Don't just stand there

come close to me

I've decided

you're all I need

We've been wanting a reason

this could be a good situation

maybe tonight

we'll throw us in

Every time you touch your skin to mine

I can't take it

I know how you'll want to feel tonight

Let's fly baby

Don't start talking

Keep movin' on

This was always what we were in it for

Every time you touch your skin to mine

I can't take it

I know how you'll want to feel tonight

Let's fly baby

Maureen stood in the shower, the hot droplets coating her skin like a second skin. She pressed her hands to the tile, letting the force of the water fall upon her head, drowning her of all sounds other that the rain. Bob Hartay played through the shower radio and her thoughts went straight to her lover. She longed for his arms to wrap around her waist and his soul to pound into her with intensity and momentum. Her skin grew flush with desire as she imagined his fingers claiming her from her sticky core and his mouth claimed her neck.

As if by magic or a supernatural connection, he pulled her by the waist and inserted her upon him from behind. She moaned loudly as her head fell back against his shoulder. "You found me," she gasped, staring at his dark profile.

"I found you," he moaned as he continued to bounce her above him. "Reen-"

"Shhh..." she whispered as she pivoted to face him. His face twisted in desire as her movements startled him. "I know what you need."

She removed herself from him, his reluctance apparent in his growl. She smirked up at him as she kneeled between his thighs. "How long do you have?"

"35 tops."

Without warning, she licked up his shaft, his hands clutching her hair in reflex. Maureen rubbed small circles on his inner thighs as she filled her mouth with him, sucking as she went down. His moans were her signal that she was doing it right. When she felt he was close, she removed herself and blew against him, him twitching in delight.

"I want you, Reen," he moaned as she created a hickey against his inner thigh.

"You're mine, cowboy," she smirked as she moved to finish her job.

Within moments, he came within her and was surprised she handled it so beautifully. Once she licked up his juices, she grabbed a small body sponge with his favorite scent and began rubbing it against his body, refreshing him.

He pulled her up to meet his gaze and he kissed her deeply. "Reen..."

"What happened, baby?" she asked, staring into his brown orbs.

"Just... Just like you..." he swallowed and looked away from her.

"Hey," she turned his head to meet her gaze and she placed a quiet kiss against his lips. "Im here. Right beside you. And I... I wouldn't be the same person if you weren't in my life."

"Do you want to know, what happened to her?" he asked.

"Not if you aren't ready to talk about it."

Her phone startled their silence. She gave him a quick kiss and said, "Rinse off. Say goodbye before you leave."

He nodded and stood to drown in thoughts in her.

When Maureen reached her phone, she flipped it open answering, "Maureen Stabler speaking."

"Hey baby girl."

"Daddy!" she yelped, noting her compromising position, thanking the Lord her father wasn't there to comment. "Everything okay?"

"I.. I just wanted to hear your voice." he said, sitting upon the locker bench in the locker room.

"Why? Are you okay? Is Liv okay?"

"Yeah, Im fine, Olivia is fine, too, baby girl. Im just working a tough case and I thought of you."

"I know."

"You know?" he asked in confusion.

Recovering quickly, she got out, "Well why else would you call me?" She silently breathed in a sigh of relief.

"Really now? Have I become that unreliable?" he asked, smirk evident in his voice.

She laughed, climbing into bed and replied, "Oh yes, you left me to be a latch key child!"

His laugh made her smile but was quickly distracted when her boyfriend walked through dripping wet in only a towel hanging low on his waist. He stretched as he rummaged through their belongings finding a good outfit for the job. His fluid muscles sent Maureen's mind spinning as she moaned out of instinct.

"Maureen, are you there? Are you getting sick?"

Shit! she thought to herself as she stuttered for a reply. "Umm... yeah Dad, Im fine!" Chester looked at her and laughed silently, noting her embarrassed blush. "Dad, I have been fighting a bug for a couple weeks now. I think Im going to see a doctor tomorrow."

"Okay, well let me know how it goes, okay? I love you baby girl."

"Love you too, dad." Shutting her phone and looking toward the door, she yelled, "Hey you! Come in here and kiss me goodbye!"

Ches came in laughing stating, "So, am I an illness?"

Smirking she replied, "The Love Bug."

"Haha..." he leaned down and pressed his lips quickly to hers. "In all seriousness, are you okay?"

"I've woken up nauseated for a couple of weeks, but I think its just stress."

"Just for protection, I want you to get it checked out, okay?"


"Please," he said, nibbling behind her ear.

"You're cheating," she moaned with a laugh escaping her lips.

"Is it working?" he said meeting her bright blue eyes. "You are so beautiful."

"I'll go," she whispered. "Now go, or Cragen will have your ass and Munch will never let it down."

"You should come by the station. Just to check in on your dad." He smiled as he headed toward the door.

"Be careful!" she yelled out to him.

"For you!" he called back as he left his- their- apartment.

Elliot walked down the stairs from the crib and was saddened to see Munch attaching a second victim on the crime board. "Jenna MacNolan. 28. Brown eyes gouged and fed to what appears to be a dog. Raped, sodomized and fourth digit sliced off. Dead at least 72 hours."

Olivia... is where is thoughts took him. He turned and rushed to the roof to find her staring out into the city.

She turned when she felt his presence but was surprised when she felt him against her in an intimate embrace. "El?" she asked into his shirt.

"I need you to get off this case."

"I won't do that. Emily deserves justice!"

"You can't! You can't avenge her now."


"Not when Jenna's eyes were just like yours!" he yelled in a tired effect.

"What?" she said meeting his cloudy stare. "There's a second victim?"

He turned away from her at this point and she stepped toward him. "Oh El..."

"Benson, Stabler, we need you downstairs," Lake said opening the roof door. "Oh, Im sorry for interrupting."

"Its fine," Elliot said finding his voice. "We'll be down in a sec."

When he left, Olivia grabbed his hand and daringly pressed his knuckles to her lips. "Come tonight. We'll talk."

He nodded and followed her path to catch their newest bastard.

She opened the drawer beside her bedside and took out the taunting box... EPT First Response Pregnancy Now! Taking a deep breath, Maureen removed the instrument from the box and ventured to the bathroom on a mission for clarification.