When Bloom's responsibility comes into action, she does whatever other people tell her to. But when an old friend comes back, will she realize all that she is missing out on?

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My castle on Sparx was in big trouble, according to what I heard the maids say before they yell at me. "Run, Princess Bloom, run!" that's all that my servants and helpers were saying. I didn't know what was going on, I just knew that I was supposed to keep on running. It was the night before my seventh birthday and I was supposed to have my birthday party tomorrow. This isn't what I was looking forward to. I started to think how the night started.

"Daddy, what are you doing here" I asked as my dad comes into my room, but I think it's to get me a gift. He has a little box with blue wrapping paper and a blue bow, blue's my favorite color. "What is it?" I asked. My daddy just smiled at me and told me to open it. When I opened it I saw a necklace with something on it. "What is it?" I asked again. My dad put it around my neck, smiled and said "it's a locket that belonged to your mother-" when I heard the word mother I cringed. She had died when I was little because she was really sick, well that's what my daddy told me. He looked at me again and gave me a hug and continued "she wanted you to have it, open it and see what happens."

I looked at it; it was gold and it had a pretty dragon on it. I opened it and I heard the lullaby that my older sister had sung to me when I was a little younger, before she too died because of a sickness. Inside there was a little piece of gold with a hatch on it. I tired to open that part but it wouldn't open.

My daddy laughed and said "that won't open till the time is right. But for now, I want you to promise me, carrot-" that's my daddy's nickname for me "that you will never take it off. Promise?" I looked at him, confused by what he said but I said yes because he always told me to do whatever an elder told you so.

I kept on running till my little legs couldn't run anymore. Give me a break, I'm only four! There was some black smoke everywhere. It looked like it was a blanket that was covering my castle. The taller people were coughing and coughing and one of them behind me just fell. Since I'm smaller, the smoke hasn't reached me yet but I know it will soon and I have to get out but I don't know where I am.

I start to cry when a hand comes and reaches for me. I look up and I see my best friend, Prince Sky. He was the prince of a planet call Eraklion, and his parents and my daddy were good friends so they always came here and I would always play with Sky. "Come on" he told me as he dragged me by my hand. He took me outside into one of the courtyards. We stopped because I needed to breathe something other than smoke. He dragged me over to the swing set that we used to play it. It was a gift from his parents to my older sister, Daphne, but then she got to big for it and me and Sky would play in it. I look up and gasp; my castle was in flames.

I start to cry really hard and Sky just stands there looking at me. Boys. There was a big boom and I look to see the wall were my bedroom was had just exploded.

"Why are they doing this?" Sky asked me as he took me toward the lake so we could escape the fire. I had no clue whatsoever, why would anyone want to hurt my family? I think back once again to what had happened.

All of a sudden, there was a blast from the hallway. My daddy and I look at each other and run over to see a big whole it the wall from the blast. Daddy called for the soldiers who were already on their way up here. My daddy told me to run into my room and hide in the secret room. This was a room that no one else knew about besides my daddy, me, and my daddy's advisor, Raul.

Raul told me that there was food and water in there so that if anything ever happen I should just stay there until my daddy or him come, and if they don't come in a few hours that I should go down a secret stairwell. He told me that was there since the Great Universe War. (A/N I just made that war up, kind of like World War 2 but the planets in the magical dimension.)

I went there and stayed there for what seemed like forever. Just when I was about to go down the stairs the outer part of the door opened and I knew my daddy was there coming to get me and tell me everything was all right. But when it fully opened, there was a young woman there. She was wearing a light purple outfit. I was scared so I tried to hide but she found me and gave me a smile. "Don't worry young princess, I'm a good guy. Come with me, quickly."

I was scared but I followed her anyway. I saw that my dad was there, on my bed with red watery thing all over him. "Daddy!" I said crying, running over to him. He tries to life his head but he needs help from the lady. He looks at me, breathing hard, and says "hey carrot. Now don't cry; I need you to be a big girl for me. I want you to know that I will always love you and that your mother and sister loved you more than you could possibly know. You understand?"

I look at him and gave a little nod because I could barley move. "Why are you telling me all of these things daddy?" I asked him. He just looked at me and I think I saw him starting to cry.

"Listen, Bloom, you are the princess of Sparx, and nothing will ever change that. You will, no must be Queen. No matter what, don't let anyone make you do something that you know is not right. And most importantly promise me that you will never take the necklace off. Promise me that Bloom, promise."

I can't stop crying now. "I promise daddy, but why? You'll be here daddy with me to help me." Now he starts to cry a lot. The lady holds his hand and he looks at her. "Bloom, I love you and I will still love you no matter what. I love you sweetie." The lady comes to me and picks me up so that my daddy can kiss me. I look at him crying and see that he starts to close his eyes.

"Daddy" I said shaking him, but he wouldn't talk to me back "daddy, daddy, daddy!" I say, crying.

There is another loud blast that sound really close and the wall next to us explodes. The room starts to get a lot colder and I think there's snow starting to come in. The lady steps in front of me but I could see that there were three floating women coming out from the smoke. I look at them. They're old and they don't look nice. "Get away from here, Rimea" the lady says while she uses some magic to attack the old lady in the middle. The old ladies ducked and the attack missed, but then one of them, Rimea I think, shot ice at us. The lady put up a shield so that the ice didn't hurt me. I think the old ladies were what my daddy called witches, or really bad people.

I've never seen anyone use magic before, but my daddy told me that my mommy and sissy had it and maybe some day I may have it. The lady looks at me and points to the door saying "run Bloom!" I didn't wait for her to tell me once more to run.

Sky and I just sat near the lake in some bushes for a little bit. I just sat there crying, missing my daddy. Sky's crying to, I think he's worried about his parents. I started to think about the lady, who was she?

I didn't have time to answer that, though, for out of nowhere a big tornado came behind us, and me and Sky went up into the air. We were spinning, trying to hold hands to stay together. Finally the tornado stopped and we dropped to the ground. My head hurt, but I didn't notice to much. All I saw were the three ugly women in front of me, with a smile that made me scared.

The last one, she looked at me and said "aww, is the little princess scared?"

Then they all laughed which terrified me and started to fly around me in a circle. The all started to throw magic at me that really hurt. The one with the ice then said "we did it sisters. We have found it, the key to the ultimate power!" What were these insane women talking about? I thought I was a goner when someone came in front of me and blocked the attack, it was Sky's dad.

I looked over and saw Sky with his mom running somewhere. "Bloom" his dad yelled. I look at him with tears pouring down my eyes and he says "on three I want you to run with me as fast as you can, get it?"

I nodded and sure enough on three we ran somewhere and found Sky with his mom. I calmed down a bit now but I was still really, really sad. Then I look and see Sky's parents talking to each other and Sky comes over to me. "Are you ok?" he asks. I nod yes, but I think he knows I'm lying.

Sky's mom comes and bends down to my level. "You were very brave today, Bloom. Your dad was very proud. We're going to take you to our planet now, and you're going to stay there for a little while, ok?" I nod and she gives me a hug. Ever since my mom died, she was like a mom to me.

Our hug was ended when the clock on town hall in downtown Sparx struck midnight and a bell rang twelve times. Sky comes over with a smile and says "happy birthday Bloom." I just look at him with tears coming to my eyes once again while his dad scolds him. I look over toward where my palace once stood. There was nothing but rubble. "Yeah" I whisper, so only I can hear "happy birthday to me."

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