Okay, Im thinking this new detective, Lake, is pretty cool. And I just had this awesome thought, but I want to know if you guys would like to see me go through with it. Let me know... :D I will reveal the woman at the end of this chapter... good luck seeing if you could guess...

Detective Lake could say he had a rough day. Then again, every day was rough in the Manhattan 1-6 SVU squadron. He literally almost got blown up on one of his first cases working as Fin Tutuola's partner. He didn't admit to pain easily, but the bruising along his shoulder blade was difficult to deny.

He entered his new apartment, as he still adjusted to his new environment. Manhattan was an adjustment, though both Brooklyn and Manhattan were both considered New York City to most people. Chester needed to catch his breath and hope that this recent case didn't plague his thoughts tonight.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist from behind. He groaned from the familiarity and relaxed in her embrace. As her lips pressed against his neck, his hand ran up and down her arm. "Baby," he whispered as she teased him from lack of sight.

"You need to take a shower. I'd offer to join you, but I have a surprise for you when you get out."

"I'll hurry," he groaned as he moved to turn and see her.

"No, wait and shower. Then I am yours." And within that instant she removed herself from their embrace and hid before he could see her.

Chester took what felt like the shortest shower of his life. He got the essentials down, the body wash, the shampoo. Once he was rinsed off, he grabbed a towel from the sink she left and wrapped it around his waist.

As he entered his room, he was surprised to find his candles lit and her lying naked waiting for him. She nibbled her lip, teasing him and soon smirked when she saw his physical reaction. "You want me," she stated more than asked.

"You know I do," he said moving closer to her. He stood before her, taking in her heavenly glow upon his dark bed. Moving upward from her feet, past her feminine mound, her flat stomach, perky breasts, he got lost in those eyes he fell for so damn easily.

She felt herself heating up as his gaze examined her so intensely. Instead of showing his effect on her, she grabbed him by his towel and pulled him on top of her. "Come get me, baby," she whispered hotly against his ear.

Their mouths met in a heated fashion as Lake's inhibitions were released. The wetness remaining on his skin provided a new level of friction they both enjoyed. She wanted to feel all of him, removing the towel quickly and bucked toward him, wanting more and fast.

Something is wrong he thought to himself as she pressed for him so much. He liked this new side to her sexuality, but wondered what sparked it.

"Don't think," she moaned. "Just fuck me."


"Please," she groaned.

Her plea was answered as his hand found her clitoris. She released a surprised yelp and he couldn't help but laugh slightly at her shock. "Baby, you're so good," she moaned as his fingers controlled her lower body just right.

Knowing he was quickly becoming the dominate lover, she moved her arm to his dresser drawer to find his box of condoms. She took one and ripped the wrapper with her teeth. She took it and made sure to pinch the tip. There would be no way she would get pregnant any time soon. Too much of her life at the moment depended on her independence.

As she covered his shaft with the familiar latex, he mouth moved to her breasts, pleasuring them in ways she had only experienced with him. Her head fell back against his pillows, her body up in flames. "Chess... I don't... wait..."

He stopped, his eyes hooded with the cloak of desire and peppered kisses up her chest until he finally met her lips. "What's wrong baby?"

"I want you inside me when I come," she moaned as he playfully bit her collar bone. "Don't leave a hickey because I don't want to answer any questions."

Knowing to ask his newest question in a moment, he entered her suddenly, smirking at the shock found in her face. Instead of taking control, he rolled their bodies over, her straddled above him. "Chess?"

"Ride me, cowgirl," he demanded with desire as he bucked up and playfully spanked her.

Suddenly nervous, she knew she wanted to please him. "Guide me," she whispered, her young sexual history coming into light.

Lake moved his hands to her hips and lifted her body up and down his shaft. Groaning, he responded, "Like this baby. Go with it."

She pressed her hands against his chest as her need for release was stampeding against her. Her hair fell over her shoulders and her breasts swayed in front of his face. He took pleasure with witnessing her own pleasure, moving his hand back to her clit.

"Im close," she gasped.

"Thats okay. Go with it."


"Yeah, me too," he groaned.

She rode him to her brinking point and was pleasantly surprised when he released a guttural moan and lost control within her. With his release, she yelped and moaned as hers took over.

After her body's pleasure based spasms, she rolled off his tired and wet body as he spooned her form.

As his mind met back with his current reality, he ran his fingers through her blonde locks and kissed her warm skin. "He doesn't know about us?" he whispered.

"Im a grown woman, I don't need his permission," she whispered in reply, moving closer to his embrace.


"Just hold me." She felt him nod behind her and found comfort in his arms. "You are enjoying this, right?" she asked.

He smiled against her skin and kissed her neck compassionately. "Yes, baby. I like this a lot. I just wish you were comfortable with us to let others know."

"And I will, soon."

"Your father-"

"He works with you. That doesn't need to be a factor in our relationship."

"I don't want to be a secret," he whispered, admitting one of his silent thoughts.

Her heart filled with guilt as she turned to meet his gaze. She kissed his lips softly and ran her hand against his new stubble. "Soon, okay? We'll tell him soon. I don't want to hurt you."

"Shh..." he hushed her, kissing her softly. "Let's just sleep on it, okay?"

She nodded and rested her head against his chest, knowing this is the safest place Maureen Stabler has ever been.