This is specially dedicated to the girls in the City Hunter's Fan Club, who worked so hard with their fanfics to make us spend really wonderful time reading them.

Rating: Uhm… I think PG-13 or maybe 16 (hey, Ryo's around, what can you expect ).

Summary: Kaori and Ryo have a new client, a strange girl. This case is going to give a "little push" to their relationship.

Oh, and the title is based on the song with the same name, but the story has nothing to do with it.


Kaori was dragging herself along the street to Shinjuku station. It was a really hot morning of July and the sun fell merciless over the crowds of people walking in the town.

- Why it's always me who come to check the messages? For once I'd like to see him waking up early and walking here only to find nothing in the notice board. It's frustrating!

She was mumbling, but she knew why it was her and not him: because it was her job, and her responsibility sense wouldn't allow her not going, she was a hard-working woman.

She arrived to the station. It was 10.07 am. But hundreds of people were still running from one train to another or going inside or coming outside the station. Maybe she'd have done better waiting for going when there were less passengers, but when does it happen in a town like Tokyo? The subway is always plenty. Anyway, she had got used to it by the time. Suddenly, when she was just about to go down stairs, someone run over her.

- Hey!

- Oh, sorry madam.

- What?!

Kaori turned to face a young girl looking back at her. The girl had stood up and was prepared to follow her way, but Kaori stopped her.

- Hey, you, wait. What's that suppose to mean?

- What?

- Do you think that's how you should talk to me? What do you mean by 'madam'?

The girl looked at her puzzled. That woman was very strange, what was she talking about?

- I've already apologised and I'm being polite, what else do you want?

- How do you dare to call me 'madam'? What age do you think I am?

- Eh?

(Imagine the big dragonfly passing above the girl).

- Well, sorry…- she said, and left.

Kaori started walking but noticed that a knot of her shoe was loosen.

"Damn! It must have broken when I fell".

She headed for the toilet where she tried to mend it. Finally, she managed to fix it temporarily but that wasn't going to last very much. That girl was a rush. It was her fault. You simply can't run that way when there's so many people around. Kaori took her handbag and looked for a paper handkerchief. It was strange, she couldn't find her wallet. But she was sure she had pick it up before she had left the house, it was something reflex, she always checked her wallet and keys before leaving the house. Then, where can it be… Oh, no, it can't be, that girl? It had to have been her, when they crushed.

She went out of the toilet and slowly walked toward the message panel hopping the shoe wouldn't break again so soon making her fall in the middle of the crowd. Luckily, it seemed to stand firm. So, she approached the panel. She got closer. There were people around. It maybe meant a client. She saw someone writing on it. Someone short, at least shorter than her (well, in Japan it's not difficult to find someone shorter than you, Kaori, sorry honey NbA). Oh, no, was it a woman? Kaori couldn't see her face well enough. Then the man between them left. Kaori recognised her in shock.

- You!

The other one looked in her direction.

- Madam!

(Another dragonfly)

- I told you not to call me that!

- What do you want me to call you, obaa-san?

- Just shut up, little brat!

- What?! What did you just call me?! I'm not a little brat!

- You are a little brat and a thief too.

- What?!

Then Kaori turned her head and saw what the girl had just written. It was unfinished.

- "XYZ Please I need your help. I can pay". Ah? You're looking for City Hunter?

- Yes! How do you know it?

- How do you know the code. Kids are not supposed to know this kind of things.

- I'm not a kid! And what do you know about City Hunter?

Kaori pondered for a second whether she should tell her or not. She was a possible client, but she was a female one. On the other hand, she was definitely too young for Ryo, what age could she be, 14, 15 maybe? She seemed too young to have a real case, but she was a client, at last.

- I am City Hunter.

The girl stood astonished. She eventually found her breath.

- You're kidding.

- I'm serious, I am City Hunter!- she had to shout that in a whisper. She couldn't let the world know who City Hunter were.

- You? But I had learnt it was a man.

- That's my partner. We both are City Hunter.- She proudly declared, her cheeks blushing a little at the thought, remembering when Ryo finally admitted it.

The girl seemed to have understood, but looked a bit disappointed. "Hey!" Kaori thought for herself.

- Oh, I see.

Kaori sighed.

- Ok, come to my house. You can tell us all about it.- Kaori led the girl to the exit of the station. She seemed tired.- By the way, my name's Kaori.

- Ah, yoroshiku, my name is Nozomi, Nozomi Fuji.

- Tadaima, Ryo!- Kaori called from the front door, but there was no answer.- I bet that slacker hasn't woken up yet.

She made Nozomi enter the living-room and asked her to stay there while she went looking for Ryo.

- Please sit down here, I'll be back in a minute.

The young girl did so obediently.

"What a strange people. What kind of man is still in bed at this hour of the day? He probably got drunk and now he has a hangover. I don't know if I made a mistake by coming. Wonder if I can trust in him".

Kaori had went out the living-room and headed to the stairs to go to Ryo's room. She was cursing him for always being so lazy when she heard a sound from the bathroom. She had no time to go a step further when the curtain to the bathroom opened, revealing an overwhelming scene. Ryo was there, wet, and naked, from toe to head, just like his mother had brought him to this insane world. His eyes looking simply innocent and surprised, for a moment completely unaware of what was going in the rest of the house. He had sense no danger, so he had let himself enjoy a little relax in the shower.

Kaori gulped, took her breath, and shouted blushing like a tomato.

- Cover yourself, you pervert!

Her voice could be heard from the living-room, where Nozomi jumped on the sofa, seriously thinking of leaving the house immediately.

- Ryo, put your clothes on and come to the living-room. We have a guest.- She spoke from the other side of the curtains, still red.

- What? A guest? Who's that? Is it Miki-chan? Or Kazue-chan? Saeko? Reika-chan? Kasumi-chan, Kimiko-chan, Lisa-chan, Yukari-chan…?

- Stop that! It's none of them! She's our new client!

- What?! Client?! A she?!

- Yes.

- Wahoo! Coming, my baby!

Ryo run straight to the living-room with his best mokkori-style, opened the door and jumped over the sofa, only to realise in mid-air the girl who was sitting there. Too late, he was going to fall just over her, which was his first purpose, but not anymore. Disaster was in its way, getting closer and closer. Ryo finally landed, with the girl's foot against his face.

- Who are you?- she asked stunned looking both Kaori and Ryo.

- Who are you? That's not a nice way of treating someone in his own house!

- Wah! His own house?! Then you are…?

- Yes, he's Ryo Saeba and we are City Hunter. What can we help you?

- Eh? Wait a minute. Who said I accept this case?

- At least let her explain what's the matter.

- Mmh…

- Thank you. Please, I need your help. I think somebody's following me. I always feel like being observed when I walk in the streets, even when I stay at home, I have a strong feeling that someone's watching my every move from outside my window. Some nights I'm so scared that I can't sleep and I have nightmares about being killed. I'm so scared.- when she stopped she was trembling.

- Oh, no, poor girl.

- And how long is this happening?

- Eh? Well… two, two weeks, more or less.

- Two weeks… And they haven't done anything more than follow you? Haven't they approach you? Why didn't you go to the police?

- I know very well if I don't have any prove the police won't listen to me.

- Yeah, that's sad, but true.- Kaori was beginning to understand the girl.

- Ryo, I can pay you, I have money enough.

- You're too familiar, and too young to have what I want for compensation. I can't wait 10 years for you to pay.

- Ryo!

- Ah, yes, I've heard of that. But I'm not so young, and I can pay you.

- Nozomi-chan!

- Don't call me that, I'm not a child anymore! I am 16 years old! And I can pay you in money, of course!

- Ah? 16? I thought you were younger.

- I know… obaa-san.

- What?!

- It's a joke, it's a joke, Kaori-san.

- Don't play with your luck.

- 16 years old aren't enough. Kaori, take the job yourself if you want, I'm not interested.- Ryo said as he left the room.

- Well, Nozomi, I think it's better if you stay here for a few days. Call home and ask if you can.

- Ok, but I don't need anyone's permission.

- You'll sleep in my bedroom. I'll show it to you and then we can have lunch.

That afternoon Kaori decided to go out with Nozomi, so that she could check on her stalkers. Ryo hadn't make any comment about that. He only said them not to be too late for cooking dinner.

- I'll buy some things to prepare a good meal for our client.- Kaori said, trying to sound indifferent. Ryo didn't seem to be worried in the slightest way.

The two girls went for a walk. They paid a visit to a couple of shops. Nozomi really wasn't a child, Kaori realised that. On the contrary, she had an adult point of view about many things. Deep inside her she was a solitary person. Kaori thought that maybe she had gone through several sufferings in her short life. They hadn't talked too much. Kaori was always alert and ready to protect her client if they received any sort of attack. But she had notice nothing strange. It all was in order, just another normal afternoon in the big town.

They arrived in front of a supermarket and Kaori said something about buying Nozomi's favourite meal. The girl looked at her with guilty eyes and, before a little hesitation, she took something from her back pocket.

- Ah… Kaori…

- Yes?- she answered, though she could imagine what it was.

- Sorry. I didn't mean to steal it from you. I was going to return it.

Kaori looked at her wallet in her hands.

- Thank you. I knew I could trust you.

- Kaori…- Nozomi's eyes were beginning to get wet. She looked away, not wanting Kaori to witness her emotion. What a strange woman. She had stolen her wallet and now Kaori said thank you. Normal people would had taken her immediately to the police.

- I think I'll buy some sushi and fish and vegetables to make tempura. What do you think?

- Mh…- Nozomi nodded with a budding smile.

When they came back home, they found Ryo at the telephone.

- Ah? Really? I can't wait…

His face was that of a maniac babbling stupidly at the girl (it sure was a girl) in the other side of the line.

- Ryo!

He looked surprised at them and immediately said goodbye and hang the phone.

- I hope you weren't calling one of those hot numbers. They're too expensive and thanks to our enormous quantity of work- she made a pause- we can't pay that!

- Chigau, chigau, Kaori-chan. That was only a friend of mine.- Then, turning his face into a serious one- I don't need to make that kind of calls, I can have all the pretty women in this town saying beautiful things to their Ryo-chan whenever I want.

- Sure. I'll watch better our next phone bill. Now, take care of Nozomi while I prepare dinner.

- I'm not a baby.- she protested, but Kaori was already on her way to the kitchen.

- She won't listen.

Ryo and Nozomi sat down on the sofa. She was first speaking.

- So, Ryo. You two live together, don't you?

If Ryo had being drinking something he would have blown it all.

- We are work partners, that's why she lives here in my house.

- Oh, so she moved here. Then, you are living together.

- You make it sound like something that is not.

- But I think that you two do feel something for each other. You are a weird couple, you know.

- And you shouldn't meddle your nose in adults' affairs.

- So, you admit you two have an affair.

- That's not what I said.

- But you can't hide it. The way you look at each other. The way you pretend to feel annoyed… Ah, all is so romantic.

- Stop saying nonsense. You really have a big imagination.

- Wild too.

- You brat.

- You're not that young Ryo. You ought to think about your future and if you want to spend it with her by your side.

- How come that you know us so well all of a sudden?

- I have being all afternoon talking to her.

- Eh? And what did she say to you?- Ryo didn't know why but he began to feel unease.

- About her and you? Nothing. But I'm a very sympathetic person.

Ryo knew since that moment, that his nerves wouldn't be calmed again until that girl didn't leave their house.

- Kaori, you don't have to lend me your bed, I can sleep in the other mattress.

- No way, you're our guest.

Eventually, Nozomi took Kaori's bed, and Kaori set another mattress for herself. Kaori lent her one of her t-shirts and she put on another white light one with tiny shoulder straps. The days were hot, but the nights were warm too. They left opened the sliding glass in order to get some breeze.

- Ne, Kaori.

- Yes?

- Can I ask you something?

- Go.

- What… what kind of relationship do you and Ryo have?

- What?!- Kaori's cheeks got red.- Re-relationship? We're partners, work partners.

- I see. How long have you been working together?

- Seven years and four months.- Kaori said with dreamy eyes.

Nozomi stared at her, and for one minute they stayed in silence.

- How much you must love him…

- What?!- Kaori got out of her daydreaming, and with even more red cheeks she tried to denied it. But in the end couldn't convince Nozomi, she kept saying that between them there was something more than what they wanted to show.

Ryo had gone out before dinner. That, of course, had provoke another argument. He had said, deliberately looking at Nozomi, that he had a date.

Not much after the girls had fallen asleep, he entered home. Half an hour before, he was asleep too.

It was a quiet night. Silence filled the entire house. So, when a soft sound at the door could be heard, Ryo instantly woke and turned to face whoever who had come to his bedroom.

He sat in shock.

Kaori was there. She was sensually leaning on the door frame.

- Kaori…?- he could only managed.

She began to walk toward him until she reached the bed. She sat down, and Ryo sat upper in his position.

- Kaori…- he repeated. Her eyes were soft and tender.

Ryo couldn't help but look at her naked legs. He had to gulp. His heart was getting faster. He couldn't put his eyes off her. Her innocence was more infuriating than ten playboy bunny-dancers together. Slowly, she lift a hand to his hair-less chest. With an only, titillating movement, she guided her hand to his neck and face. He noticed that she was beginning to breath heavy. That was alarming because his own breath was matching hers. The light of the almost full moon playing with her smooth skin. His throat refused to speak. She drew the line of his jaw with her loving fingers, from his ears to his lips.

Ryo took her hand in his. He reluctantly put it apart from him and laid a sweet kiss on her palm.

- What happened?

Kaori looked at him like if not understanding.

- Ryo…

She closed her eyes and brought her other hand to her head. Ryo put his own free hand on her shoulder.

- Kaori, are you ok? Kaori.

She didn't answer. She began to make little cries.

- My head.

- What's the matter? Kaori!

Ryo held her. He was worried. Kaori moaned a little more, then fainted. Ryo looked at her for a few minutes to check if she was right. She seemed to have fallen asleep. He remained there, with Kaori in his arms. Later, he stood up, and took her to her room.

He made no sound, for he didn't want to wake Nozomi up. He placed Kaori on the mattress and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead before leaving the room. He closed the door silently, but he opened it again. If something strange happened he wanted to hear it. He pondered for an instant if it would be better not to leave her. No, she only walked in dreams, that's all.

Next morning, when Ryo woke, he felt relieved at the sounds from the kitchen, though he didn't completely relax. One hour later he heard Kaori by his door. He usually pretended to be asleep and tasted delighted the sensation of her watching him. Not that day. He had a dejavú when he turned to face her. Like last night, she had stopped by the door, and then slowly, she approached to the bed. Ryo gave her some space when she sat on the bed. He hadn't notice that she had being talking to him.

- Ryo, you awake? Are you ok?- She had come closer to him, and with a worried expression she put a hand on his forehead. The contact made Ryo feel a chill through his whole body. Why was he so sensitive to her now? His natural reaction was to lean away of her hand. Kaori noticed that, but she misunderstood the movement. She withdrew her hand, looked down to the floor and stood up. Ryo was faster and grasped her wrist before.

- Sorry.

What? Ryo apologising? Kaori felt embarrassed, this wasn't like him.

- Kaori, are you all right?

Ah?! He was worried about her! It must be him who wasn't all right!

- Yes… Em… Breakfast is ready.

She was about to ask if he was feeling well, but the situation was odd enough yet. Ryo said nothing more.

It was almost lunch time. They ate in silence. Nor Ryo neither Nozomi were in the mood of holding a real conversation, so Kaori kept quiet too. When they finished, Ryo asked Kaori for a coffee and went to the living-room.

- Why does he treat you as if he were your husband? Doesn't this bother you?- the girl asked curious.

- Well… It's not like that.

- But you cook and clean for him, don't you? What does he do for you in return?

- I don't do this things for getting something in return. You can't act that way if you expect to be happy in this life.

- People is always expecting things in return.

- You will grow a grumpy person if you think that way. There is still people with good heart, who help others for the simple pleasure of making them happy, who even risk their lives for one another's sake.

Nozomi couldn't find an answer for that. This two were more and more interesting for her by each passing minute.

They soon joined Ryo in the living room. He drank his coffee absent minded. Then looked at their young guest and said:

- Well, if you're going to be here for some days, I guess you'd want to go home and pick some of your things. Clothes and your teeth brush at least.

- I was going to propose it too. You'd feel more comfortable.- Kaori agreed.

- Ah…, yes, you're right. This afternoon I will go home and bring some things.

- Very well. I will go with you and help you. I'd like to talk to your parents too and make them sure that you're all right with us.

Ryo looked at Nozomi to see her reaction at that.

- My parents, no. I don't think that's a good idea. They… it's my mother, if she talks about the subject she will get more worried and she has a heart disease. She can't be perturbed.

- But if I talk to her she will feel more relieved.

- No, please, understand me.

- I can talk only to your father then.

- No, my mother will suspect, she's very smart. It's better if I go alone.

Ryo was still silent, just watching. Kaori was not going to let Nozomi to keep lying. Ryo felt proud of her when he realised that.

- What's the problem, Nozomi? Why do you really don't want us to see your parents?

The girl stayed sitting in the large sofa next to Kaori. She didn't say nothing, she was staring at the floor with persistence. It was visible that she was having real troubles in talking about it.

- I don't have any parents. They don't exist anymore… I became an orphan four years ago. Since then, I'm living with an aunt of my father. She's a old woman, half deaf and ill. There are a couple of women who help us in the house, but that's all. Nobody else takes care of me. Nobody… I'm alone.- she made a pause here, wiped a tear and finished.- I haven't told her about my stalker, I told her I was going to a friend's house for some days. I doubt she even cared about. That's why I don't want you to say anything.

-… But… she has to know that, what you feel…

- There's no use, Kaori.

-… Ok- she sighed- I'll respect your wish, this is what we'll do. I will drive you near your house, you take your luggage and we'll meet again one hour later, right?

- I don't need you to watch over me like if I were a baby. I can go by myself.

- No. What if the prowler tries to attack you while you're alone? Now it's my duty to keep you safe, and not because I considered you a baby, but because you're my client.

So, they made as Kaori said. They went by car until they arrived near the house. It was a flat in a noisy street of the town. But the building seemed expensive. Now that she thought of that, Nozomi's well manners indicated that she came from a wealthy family. She probably had always studied in good schools that had given her a good education, which couldn't be hidden by her sudden insolences no matter how she tried.

Kaori left her a couple of blocks before. They agreed in meeting there one hour later. Then Kaori headed to the near beach. Their apartment was too far for going back and coming again. She'd had spent all the time in the way. So, she decided to go for a walk.

The sand was still hot by the sun. She put off her shoes and began walking through the part of the beach less crowded, enjoying the water playing with her toes in the sea shore. The beach brought her a lot of memories. Of her childhood, when she came with her brother. Those were happy times. How much she missed them. Of her adolescence, when she came with her friends and they played and laugh all day, completely unconscious of the problems of the rest of the world. And the last years. They were full of memories about Ryo. She specially remembered that night, when she had been Cinderella and he had been her charming prince. Ryo had shown her then that he could be incredibly gentle and tender. How she wished they could go out together again like that evening. They had spent a wonderful time together. They were fine and happy together. Why couldn't Ryo see that? Sometimes, she wished to stop in front of him and show him. Don't be stupid, Kaori, you know you're as scared and hesitating as he is. But scared of what?

Time passed by. Kaori went back to the point where they had to meet. Nozomi soon appeared with a dark blue travel bag.

- Everything's ok?

- Yes.- she simply said.

Kaori didn't want to ask any further. She had left the car in a parking because there wasn't place to park it in that street. They went into it. It was dark, quiet and deserted. Nozomi was walking next to Kaori. Kaori didn't have to speak out loud when she said:

- Nozomi, walk faster, somebody's following us.

The girl tensed and refrained the urge of looking around and running to the car. Kaori could feel the presence behind them, it was a strange sensation. It wasn't a sound, it wasn't a smell, she could sense something evil, it was hidden somewhere among the cars and the pillars. She wasn't sure of how many they were. She walked faster, but before she could reach her car, they were assaulted from behind. One of them held Nozomi and the other took hold on Kaori's arms and covered her mouth. They brawled for a moment. But she was ready and alert. Somehow, she freed one arm and hit her attacker with her elbow. He moved backward a step and cursing, knocked her back. She fell. She touched her wounded face feeling it searing where he had hit her. The coward had severed her lower lip. The man was getting nearer again. This time she acted first taking out her gun. She pointed it to him. The man stopped surprised.

- Don't move!

Meanwhile, Nozomi was struggling with the other man. Kaori shouted.

- Let her go!

The man got distracted and Nozomi took advantage and kicked him between his legs. He knelt groaning. The girl ran toward Kaori, and she put Nozomi at her back, in a defencive way.

- What do you want from this girl?

Neither of them answered. They lifted their hands and quickly ran away using the cars as a shield.

- Hey, wait!- Kaori ran toward them but soon they were too far away.- Don't approach her again!

Nozomi was impressed. Her eyes had the look of a scared little rabbit. Kaori opened the car and let her rest a bit in the seat next to hers. It all had been so sudden.

- Do you feel all right?

The girl didn't answer immediately. It took some deep breaths and a couple of minutes to calm her down a little bit. She really seemed very disturbed by the attack.

Kaori drove back home in silence. She didn't go straight to the house, she made a detour, making sure they weren't followed.

When they arrived Kaori gave Nozomi an infusion with a sedative, and the girl went to have a rest in bed, without a word.

- What happened?- Ryo asked.

- The stalkers have shown.

-… Your lip's bleeding.

- I know, it's nothing.

She went to the toilet to get cooler and treat her lip. She splashed her face with water and washed better the cut. Ryo made another chamomile tea for her, and a coffee for him.

- Where was it, at her house?

- No, they followed us to the parking. They tried to catch us but when they saw my gun they ran away. They didn't carry any weapon, I think.

- Mmh, that's strange.

- Maybe they're only amateurs, or some sort of lolicon perverts.

- No, there's something more. Why do they follow her for two weeks, just watching, and they decide to attack now that she was with you, not alone?

- Anyway, I'm sure they didn't follow us. They don't know where she is. I think they were waiting for her in her house. For now she's safe here, but tomorrow I'll keep my eyes wide open. We should go back to her house and see what they do.

- We'll decide it tomorrow. Nozomi seems to be very anxious.

- Yes, this has been the first time they had really done something, she hadn't seen them before. They were two men, both tall. Dressed in dark suits. Now that I remember, I think that I perceived a slight smell of chloroform. I guess they wanted to drug us but didn't have the time.

Kaori stood up and cooked a fast dinner. Ryo stayed in the kitchen, watching her all the time. She hadn't noticed but that afternoon she had acted like a real professional. She had shown the instinct, and had followed it. Yes, she was finally becoming a good sweeper. It was true, she was the best partner he could ever wish. Brave and tender, energetic and sweet. He could trust her while working and also like a friend.

Nozomi said she wasn't hungry and Ryo and Kaori didn't talk too much, so dinner went calm, they didn't have much to fight about. Later, when Kaori went to bed, she brought their young client a sandwich and a glass of milk.

She thanked and ate it quickly. They were sitting in their respective beds. Kaori had already noticed that Nozomi had something to tell her.

- Ne, Kaori. Why are you so gentle with me?

- Because I like you. You're a good girl.- Kaori gave her a shiny smile. She really meant what she said.

- But, I didn't treat you very nice at the beginning, I even stole your wallet. And you cared about me in spite of it… What I want to tell you is… thank you, for you two, thank you very much… and sorry.

- For what?

- For lying you.

- Don't worry. Besides, at the end you told the truth.

- Yes…

- Hey, what's that face for? Cheer you up and don't think again of what happened today, we will protect you.- Kaori softened her expression.- Nothing's gonna harm you.

- Arigato…, Kaori-oneesan.

Kaori looked at her startled. Nozomi was laughing.

- Since I don't have a mother, you're the nearer to a sister for me.

- Nozomi…

- Now, let's have a talk like sisters. Let's talk about shopping and guys. Tell me about Ryo.

- Huh?! Ryo?! He's not worthy of talking about him. What about you, is there somebody?

- Well… It could be…- The girl's face started to redden.- I'm not sure, I like him very much, he's not like the other guys I have met, he's smart, funny, good at heart…, I like to be with him, and I think he likes it too. But… somehow, I think that our friendship will be in danger if we try to be something more.

- I see.

- Tell me, is it like that for Ryo and you?

- Eh?… Well… More or less. A few months ago I thought that he loved me as much as I do. But now… I think that we even don't know what we are afraid of.

- Oh…- Nozomi's interested eyes studied her, lost in her private world. Those eyes had a different shinning.

Ryo had went to bed, but he couldn't sleep well that night. He turned over on his bed and got entangled with the sheet in his legs again. It was hot. He woke up and took off his pants and t-shirt. Much better now. It could be 1 or 2 am. Outside the window, an incredible full moon could be seen. The moon was in Japan more beautiful than in any other part of the world. The room was filled with a magical light. Maybe they were right when they said that the Moon plays tricks with the living beings, with both animals and humans. And Ryo could be easily defined as a wild animal. Maybe it's true that the Moon livens up the most basic instincts in a man. The thing is Ryo couldn't sleep that night.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared by the door. Ryo's heart pounded hard in his chest even before he could fully see her. She was in that odd mood again. Her every movement betrayed it. She was feline and gently getting near the bed. Her eyes didn't go apart from his during her way to him. Then, she knelt on the mattress, at his feet. Ryo sat up and looked at her harshly. He didn't trust this situation at all. This sensual ways were not like Kaori. What was going on? She was wearing the same shirt of yesterday, as light and white as her panties. Ryo could see the top of her breasts while she came closer on all fours. His blood was already boiling when Kaori arrived by his side and bent forward to his neck. She laid a kiss on the burning flesh. Ryo grasped Kaori by her shoulders to stop her. She looked at him and tilted her head.

- What's the matter?… Don't you like it?

Her voice was so seducing that he, perplex, released the pressure on his hands. Kaori went closer again, and this time she trailed with kisses way down to his chest. Ryo closed his eyes for a moment, feeling his whole body trembling and reacting at her touch. The girl's lips on his skin sent shivers down his spine. It was unbearable, he could feel her desire, he was going to loose control at anytime.

- No, wait! Wait, Kaori, we can't…

- Why?- she asked taken aback- Why not?

This wasn't Kaori. It couldn't be. It was too much strange that she abruptly wanted to express her emotions in that way now. It's not that he didn't believe her able to express her emotions in that way, but Kaori was a woman who liked to do things properly, and this was absolutely not her style.

- Who are you? What have you done to my Kaori?

- What? It's me, Kaori… your partner… for life…- she had moved her face toward his. She moisten her lips with the tip of her tongue. The movement caught Ryo's attention. He nailed his eyes on the injury in her lips. Unexpectedly, he was yearning to lick it fiercely, to imprison her with his arms and never let her go.

His hands run through the smooth skin of her shoulders and neck to cup her face. They stared at each other for a long time. Eventually, Kaori broke the silence:

- Don't you want me…? Didn't you love me?… I do… I lo…

- Stop! Don't say it!- Ryo cut her.

He hated himself. She was suffering again. Her terribly sad face told it all. She buried her face in her hands, and quietly cried, ignoring Ryo. After a while, she slowly raised up and went to the door. Ryo remained on the bed looking at her.

She had only walked two steps when she stopped and staggered. Ryo, faster than the wind, took her before she collapsed. He brought her to his bed and laid her. He tried to wake her, but if this was sleep-walking, it was said it was better to let the person sleep in peace. So he made. He laid on the bed too, by her side, and protectively encircled her with his arms, determined to guard her for all night if it was necessary. This time, he wasn't going to leave her. Anyway, now he really couldn't sleep although he wanted to.

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