. It had something to do with Roxas, he was sure. Wait, was that a skateboard?! This could only mean...

"TO THE LIBRARY!" Zexion shouted out, pointed in it's direction and ran off, leaving a traumatized Roxas alone. But not all alone. He still had his skateboard. He pulled out a blue Popsicle and started licking it happily. He jumped on his skateboard and took off as well only in the opposite direction. After he finished and threw the stick at a random person that he just passed, he gained some more speed, oblivious of the angry shouts at his back. Faster. Faster. FASTER. He was close to his maximum speed limit until a certain and very unfortunate red head set foot out of the the kitchen door which Roxas headed for.







The teenager picked up his skateboard and then helped up his friend. Axel crooked and held his side.

"Aww, man, I think you broke some of my ribs"

"Sorry Axy" Was Roxas reply in his childish voice again. Axel shuffled the blonds hair. A sign of forgiveness. Excellent...

"Go outside, you can't hurt anyone there"

"But I need to practice to manage corners and the corridors are perfect!" Roxas showed him his cute puppy face and pouted. Axel couldn't resist it. Actually, no one could. Roxas was the cutest little bastard in the universe.

"I'm not asking you as a father, but as a friend" The pyromaniac grinned. His short friend gazed at him but was soon off again on his skateboard. Axel turned back inside the kitchen.

"Changed my mind, I'm goin' for Xigbar!" He shouted and threw some coins at Luxord, who was, obviously, taking bets.

"Aww, poor Roxas. Now he has no one going for him." He said with a frown but greedily taking the money. Demyx, who sat opposite to Luxord turned to him and as hyper as he was he jumping in his chair.

"Doesitstartnow? Doesitstartnow? Doesitstartnow?"

"No Demyx, it's still 47 minutes to it. Axel, I thought the kid meant the world to you, why sudden change of mind?" Luxord continued over Demyx's cries.

"Well, uh, despite the fact that he just broke my ribs 'cause he doesn't know how to steer the damn thing, Xigbar's got a higher chance of winning"

"Still, don't you feel guilty? C'mon, Axel, he's your best friend!"

Axel stopped for a second. What did he do? He just back stabbed his little blue eyed angel! How could he?! He looked at Luxord who was observing his reaction. Wait a minute...

"What are, my conscience? Stop playin' with my mind you bastard!" And with that he stormed out the kitchen. Luxord chuckled evilly and turned to Larxene who just entered the kitchen with a confused stare.

"What's up with pyro over there?"

"Nothing you wanna know about. You wanna bet for Roxas or Xigbar?"

"I'm not gonna loose any munny to you! I'm not going for anyone"

"Aww, but you like the kid so much, you should root for him!"


"I just figured 'cause you're sort of glued onto him like Axel."


"Then why hang with him all the time?"

The blond hesitated. How the hell did she get herself into this?!

"Luxord, the kid's just... a kid! He needs the care of..."

"A mother?"

Larxene looked at the gambler with a death glare. She couldn't even think about her being a mother to that rotten punk. No, Roxas only needed a little female guidance in her eyes. But NOT a mother!

"I'm outta here"

"Sooner or later, you gotta face the truth, Larxene!" Luxord shouted after her. She hurried through the corridors, not necessary heading somewhere. She was sunk so deep in thought, she even missed Axel passing by, who was...running?!





Speaking, uh, thinking, of the devil himself, Roxas was, once again, speeding on his skateboard, heading directly at Larxene. Lucky for her, he did some sort of triple-awesome stunt and landed right in front of her. She stared at the kid.


"Hey Larxy! Sorry that I ditched you this morning but I had to train, the contest starts in about 30 minutes!"

Unfortunately for her, Axel was listening.

"What?!" He said as calm as he could, twitching badly. Larxene turned bright red. Roxas didn't seem to mind much so he told the story. Well, half of it. The embarrassing half of it.

"Oh, hey Axy! Larxy just stayed the night with me 'cause she had bad dream."

Half of Axel was furious, the other was cracking itself. Larxene had a bad dream and slept with Roxas?! That was too much for the poor red head. He ran away crying, not sure if it was of laughter or of hurt. Roxas pulled out another one of his blue Popsicles. And another one for Larxene. She looked at it skeptical as if she was unsure if the teen hadn't poisoned it but decided it was safe to take it.

"So, Larxy, you gonna root for me?" The short blond asked.

"Of course, short shit! You got no one else"

Roxas showed his frowning puppy face again. So irresistibly cute, Larxene just wanted to hug the poor thing but stopped herself in the last second.

"What do you mean I got no one else?"

"Well, uh, every one thinks you'll loose. Even Axel bat against you"

Roxas smiled at her and hugged her. "But I still got you" he muttered into her breasts. Yes, the guy was so short, every time he hugged her, his head was in her breasts. Larxene only just noticed that.


She pushed him away, turning red again. Puppy dog eyes. And frown.

"Aww, Roxy, I didn't mean that! Please don't hate me!"

But Roxas turned away and ran off with his skateboard. Larxene shouted after him, begging him to come back. The blond didn't stop until he was outside. He had about 15 minutes left. He should get to the stadium specially build for this monthly event. In the locker room was Demyx, waiting for him. Demyx was an essential part of these games, so he was aloud in there.

"Why are you waiting here? I was told every one was against me"

"I'mnotagainstyouRoxas! I'mneutral!"

Roxas looked at the hyperactive dirty blond skeptical.

"Did you had coffee this morning Demmy?"


"Just be sure you don't accidentally give Xiggy an advantage"


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