Omnitrix Wars

Chapter 1: A New Weapon

It is in the midst of the Clone Wars, and the likes of General Grevious and the likes of Count Dooku were getting quite desperate. So they had a meeting with all the high-ranking members of the rebelling Confederacy to which a hologram of the likes of Darth Sidious appeared.

"Why have you all called me?" asked Darth Sidious.

"My lord, we are in a desperate situation here" replied Count Dooku as he bowed toward his master, "we're losing ground against the forces of the Republic."

"Do you have any information on a weapon that we can use against our foes?" asked General Grevious.

"There is perhaps one sort of device that can possibly aid the likes of the Confederacy" said Darth Sidious as an holographic image of the likes of the Omnitrix appeared in the center of the table, "even my days as an apprentice, I have heard of the likes of the powers of the Omnitrix. It is perhaps one of the most powerful weapons there could ever be."

"And where do you suppose we go and find this Omnitrix?" asked Count Dooku.

"Some of the Confederacy's probes have detected the likes of the Omnitrix in the very, very fair regions of the outer rim territories" replied Darth Sidious, "I believe the likes of an alien being known as Vilgax was trying to track it down for his own use. It was last seen over the likes of a certain blue planet in the outer rim."

"So who's going to go bat for us and retrieve this Omnitrix?" asked Count Dooku as he began to glare at members of the Confederacy.

"I believe I am the most suited for the job" replied General Grevious as he stood up, "that Omnitrix is the key to our victory and it should be tracked down by a general like me! There is perhaps no intelligent being in this universe that can stop me."

The scene then switches to the likes of a certain Ben Tennyson, where Ben was prepared to play a prank on the likes of Gwen to which was doing various chores around the trailer.

"Time for a little fun" said Ben as he began to change the various aliens he had on the Omnitrix to the right one he wanted to change into.

Ben then switches the alien of his choice to the likes of Upgrade to which Gwen was using a vacuum cleaner around the trailer. As Gwen rested after cleaning up the place, Ben then used Upgrade's powers to take control of the vacuum and then instead reversed the process of the vacuum making the entire room dirty again.

"Ben!" cried Gwen as she noticed that Ben had used upgrade to take control of the vacuum she once used, "You jerk, now I have to clean everything up again!"

"Sorry" said Ben as he stopped taking control of the vacuum and appeared as Upgrade, "I couldn't resist."

"Look, grandpa wants this place cleaned up" said Gwen, "and now you have made a mess of it."

"Hey, why don't I try to help out" said Ben as he noticed an electric fan plugged in.

"No way, you're not going to do what I think you are" said Gwen as Ben prepared to walk over the electric fan.

Ben then immediately took control of the electric fan, and in spite of its mere small size, Ben had managed to increase the wind power of the fan, scattering dirt all over the trailer itself to which Gwen could hear Ben laughing while he was still in his Upgrade form.

"What the heck is going on here?" asked Grandpa Max who came into the scene.

"Ben's messing up everything!" complained Gwen.

"Ben" said Grandpa Max in a strict mood as Ben finally stopped taking control of the electric fan that was plugged in.

"Oh come on grandpa, I was just having some fun" replied Ben to which the Omnitrix began to time out and Ben changed back into his normal human self.

"Sorry Ben" said Grandpa Max as he gave Ben a broom, "you'll have to clean up this mess you created manually."

"This isn't fair!" cried Ben as he protested cleaning up the trailer.

"That's what you get for your so-called pranks" laughed Gwen as Grandpa Max allowed her to leave the scene while Max continued to watch his grandson clean his trailer.

Meanwhile, in the likes of outer space, a strange shuttle of some sort was making its way closer to the blue planet in the outer rim known only to its inhabitants as Earth.

"Excellent" said General Grevious as he was with at least of three squads of battle droids with him, "we're approaching the planet where the likes of the Omnitrix was said to have last been scene."

"Shall we land sir?" asked a commanding battle droid.

"Yes" replied General Grevious, "but land in an area where these inhabitants won't know where to look for us."

"Roger, roger" added the commanding battle droid as ti began to pilot the likes of the shuttle down to the blue planet.

While that was happening a certain strange starfighter of some sort from the likes of the Republic piloted by Mace Windu was doing the usual routine patrol of the area when he spotted the likes of the Confederate shuttle.

"Hmm, that's odd" said Mace as he noticed the Confederate shuttle heading down to the blue planet, "why would a Confederate shuttle want to head to a non-strategic planet during a time of war?"

Mace Windu then decided it was time to check it out for the likes of himself as he began to slowly follow the likes of the Confederate shuttle not knowing that he has gotten himself into a much larger problem. Meanwhile, after the likes of Ben Tennyson had just finished cleaning up the trailer he had dirty up in a prank with Gwen, both him along with Gwen and Grandpa Max got right back on the road.

"Ah, there's nothing like the old out doors to get you going" said Grandpa Max as he was at his usual spot on the wheel.

"So what's on today's business?" asked Gwen.

"Hmm, I'm getting these very strange readings" replied Grandpa Max as the inner comm of various Plumbers were calling in on a weird shuttle landing, "this looks serious, I think we better check it out."

But as the likes of Grandpa Max was changing directions to where the concern was located, they didn't know that a galactic war was being waged to which the likes of the Omnitrix would soon play a role in it.