Chapter 4: Reinforcements Arrive

While Mace Windu continued to fight General Grevious as best as he could, the Omnitrix began to turn green ready for Ben to go hero.

"Now it's time to show this creep who he's dealing with" said Ben as he was changing the Omnitrix to Diamonhead.

"Ben, are you deaf?!" cried Gwen as she was still beside Grandpa Max who was still unconscious from the battle with General Grevious, "This Mace Windu said to not get involved."

"Sorry, can't hear you, going hero" replied Ben as he changed to the symbol of Diamondhead on the Omnitrix and began to turn into the alien in question.

While Ben was changing into Diamonhead, General Grevious was having quite an easy time with fighting Mace Windu.

"Face it Jedi" said General Grevious as blades of two of his lightsabers clashed with Mace's, "even on a primitive planet such as this, I am able to defeat you and when I do, your lightsaber as part of my trophies."

"That's what you think" said a voice behind the general.

As Grevious turned around, he was shocked to see that Ben had changed himself into Diamonhead.

"I said don't get involved!" cried Mace.

"Sorry, but it's just my nature" said Ben as he charged at General Grevious.

Ben then attempted to charge right at Grevious to which he managed to leap right over Ben.

"This is quite an odd creature you have turned into child" said General Grevious as he was readying to wield his lightsabers at Ben, "I have never seen such a creature like this, it is thought that this diamond-like creature was said to be extinct but when the Confederacy removes the Omnitrix from you child, I shall acquire this creature as a weapon against the Republic."

"Not a chance" said Ben as he readied two shaped large swords straight from his hands and began to race toward the general.

Grevious' lightsabers clashed with the diamond-shaped swords that Ben had created with Diamonhead's powers. The lightsabers that Grevious was carrying couldn't even break the diamond-like swords at all which gave Ben the upper hand in the battle. Ben then used the strength he had and managed to push Grevious away and then began to fire shards of diamonds at Grevious to which he had to dodge.

"Can it do that?" asked Mace as he walked beside Ben who was still shooting at Grevious.

"Yea, I guess so" replied Ben.

"You think you are so smart with all of those aliens you can literally wield" said General Grevious as he managed to leap right into the shadows making Ben unable to attack him.

"If you have so many of those fancy swords in your belt" said Ben as he began to walk into the shadows of the warehouse to follow General Grevious, "why not use them to the full extent?"

"Maybe I will" said General Grevious as a large box came flying right at Ben to which the rope had been cut by Grevious himself.

The large box smacks Ben sending him flying across the floor and right against the wall. As Ben managed to slowly recover from the attack, he noticed General Grevious' feet wielding at least three lightsabers.

"I'm going to get the Omnitrix to be used by the Confederacy" said General Grevious as he began to slash the lightsabers at Ben to which he quickly leaped out of the way.

"You're going to have to do better than that" said Ben as he then charged toward Grevious and gave the general a good punch right in the face sending the general flying only a few inches away but quickly recovering from the attack.

"Impressive" said General Grevious as he cracked a few bones positioning themselves back into order as he flexed out his neck, "this diamond-creature would make a wonderful addition to the armies of the Confederacy."

"Ha, you can't even touch me even with all of those fancy swords you have there" laughed Ben, "how are you going to bring me down?"

"I'm glad you asked that question" said General Grevious as he signaled at least three droidekas to roll right into the scene and signaled them to attack Ben.

The droidekas then began to fire at Ben to which Ben attempted to fire some diamond shards at the three droidekas but instead their shields protected them.

"I believe I have everything I need here to take you down and bring the Omnitrix to the Confederacy" laughed General Grevious as to which Ben began to head even further into the shadows of the abandon warehouse to which Grevious signaled the droidekas to follow him, "find him but make sure he lives so that I can apprehend the boy."

"I got to think of some sort of plan to get around this" said Ben to himself as he was hiding behind a corner as the droidekas were just rolling around the entire warehouse to which Ben then noticed that they were weak in this mode, "hmm, maybe I have something here after all."

As one droideka began to just simply obey its commands and roll through one corner, Ben suddenly surprised the droideka and dug Diamonhead's glass hand right into the droid to which Ben then leaped out of the way as it exploded into pieces.

"Cool" said Ben as he observed the explosion which was short lived as it alerted the two other droidekas which then rolled right into the scene and produced shields and began to fire at Ben, "uh oh, better get the heck out of here."

The two droidekas then stopped firing and began to roll to follow Ben. But instead, the two droidekas then reached a fork in the road of two paths in the warehouse where Ben might have run off to. So the two droidekas took their separate ways. As one of the droidekas headed down a path full of boxes, Ben who was on top of the boxes leaped right down at the droideka and began to fire Diamonhead's shards at the droideka destroying it.

"Two down and one to go" said Ben as he observed the wreckage.

The last droideka never knew what happened to its comrade as it was still down a very long pathway in the warehouse. This gave Ben quite enough time to head over into that direction and immediately surprised the droideka when Ben fired more of Diamonhead's shards the droideka destroying it for good.

"Alright, all three of those droids are down for good" said Ben to which he unfortunately noticed the Omnitrix was in the red about to time out.

"Just in the nick of time" said General Grevious as he leaped right into the scene to which Ben changed back into his normal human self.

"Uh, no hard feelings about mocking you?" asked Ben as sweat began to run down his forehead.

"Time to take that Omnitrix off of you" replied General Grevious as he picked Ben up from his shirt, "and once I get that off of you, the Confederacy shall have the galaxy's ultimate weapon!"

"Put me down!" cried Ben as he was trying to free himself which alerted Mace Windu, Gwen and also woke up Grandpa Max.

"Quick!" cried Mace as he woke Grandpa Max up and also alerted Gwen, "We have to get back to the vehicle you came in."