Chapter 5: Escaping Grevious' Grasp

It seemed as if the Confederacy was just about to acquire a new weapon in their arsenal which was only known as the Omnitrix. General Grevious had managed to carry poor Ben all the way back to the Confederacy shuttle where the general was greeted by several remaining battle droids and Confederate droids alike. Along with also the few droidekas remaining as part of the squad of droids that Grevious had taken along for the trip.

"Inform Count Dooku and his master Darth Sidious that we have the Omnitrix nearly in our grasp" said General Grevious to a battle droid commander.

"Roger, roger" replied the droid commander as it went right to the communications console of the shuttle.

"You won't get away with this!" cried Ben as he was thrown right into the shuttle by the general.

"Oh my dear boy" replied General Grevious as he kneeled down before Ben, "I already have what I need for the Confederacy to achieve it's victory against the Republic and once this Omnitrix of yours is removed, you can be departed back into this primitive excuse for a planet not even worthy of conquest of the Confederacy. Droids, take him to his prison cell and prepare for take off."

"Put me down!" cried Ben as he tried to struggle free from the two battle droids who had him chained in handcuffs.

While the Confederate shuttle was preparing to take off, the trailer to which was under the control of Mace Windu was approaching it at rapid speed.

"How fast can this vehicle of yours go?" asked Mace to Gwen who was still beside Grandpa Max who was still trying to recover from his ordeal with General Grevious.

"I'm not sure!" replied Gwen.

"Can this thing fly?" asked Mace as he was trying to search some buttons on the trailer's console with no luck in sight.

"I'm not sure" replied Gwen as she then noticed a button that her grandpa had pushed before that had created turbo boosters for the trailer, "I think that one might do it."

As Mace pressed the button in question, rocket boosters behind the trailer's back suddenly emerged to which Mace and Gwen began to hang onto anything solid in the trailer which began to sped them off in a very fast pace right toward the shuttle which was just about to take off.

"We're not going to make it!" cried Gwen.

"Oh yes we are!" replied Mace as he steered the trailer right through the shuttle's hangar which was just about to close but made it just in the nick of time.

"We made it!" cried Gwen with such a shock to which then turned into fear as she noticed that a few droidekas, Confederate and Federation battle droids were readying themselves to fight the intruders, "Uh, I think we got a problem on our hands."

"Leave that to me" said Mace as he began to ready his lightsaber and leaped right onto the trailer's roof, "I'll handle these droids, you try to get your grandpa up and find your cousin."

"Grandpa, get up" said Gwen as she managed to get Grandpa Max up.

"Where the heck are we?" asked Grandpa Max as he looked around in an unfamiliar setting.

"We're in the shuttle and it's taking off with Ben and us on it" replied Gwen.

"We have to get Ben back first" replied Grandpa Max as he took out some weapons from a compartment he had, "we're going to need these if we're going to stop these battle droids."

As Grandpa Max began to fight his way against the battle droids with the help from Mace Windu, the two battle droids who were still taking Ben to his cell were having trouble trying to keep him still.

"Put me down you two bucket of bolts!" cried Ben as he began to struggle, Ben's Omnitrix then began to go into the green to which was on the symbol of Cannon Bolt.

The two battle droids struggled with Ben in the effort to subdue him, Ben accidently fell to the floor and landed right on the Omnitrix changing himself by accident into Cannon Bolt and also freeing himself from the handcuffs that were put onto him.

"Alright!" laughed Ben, "Now I'm going to make you two wish you had never put on those handcuffs in the first place."

Ben then prepared to roll right into a bowling ball and charged right toward the two battle droids sending them each into pieces. This only sounded the alarm by General Grevious who was just about to head back into his quarters to tell Count Dooku and Darth Sidious the good news of him apprehending the being holding the Omnitrix.

"Such incompetence!" cried General Grevious as he raced into the scene of where he only found two destroyed battle droids with scraps of metal lying on the floor.

"How about a game of bowling for Grevious?" laughed a familiar voice behind General Grevious.

Suddenly as Grevious turned around, he noticed a strange creature that was shaped like a bowling ball coming right directly at him. Grevious did his best by dodging the creature by leaping over it to which he then noticed it was none other than Ben himself as he spotted the symbol of the Omnitrix as Ben stopped being in the ball form of Cannon Bolt as he turned around to implement the attack again.

"I'm going to make you also feel sorry that you called my planet primitive" added Ben to Grevious.

Ben then quickly rolled up into a ball and charged at Greviuos to which the general had no time to take out his lightsabers. Cannon Bolt's strong armor gave Grevious quite some trouble as it felt like one hundred warriors had given Grevious several punches sending him flying across the floor and knocking him unconscious. After Ben smiled to see Grevious unconscious, he then rolled off to find Gwen, Grandpa Max and also Mace Windu who were still struggling fighting off the various droids firing rapidly against them.

"There are too many of them!" cried Gwen.

"Tell me about it!" added Grandpa Max.

"I have been in more hot spots than this in this war alone" added Mace as he was using his lightsaber as best as he could to deflect the oncoming lasers.

It seemed as if the three in question were outnumbered, Ben came literally rolling into the scene taking down each Confederate and Federation battle droids alike along with a few droidekas that had remained.

"Just in the nick of time" said Grandpa Max as Ben's Omnitrix began to go into the red and time out.

"Come on, let's get back in the vehicle" said Mace, "there's still time for us to get off of this shuttle before it leaves the atmosphere."

"Well, here goes nothing" said Grandpa Max as he got into the driver's seat of the trailer and began to head toward the very part of the shuttle they had came threw.

The trailer once more used its rocket boosters from its back to escape the Confederate shuttle which had heavy damages. The vehicle then managed to land in a grassy area which was not just far from where the shuttle had just landed. While the Tennyson party and Mace Windu were prepared to go their separate ways, General Grevious had woke up from his ordeal to fine the shuttle in ruins and most of the droids that had been destroyed.

"I swear" said General Grevious to himself as the remaining droids began to clean up the mess, "I swear that if I am not going to be the one to get that Omnitrix, I'll ensure to instruct others to do so."

The scene then switches back to the grassy field of the Tennyson party and Mace Windu recovering from their ordeal.

"Is everybody okay?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Pretty much" replied Ben who had gone back into his human form.

"Well" said Mace as he began to leave the trailer, "I have to get back to the Republic. They must be wondering of why I haven't submitted my latest report."

"You go on and do that" said Grandpa Max to Mace, "we'll be fine right here."

"So what sort of conflict is this so-called Republic and Confederacy involved?" asked Ben.

"It's too complex even for someone like a Plumber such as myself" replied Grandpa Max, "and believe me, I have run into a lot of aliens in my days."

Once again, the scene switches to the damaged Confederate shuttle which had just left Earth's orbit and leaving the solar system for now. Grevious was then at the communications console reporting his failure to Count Dooku as a hologram of him appeared.

"Failure will not be tolerated general" said Count Dooku's hologram, "you have disappointed very much in acquiring the ultimate weapon."

"But we still have the plans for the Death Star as the alternative weapon of choice, right?" asked General Grevious.

"Yes" replied Count Dooku as his hologram was just about to fade out, "and oh please don't fowl up with this one like you did trying to acquire our first choice for the ultimate weapon?"

The scene then finally ends with the Confederate shuttle taking off into hyperspace leaving the small blue planet in the outer rime territories behind at least for now.