Chapter 2: Unwanted Encounter

As the likes of the Tennyson party was about to investigate the likes of a certain strange shuttle landing, the likes of General Grevious along with a few battle droids were not far away as they were setting up camp.

"Is everything setup?" asked General Grevious to a battle droid commander.

"Good" replied General Grevious as he then began to notice the trailer carrying the Tennyson party coming right up to the Confederacy shuttle, "I think I might need a few droids to come with me. We have some unwanted company."

Meanwhile, back at the shuttle, the likes of Grandpa Max had just parked the trailer right next to the likes of the Confederacy shuttle.

"Just what sort of ship is this?" asked Gwen as she noticed the unfamiliar markings of the ship.

"I have come along a lot of strange spaceships in my day back while I was in the Plumbers" replied Grandpa Max as he noticed the symbol of the Confederacy on it, "but I haven't seen a strange symbol like this."

"But just who was the ones who landed this ship in the first place?" asked Ben.

"Uh, I think we're just about to find out" cried Gwen as she noticed the likes of General Grevious which a small squad of droids with him.

"Time to go hero" said Ben as he began choose which alien he wanted to turn into on his Omnitrix.

"Ben wait!" cried Grandpa Max as Ben was choosing the alien in question, "We don't know what we're up against!"

But Ben ignored his grandpa's warning as he switched to the likes of Heatblast and then instantly changed right into the alien in question.

"It's time to send these droids to the scrap heap" said Ben as he finally transformed into Heatblast.

While the likes of General Grevious and the few droids with him were getting closer to their shuttle, the likes of Ben in his Heatblast came right into the scene. The droids were about to fire their weapons at Ben to which General Grevious gave the signal to halt the action.

"My, my, what a strange creature you are" said General Grevious as he began to walk toward the likes of Ben, then he noticed the symbol of the Omnitrix on Ben in his Heatblast form, "and I think we may have found our target we have been looking for."

"You're not going to get this Omnitrix if that's what you're talking about" said Ben as he then used Heatblast's powers and fired several fireballs at the droids who were trying to ready their weapons but only turned them into pieces.

"You must be really enjoying this" said General Grevious as the general was readying his four hands ready to take some of the lightsabers he had won as "trophies" from his belt, "but I am going to give you the fight of your life until you surrender to the likes of me and hand over the Omnitrix of yours."

"Bring it on then" said Ben.

General Grevious then took out at least three of the lightsabers in his belt and began to attempt to slash at Ben while still in his Heatblast form. Ben responded by firing another fireball at General Grevious to which the general dodged the attack and the fireball only hits some of the droids that were coming to his aid.

"Resistance is pointless!" laughed General Grevious as he kept on swinging the lightsabers around, "And when that Omnitrix is removed from the likes of you, the Confederacy shall have the power of every alien being at its disposal to crush the Republic once and for all!"

"Look" said Ben as he was dodging the swinging lightsabers by General Grevious, "I don't even know what you're talking about, but if you want to use the Omnitrix for your own purposes, that's out of the question."

Ben then fired another fireball at the likes of General Grevious sending him flying across the ground and nearly hitting a large rock just inches away. The general quickly recovered from the attack and then began to charge at Ben to which Ben then fired some flames right in front of General Grevious preventing him from crossing the path. The flames were too intense for the likes of the general to even leap over to which then gave Ben the chance to fire more of the flames on the ground to which prevented General Grevious from calling in further backup from the remaining droids.

"Uh oh" said Ben as he notice the Omnitrix was going in the red, "I better get the heck out of here."

As Ben quickly left the scene to head back to where Grandpa Max and Gwen were located, the remaining droids were busy trying to put out the fire with General Grevious surveying the sort of damage that had already been done.

"What's the sort of damage?" asked General Grevious to a droid commander.

"Only minor droid casualties" replied the droid commander, "we have also received word of a strange trailer at the shuttle and leaving the scene."

"If the Omnitrix is certainly on whoever is in that vehicle" said General Grevious, "I want that person brought before the leadership of the Confederacy and the Omnitrix removed by whatever means possible."

Meanwhile, back at the trailer, Grandpa Max and Gwen were quite worried when Ben finally arrived.

"Ben, where were you?" asked Gwen, "You could have gotten hurt."

"You don't know how far you have gotten yourself into a major galactic conflict" added Grandpa Max.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Ben.

"Look, all I am glad is that you're safe" replied Grandpa Max as he then instructed Gwen and Ben to get back into the trailer, "but we have to leave this scene before whoever owns that shuttle comes back."

"I don't think they are going to want to mess with the likes of me after I gave them a taste of Heatblast" added Ben.

"Sorry" said Grandpa Max, "but I don't want you to face the likes of that strange creature and those robots ever again, you understand?"

"Yea, yea" replied Ben as he got onto his seat and secretly crossed his fingers behind his back.

While the likes of Grandpa Max then began to head off away from the strange shuttle, the likes of Mace Windu who had landed not far away had secretly leaped right onto the trailer in question as a means to follow the Tennyson party. Something also inside the likes of Grandpa Max told himself that perhaps the ones who landed the strange shuttle would likely follow them until they have acquired the likes of the Omnitrix once and for all.