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Roxas changed into his skater outfit which resembled his normal black and white outfit he wore in Twilight Town. Demyx stared at his friends bare chest when he changed shirts. Roxas didn't notice. Well, he did, but he didn't care much. Every one just seemed to love his chest. He sometimes wondered why Xemnas (coughMansexcough) called it Organization XIII and not Organization Gay People. Then again, he'd get his answer straight away: first, he WASN'T gay, and second, it would be unfair to Larxene. He went out into the stadium, Demyx following eagerly. Xigbar wasn't there yet but he saw almost all organization members on the stands. Cheering, but not much. Roxas went over to his ceremonial skateboard specially constructed for this contest. It was black and white, his colors, evenly shaped and perfectly balanced. He'd already have married it if he could find a ring for 'her'. Well, he had already given her a name: Twilight. Although it wasn't a real name, it suited her and Roxas was overly joyed with it. He hugged and kissed her then put her down for a test ride. When he came back to the start line, Xigbar was waiting there with his surfboard. He grinned at the teen.

"Ready to loose another time, Rucksack?"

"This time you're the one who looses." He said grumpily back. True, Xigbar had been winning for the last 12 times straight but he could never make it to13. It was Roxas turn. And number. An obvious win. Besides, after the modifications he did on Twilight and the training every day, he's bound to win. Demyx was behind him, tuning his sitar. Roxas looked to the crowd. Every one was there, even Xemnas and Sai'x. Every one was holding signs and rooting for...Xigbar. Except Axel, Larxene and Namine. Larxene was just wearing his colors, Axel and Namine were fighting over the 'ROXAS ROX MY AS'-sign which one of them always brings. The blond sighed. He had nothing against Namine but she was starting to annoy him. Seriously, she stalked him everywhere! And now she moved in with the organization claiming to be a 14th member! And Axel... well, he has done some pretty weird things to Roxas... from luring him into his bedroom with sea-salt ice cream to tying him up on his own bed! That's pretty much the only reason to keep Larxene nearby...Back to the tournament! They were at the start line, waiting for Demyx' signal. Xigbar was sitting on his board in the canal filled with water next to the track on which Roxas will ride on. The man with the mullet stood up with the crowd cheering at his back. Demyx played the first note. Ready. The second. Set. The water was starting to build up. The third thundered. Literally because Larxene wanted to add some noise and drama. And Roxas was off, oblivious to the fact that Xigbar was already far ahead, riding the waves Demyx kept pulling up. Unlucky for the man with the eye patch, he looked back to see how his opponent was doing and missed a wave; he hit flat on the water, Roxas zooming past him. Don't get too cocky, this happens every time. Don't look back as you always did and then crashed into a wall...speaking of walls, right ahead was one. He had to take the ramp over the canal but Xigbar was catching up and by the time Roxas would get to the ramp to cross, Xigbar would be in his way. Either he had to slow down or speed up. He chose to speed up. Only he didn't really. Nevertheless, he did manage it over the ramp without crashing into Xigbar. Then he pwned gravity by riding horizontally on the wall, alongside Xigbar on his surfboard in the canal who had turned white when Roxas jumped past him, missing him by millimeters.

"Hey kid! Time to give up!"


"That's the end of the line there! Or rather, end of the wall!"

Sadly, Xigbar was right. There was another wall ahead and no ramp. Roxas would crash right into it. But hadn't he spent endless nights trying to figure out how to beat Xigbar? And lucky for him, he had a smart Larxene with him...The blond bended down and pressed a button on Twilight. The skateboard vibrated and then revealed...


"Is that even allowed?!"

Larxene turned to the stunned faces that looked at the gliding Roxas. She had an evil smile on her face.

"The rules never mentioned that you CAN'T put WINGS in it."

"Luxord! I changed my mind! Again... EVERYTHIN' ON ROXAS!"

"You can't change your mind in th middle of the race!"

"I just did! Deal with it!"

Luxord sat back grumpily. Axel was up and standing, cheering for Roxas while holding half of the sign he had brought earlier. He and Namine had ripped it in two, Axel had the part that spelled 'ROXAS' and Namine had the part that said "ROX MY AS'. Namine was shrieking even louder, deafening poor Marlurxia who had been sitting in front of her. Roxas was back on the original track, ahead of Xigbar by a meter or two. The finish line was only another thirty meters away. He was already seeing himself being carried on the shoulders of his superiors holding the trophy with his name on it for the first time... and he drifted off to dreamland and lost the race. Not really because that was what Xigbar was dreaming and he drifted off to dreamland and lost the race. So they both got to the line very slowly and it was a tie. Larxene jumped up, thunder striking every one around her.


"So that is why you didn't bet? You could have laid on a tie as well" Luxord said grumpy but still overjoyed because he just won every one's munny. They kept this discussion while Namine and Axel ran over to the still dreaming Roxas.

"Roxy! Oh my god, I was so worried when did all those stunts and... bla bla bla..." Namine kept babbling so Roxas turned to Axel.

"Did I win?"

"Uh, no, Roxas. It was a tie." He said to the frowning teen. Puppy dog eyes! But they were interrupted by Namine trying to kiss Roxas. He ducked and she went straight for Axel. Every one just went: O.O

"What he hell?"

"No. VIII (8)! No public affection! You know the rules!"

They slowly got away from each other. Axel spat on the ground, Namine followed suit.

"EUGH! Ok, I know I'm irresistibly hot but that just went over the boundaries!"

"WHAT?! You, hot?! As if!"

"Hey, that's my line!"

"You just can't stand not tasting me!"

"You're disgusting and I hate you!"

And that conversation went on for the rest of the day. Because the rest of the Organization was bored of listening to it they all turned back to the castle to have some dinner.

ROX MY AS was purposely misspelled. Just needed to say you don't get it,say it out loud, then you'll hear it.

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