It was a misty twilight in the sordid site of Soluna City as the local pizzeria slowed to a halt.

A zesty rotund man with a large appetite was sweeping the floor with a broom in his mechanical hand. He was in an undeniably foul mood tonight – that rival The Rusty Rat was serving up customers quicker than John could order his employees around.

That meant business was booming, which gave him a bad feeling about competition around these new areas. And he was also worried about those latest crime sprees.

Just then a solitary spot of dirt caught his infrared bionic eye, John zoomed the lenses closer for a better look at the dust.

Yup, counters needed cleaning, the head employee noted as he saw the stray particles of grimy atoms becoming magnified in his sight. "You, delivery girl, you missed a spot here!" John ordered as his thunderous voice filled the empty Pizzeria.

The delivery girl in question was sweating as she mopped her forehead with her spare hand. Green locks of cropped hair obscured her vision as Parma inspected the remaining counters.

"Parma," Misako managed to whisper, "you do realize that crime sprees are increasing around Soluna. I was just thinking… I should get a pay-rise by now." Parma's eyebrows twitched in morbid exasperation, he leant closer to the sporty teenage girl.

"And what does that has to do with your part time job?" John stated in a silky and yet dangerous voice, the tempo of his voice was gradually rising.

The windows rattled in response as the pizzeria's clock chimed twice.

"Nothing, nothing." Misako retaliated, "I just thought you didn't know."

"Didn't know? You have been working here for at least all three weeks –

You want a raise? Misako, you don't know what you're asking for!"

His voice was low and menacing as Misako was oblivious to him.

"My golden mecha called Astern has been crushed several times by your rival; the ejector-seat no longer works anymore... I have been way behind in Energy weapon class; I have to pay Miss Tek for all repairs –"

"Plus I have to catch up with my friends Devi Whirl and Vixen at the same time. Therefore I need a raise… Please, Parma John." The eyes were calm.

There was a loud sound as Parma strode up to the young girl; his shadow was cast very long as he was walking.

The girl knew this was coming.

"I will not stand for this sort of talk from my other employees!" John announced as the rest of the other workers stopped to peer at the spectacle. Misako hung her head, but then her fist tightened in emotion.

Speech at that moment never came, instead the words were interrupted.

There was a sudden crash as the glassy door opened, it revealed a burly white-haired man with a beer-gut and leather clothes.

The man was tough and he had a tattoo emblazoned on his thick neck. He appeared fearsome and ironically, Parma John didn't seem to be afraid of gangsters.

"Yo, guys." The male rapped as Parma John stood at his full height.

The few customers that were seated were looking very incredulous.

They were thinking, this can't be happening in Mecharoni.

Ironically, it was.

"What do you want from us?" John demanded ferociously to the man as Misako hid behind the neon bright pizza-oven.

The oven was hot and it was still running on medium, she winced as she felt the sizzling heat.

"Word is that you're our target," said the sniper snidely as he revealed a state-of-the-art 340 Techno-Blaster eagerly.

"This is a major stick-up! Your money or your life, Parma John." the rustic gangster commanded, toying with his new weapon as if it was a trophy. The weapon caught the shimming light of the reflected oven and glinted wickedly.

The gangster grasped the turbo-charged gun precariously in his hands and cocked it as the deadly instrument searched for its target.

"You threaten me and I'll spray you with this tomato sauce." John replied indignantly, holding up his new pepperoni-shooter.

The customers meanwhile were disorientated as Misako watched behind the scenes.

"What's going on with this weird man?" whined some teenage customers, not realising the deadly seriousness of their current situations.

The sniper thwacked them both on the head and they groaned.

"We want a full refund from Parma John!" yelled the other customers.

The man laughed and his yellowing teeth were pale and unhealthy.

"Try me, Parma…!" the robber challenged John as he gave a single nod.

It was a signal for attack; at once three other men came crashing through the windows wielding energy weapons.

The energy from the sabres illuminated the lady behind the counter.

The woman's expression was one of dismay as she shielded herself from the dazzling light that the sabre had cast. Her single cyborg arm stood out.

"Heh," grinned the main gangster widely, "It looks we have hostages."

Dark-chocolate spruced hair was easily seen amongst the contrasting metal areas.

One of the ginger-haired men grabbed Maza Rella, the pizzeria's cashier as he awaited further instructions and pressed a stunner against her pale whitish neck.

The second man literally dragged Maza to her feet, straining heavily at the weight of the half-cyborg lady.

"Don't ya move," the sweaty hooded gangster barked at poor Maza, "otherwise ya a target for Ricky."

A loud schiiiing penetrated the room as the second person drew the energy-light sai from his spare hand.

The person seemed more youthful and masculine than the other gangsters.

His ginger-coloured hair was the highlight as his muscles ripped from his uniform, showing patches of light tan skin.

He would have been handsome, except for the ever penetrating scowl.

"All of you customers don't move a muscle," he ordered as Maza paled.

If any of the people in the Mecharoni had so much as twitched, the teenager would take care of those offenders, there was complete silence. Parma John was still sizing up the main gangster, who still muttered Soluna curses.

The first thing Misako did was make sure that she was still hidden; being secretive wasn't really on her mind right now, what with tension building.

Was that guy bluffing? He might have been.

The oven still poured out intense waves of heat as Misako started perspiring.

She was going to completely blow her cover - but she wouldn't allow this sort of dilemma to change whatever was happening.

It had been over five minutes and still nobody had moved so much as a single finger...

The boy's gaze shifted constantly, locking his eyes on each of the 'witnesses'.

He was daring them to move, challenging everyone…

Maza started to try and remove the boy's tenuous hold on her neck with her robotic arm, but the boy grappled with the victim's response.

"Firking Kelf!" swore the criminal in undefined Soluna language as Maza fell to her feet, she grabbed his arm.

He never knew this lady had such a strong grip, although it was possibly because of her cyborg arm which now pinned against him.

Pity, if only she was part of my gang… Then Soluna wouldn't be the same.

He smiled in mock adoration at Maza as she continued pressing harder,

"You sure got a great grip for such a Bonaire lassie." he complemented.

Maza momentarily relaxed her grip, the boy had complemented her? Of all people?

Without warning the teenager lost his hold on the sai and it dropped limply from his fingers.

The solitary ringing sound rang across the Pizzeria.

At once a firm and steady hand from near the oven grabbed the weapon and the boy looked wildly upon Misako, who emerged wary. His pupils became diluted in recognition as the delivery girl clumsily picked up his weapon.


"Huh?" gasped Bloghurl, a slimy green grub-alien, "She's the waitress?"

The green-haired University student spun across the room, finally landing in a finishing clumsy pose.

She held the small weapon as it hummed in her hand insistently.

"Hands off criminals," Misako always wanted to say that.

There was a ferocious roar as the remaining man of the gang went rabid.

The final man who had wild hair had started smashing all the chairs and tables.

Each time there was an awful crunching sound as he ground them into the floor. Thankfully, candles were still unlit.

More glass shattered onto the floor as the customers tried to avoid them with chaos and mayhem reigning.

"MIIINE!" screamed a very familiar voice…

There was a very long prolonged yell as the boy was suddenly released from the binds of Maza's slackened grip and then reached longingly for his stolen light sai…

Misako avoided his stray punch as the criminal grimaced in strained frustration.

His form crouched intensely before he leapt over the female, flipping gravity-defying somersaults as he aimed for her.

Possessively he turned upon the other people watching this aerobatic performances and struck them as if he didn't want people to watch this event. Instantly the male customers were floored as the criminal now focused on her.

"It's MINE, geddit? Lousy college Oeyken!" The teen snarled venomously at Misako before his entire form started glowing dark crimson. There was clearly a mana-aura building around his body. Clearly very dangerous, she must flee with caution.

Misako stepped back and the immoral youth snatched up a piece of jagged glass, it had shone with some sort of glee…

"Want a piece of this, pathetic Oeyken?" The youth asked fiercely as he jabbed without any conscience.

The girl screamed sharply as she felt its touch.

It seemed to happen in slow motion, first Misako saw the robber aim for her face. She felt agonising pain in the area near her right eye and then the razor-sharp glass grazed the scar, further rubbing his insult into the wound…

The boy slashed downwards, his movement was a strong powerful stroke.

Misako reacted by trying to push the perpetrator backwards. "Don't-!"

Blood began streaming, at first she didn't recognise the reddish liquid, but then she realised it was hers. It dripped onto the floor as Misako looked terrified of the boy. The customers gasped at the face as the main gangster smirked, forgetting his purpose for a moment as he robbed John's main cashier.

"Oh Lariat! Look what that fiend did to that poor waitress!"

"Call SPD to arrest them!" An unknown voice declared.

"What?! Delivery girl needs urgent medical help!"

A brown-coated detective pushed through the customers, reaching Misako. The female was startled; it was someone she had known forever from the Gears shuttle. His presence was familar.

"Detective Devi-Whirl!" she managed to say, recognising his wild hair.

"Misako?! What did that boy do to your eye?" he gasped in revulsion, "Oh Lariat."

"Tell me quickly, who did it?" Devi continued, looking upon the crowd.

"It was that kidnapper," Misako faltered out, Maza nodded insecurely.

"Shimei!" swore Devi in profound regret as Misako's right eye vision blurred then gave out momentarily.

Glossary of made up Soluna language: (quite fun)

Dardeni - To deny something/someone.
Firking/Firkin: An expression of horror.
Kelf - Equivalent to the word 'death'.

Shimei - Equivalent to swearing, something really shocking.
SPD - Soluna city Police Department

Oeyken - Soluna for girl or 'maid'

More words coming soon, any suggestions for them?