"You look tired Ana." Yang smiled in the review mirror at the drained teenager riding in the back. They had just picked her up from her three hour appointment at the R&D facility.

"I am tired." She yawned.

Yang just nodded, leaving it at that. He could have asked why she was tired, and what she was doing with R&D, but that was all need to know. And he, apparently, had no need to know. However, he trusted the Captain's judgment so it didn't bother him all that much. It was just a passing curiosity.

Five minutes out and on the border of the warehouse district where the R&D facility was located, the hairs on the back of Yang's neck stood up. He didn't know why, but something was making him sit up straight and take note of his surroundings. Veronika and Vikowitz were in the trail vehicle today with Walker in the backseat with Ana in Yang's car. Price babysat the house.

The intersection was a double lane, with only four other cars present, two of which were around the detail. The white van next to Yang bore a logo proudly proclaiming high speed internet. At the back of the detail behind Veronika and Vik was a green land rover.

Wary, Yang flipped his turn signal on and waited for the light to change. That was when the van next to him gunned it and swept across the front of the Taurus, cutting them off. Behind the detail, the Land Rover slammed up against the rear of the trailing Taurus, pushing its bumper up against the back of the main car, causing the occupants to jostle in their seat belts.

"Ambush! Ambush!" Yang, Walker and Vikowitz exclaimed simultaneously over the radio.

Behind Yang, Walker pushed a screaming Ana to the floor and covered her with his body. As men began to emerge from the assailing vehicles, the former CIA commando drew his very American, very reliable, very powerful, custom Colt 1911.

The back of the van in front of Yang disgorged two men in white overalls and balaclavas. One of them carried a shotgun while the other held an MP-5 at the low-ready position. They moved quickly and efficiently, marking them as a couple of professionals. Yang had a feeling that shotgun was for breaching the armored passenger window.

"Contact front!"

"He's gonna breach the window!" Yang heard Vikowitz say, causing him to check his rearview mirror.

"Fucking hold still Ana!" Walker said behind Yang, as Ana panicked and tried to get out from under the big American.

"Sonofabitchomigodshitshitshit-" she started into Russian at that point.

At the rear of the detail, two more men, identical to the first pair hopped out of the SUV and were coming up on both sides of the trail vehicle.

"Contact rear!"

"Reverse! Reverse!"

Yang shifted into first gear and rammed the van ahead of him, pushing it forward a little. Behind him, Ana screamed at the sudden, violent movement. Further behind him, Veronika was reversing into the Land Rover, giving it a nudge that startled the two men who had just exited the vehicle. However, the Taurus couldn't push the Land Rover back as the enemy driver stepped on the gas.

Yang was still bouncing back in his seat belt when he put his car in reverse, ramming back against the second Taurus and causing the two gunmen attempting to breach the vehicle to once again back away. The combined engines of both Taurus' forced the blocking Land Rover back. The cursing in Polish and Russian confirmed that both his teammates were alive and pissed. Walker was repeatedly telling Yang to, "Go!"

"On me! On me!" Yang cried into the radio as cranked the wheel over to the left and shifted gears.

The Taurus lurched forward and into the rear of the front left tire of the Van. Yang kept his foot on the gas, slowly forcing his way along the bumper and out of the blockade. Behind him, the second Taurus followed, giving the van another good hit as it passed by, disabling the front left wheel of the enemy vehicle.

Yang tore down the street, watching as the gunmen began to pile back into their vehicles to give chase. Behind him, Walker alerted Yang to the arrival of more cars, as a Honda and a Saturn came in off side streets just behind Vik and Veronika.

The four cars raced after one another towards the freeway, elevated on its concrete supports in the distance. A check in the mirror told Yang that this was getting out of hand, seeing the Land Rover way back behind them and resuming the chase. Yang needed to even the odds a little.

"Car two, break right and stop!" Yang said, and the trail car pulled aside to give Yang a clear shot at the civic.

"Brace yourselves!" He yanked the emergency break and stopped the Ford dead in its tracks. The Civic couldn't stop in time, and smashed directly into the rear of the Taurus with the wrenching sound of tearing metal, throwing the heavy Ford forward a few feet and leaving the front of the Civic in ruins, steam curling from under the crushed hood. Yang was thrown forward in his seatbelt and Walker bounced off the back of Yang's chair. Ana was able to sit up for a moment, curing hysterically in Russian until Walker wrestled her back under his body. Shaken, Yang stole a look in his rearview and saw the damage he'd done to the Honda.

He was confident he had taken the Honda out of the race, but the Subaru was still in the game. It flew past the crash site and made a screeching 180 degree turn about seventy feet ahead of them. Just as it was about to head back their way, Vikowitz and Veronika opened fire from behind the cover of their doors, having parked along the right hand side of the street with their MP5k's blazing.

"Go! We'll keep 'um pinned down!" Vikowitz said between bursts.

Sparks and splinters flew off the Subaru, causing the occupants to hunker down as Yang switched gears again, tearing the rear of the Taurus out of the mangled Civic's engine compartment. Veronika and Vikowitz ceased fire as Yang gunned across their line of sight, opening fire on the Subaru immediately afterwards to keep it pinned down.

Yang's racing heart was torn between his duty and the abandonment of his teammates. However, he knew he had to accomplish the mission, so said a small prayer for Vik and Veronika and pushed the pedal even harder to the floor. Another Land Rover joined the first as both came in behind Yang when he passed the next intersection.

"Shit, Yang we got another on our tail!"

"What the fuck is going on?!…" Ana said from under Walker's bulk.

Yang confirmed the presence of the new brown SUV behind them, cursing as he shifted gears and brought the Taurus to a gallop. Glancing around for other threats, he saw a sedan speeding on the street parallel to their right, keeping time with the Taurus. As Yang hit the T-section ahead, banking the Taurus around the honking, screeching truck to his left, he realized he was about to fall into a trap.

The road Yang was on would take him to a corner street. That street connected with the one the sedan was on. The cars behind Yang were herding him directly towards that turn.

"Son of a bitch…"

Yang gritted his teeth and willed the car to go faster, hoping to reach the turn before the other vehicle. He saw the corner ahead and saw, through the gaps in the fence around the warehouse at this corner, that the other car was racing to cut him off. In fact, it looked like it was going to ram them…

Yang didn't even hesitate.

"Hang on!" He warned as he hit the turn at the same time as the other vehicle.

Yang could actually see the faces in the sedan as it bore down on the side of the Taurus, both figures in the front seat braced for impact. Yang shifted and yanked the emergency brake while cranking the wheel to the right. The Taurus pivoted on its front just past the Sedan, its tail end twisting away, barely clearing the front of the Sedan like a matador's flag. The other vehicle attempted to turn, but the Land Rover had gotten overzealous, slowing in preparation for the trap but not enough to stop it from colliding with the other vehicle as the trap failed.

The two attacking vehicles came together in a catastrophic crash, the Land Rover's rear wheels leaving the ground a moment as the Sedan flipped on its side away from the SUV, the rear actually bouncing off the back of Yang's Taurus as it sailed into the corner of the street, getting hung up on a fence. The last Land Rover managed to come to a halt, its brakes smoking as it pulled up just short of its disabled twin.

Without bothering to check what was happening, Yang gave the Taurus a kick in the rear, the sound of his tires reminding the functional Land Rover's occupants that they were still in a chase. Behind Yang, Walker managed to stop being impressed enough by the young Corporal's driving skills to alert him to this fact.

"Still one left!"

Yang confirmed this in his mirror, weaving in and out of the next cross street in a feint. The Land Rover was too far back to fall for it. It would seem they were wary of Yang pulling another swoop and stop. Yang considered his options. The freeway was the safe zone, he had a feeling the other vehicle wouldn't dare chase them so openly. He knew he that from his current location, there was only one on ramp in close proximity. However, whoever their opponents were, they had the resources to field a rather large force to come after them. Did they have enough manpower left to set up a blockade at the ramp?

Yang decided to gamble on the idea that the enemy had run out of bodies, and took his next left. As he slowed into the turned, the Land Rover slowed as well, reaching the light as Yang made the other street. As he did, he hit the grenade button on the console. The two grenades fell to the street one in front and one behind. Yang heard the front bounce against the undercarriage of the vehicle as he drove over it. Two seconds later, both grenades exploded in clouds of white smoke.

The instant smoke screen took the Land Rover off guard. The smoke was already thinning when the SUV broke through, the two occupants finding them selves driving alongside the slowing Taurus. With lightning reflexes, Yang braked and turned into the other vehicle. He timed the pit maneuver perfectly. Catching the SUV in the rear side as it passed, causing it to turn perpendicular to the Taurus, smashing its flank across the ford's bumper. Yang stepped on the gas again, his speed barely wavering as he pushed the SUV along the front of his car.

He could see the panicked expressions on the faces of the occupants as he stomped on the brakes, letting the SUV slide off and flip over onto its side, skidding the remaining feet between it and the light post, wrapping itself about the hard pole in a spectacular fashion.

Yang drove off as if nothing had happened, viewing the freeway on-ramp ahead. It was clear of any vehicles.

"Veronika and Vik are being jammed." He pointed out. Walker nodded.

"I figured as much." Radio jamming had been ineffective due to both the superior nature of Mithril equipment and the team's proximity to one another. However, with distance between the two teams, long range communication was no longer possible. Walker and Yang could only hope that their teammates were alright.

"They wanted Ana alive, they didn't fire a shot the whole time. They were professional's too, they knew what they were doing." Yang pointed out again.

"Yeah, we're in deep shit. Something big is going down, that was a lot of guys for a clandestine operation. They wanted her bad. I'll give Price a call, tell him to bug out, then call my bosses and tell them we need to Evac, now."

"Can you not talk about me like I'm not here?!" Ana shouted, puffing angrily as she muscled her way out from under Walker.

"Sorry." The two men said at the same time.

"…What happened back there? Why are they after me?!" Her voice and figure was shaking, and Yang wanted to comfort her but Walker did it for him.

"Shh, its okay. Calm down, everything is gonna be alright Ana." Walker put his pistol away, reaching out to pull Ana into his arms. She resisted at first, tears in her eyes as she started to come down from the adrenaline. She was gonna crash hard, Yang saw.

"Wh...where's Vik and Veronika? Where are they?..." She asked.

"They're fine, they'll meet us at the rendezvous point. We're gonna get you someplace safe and then we're all gonna meet up and get out of here alright?" He stroked her head, holding her tight as her trembling increased.

Yang swallowed as he heard her crack in the back seat and began to sob loudly in Walker's chest. Yang's heart went out to her, his emotions making it a little hard to concentrate on the job at hand.

"Walker…" He started, but Walker cut him off.

"I know, I'm taking care of it now…" The older man pulled out the satellite phone and dialed Price, still holding the crying Ana.

They hit the freeway and all was quiet but for Ana's sobbing and the passing of cars.

"Price isn't answering…" Walker said, and both Operators met each other's gaze in the mirror. It didn't need to be said. They had hit the house while the team was away.

Price was dead.