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Chapter 1

Danny lay up in his bed thinking of only one thing, HER. He had to admit, he didn't have the guts to ask her about anything.

"I got to stop thinking about her because I'll never have a chance with her." He sadly thought to himself. But then the sound of Tucker's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Danny, dude, are you okay?" he asked in a worried tone. Danny just looked up at him with sorrowful eyes. They both knew that the dance was only a few days away.

"Look, you need to ask her, 'cause if you don't-"he stopped abruptly when he saw Danny just looking t him, sadly.

"You know I can't Tucker." Danny said truthfully, "You know I'll never be able to ask her." Tucker just sat there with meaning full eyes. He knew how Danny felt.

"But why is it taking so long! You're both so clueless!" he thought angrily. Then Tucker had noticed that the radio was on and that Danny was quietly singing with it. The song was Danny's favorite, James Blunt, Your Beautiful.

You're beautiful, you're beautiful

You're beautiful it's true,

I saw your face,

In a crowded place…

He stopped and looked over at Tucker, who was staring at him.


"Dude, that was beautiful!"

Danny smiled only half way when an ice-chilling wisp of air escaped his mouth. The next thing he knew was a faint blue ring separating around his waist and making its way to the floor and his head. Leaving Danny Phantom in his place and disappeared through the floor, armed and ready.

But what Danny wasn't ready for was the intruder that had entered the basement. The ghost was Sam. When he laid his hand on her shoulder, she bolted out of the room in surprise with Danny on her trail.

When he caught up with her, she had gone into an alley lit by a fainting street lamp. Once more he had laid his hand on her shoulder only to be yanked out of her grasp.

Sam turned around only to be comforted by a familiar face. "Oh, it's only you Danny."

"What's wrong Sam?" he asked inquisitively. But she was only half listening to him. He tried again, but she never answered him, so he started to leave when he felt her grab his arm and turn him around.

"I'll tell you why." And she did. Only Danny was in too much shock to listen to her.

"And why did you do this?"

"Because I thought that if I were a halfa too, then you would notice me and then like me for who I was." She confessed to him. Then the next thing surprised him even more, she laid her head on his shoulder. But since he already felt sorry for her, laid his hand on her back to comfort her.

"Don't say things like that!" he said as he raised her head with his thumb.

"Why not?"

"Because…because I love…I mean like you the way you are." He said quickly to cover what he really meant.

"What did you say!" looking up at him?

"Oh… I accidentally said that I loved you." He confessed, rubbing the back of his neck looking down.

"And do you?"

Danny didn't know what to say at this moment for he was caught off guard. Did she really want to know how he felt or should he tell her what she wanted to hear?