Ok yes I know that it's taken me almost a year to update and I am incredibly sorry for that

Ok yes I know that it's taken me almost a year to update and I am incredibly sorry for that. Anyway the important thing is that I did update. Please review!

Wait, I know that blonde hair and blue eyes. "Bloom?" he says. Oh. My. God. "Sky." Shit.

We just stood still for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of us moved. Lucky for me Brandon came over at that exact time. "Hey Sky, I see that you've seen our old friend" he says.

Sky smiles and stands up, then offers to help me up.

I decline, although I'm almost in to much shock to merely stand up, but I somehow do and wipe the rest of the cheese off of my outfit.

We just look at each other again. Wow, he has really grown up. He's not the scrawny, little boy that I remember. He is also ripped, and his blue eyes seem even darker than I remember. His once short blonde hair is down to his shoulders in a way that frames his face well.

"Bloom, I want my…." Stella started. She always comes in at the best times. She takes one look at Sky and I can already see the dirt forming in her eyes.

"Well, well, if it's not the selfish boy prince. Hmm… I must admit that you're taller, but what the hell did you do to your hair? And I swear, you and the little squire need to work on those faces, you do realize that they have surgeries that can take care of ugliness right?"

"Stella, stop" I said, trying my hardest not to laugh at the stares Sky and Brandon were giving her, but it didn't seem to faze her.

Sky turned to look at me and forms a fake smile. "Well hello Bloom, it's nice to see you", he says in a monotone voice, "looks like you've finally somewhat grown up."

Ouch, ok no one talks to me like that. "Well hello Sky, I would say that it's a pleasure to see you again, but obviously it's not." Stella smirks as his face goes blank.

Oh but I'm not done yet. "Well, Brandon tells me that you two go to Red Fountain. What a shame, it used to be such a high ranking school, but now it seems that their standards for admission have really gone down to let anyone in." "Burn" Stella says giving me a high five.

Brandon and Sky do not look as amused. "Well" Sky says after a moment, his face turning red "it looks like that goes the same for Alfea. To bad, after it's 20th year it's really gone down. Now look what they let in" looking between me and Stella. Brandon sneers.

Stella looks at me, knowing what he meant. My mom was part of the 21st graduating class of Alfea, but that was the year of a massive war in Magix, so it only makes sense that their GPA and standards were a little lower. It's one thing to make fun of me, but to bring my mom into this was taking it way to far.

I can already feel the tears coming into my eyes, but I refuse to let these two get to me, or at least see them get to me.

Fortunately, Stella comes to my rescue.

"Listen, jackass one and two, you're still the same idiots from when we were little, so do us a big favor and avoid us. Why don't you go back to your little school and pretend to be all brave and mighty and leave us, who actually can do this universe some good, alone. Or even better, drop dead so you don't use up valuable oxygen and food."

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Stella go at it like that, and obviously neither have the boys. They look astounded and just stand there.

"Sky, Brandon!" another voice yells. We all look around and see a grown man coming towards us. I can feel Sky and Brandon stiffening up next to me. "I agreed to let you work here, but you to never seem to…" but then he stopped when he looked at Stella. Stella smiled, laughed, and gave the man a hug.

"Remember me, Uncle Romano?" she says.

The man laughs to and says "how could I not, mi pequeña princesa (1). How are you doing these days? I didn't know that you were coming to Magix."

"Well now I go to Alfea, so I'll be here for a while" she replies. "I didn't know that you opened up a shop here in Magix."

Brandon, who looks at Sky nervously, says "um, you to know each other?" If she does, they may be in trouble.

The old man, her uncle I'm guessing, looks at the boys sternly and says "yes. Stella use to love my pizza on Solaria, where I first made my shop. She liked it so much that I became the Head Chef of the Solarian Royal Family. After I retired from that, Stella begged me to keep the shop going."

He looked back at Stella and said "thanks to you, I've been able to open up shops all over the universe. Well, now I can know that mi pequeña princesa

can have a good pie once in a while."

Stella gave one of her world famous smiles.

Uncle Romano looked back at the boys. "Listen, I'm letting you work here because of my relationship with Saladin, but our deal was that you could work here only if you actually worked. Now stop socializing and start working."

"Yes, sir" both boys said, clearly embarrassed.

Stella and I started to laugh and walked back to our table where, a pizza was half eaten.

"Yo, what took you guys so long, I mean we were so hungry that we couldn't help but eat!" Musa said, smiling.

"We just ran into some old, um, acquaintances" Stella replied, grabbing herself a slice of pizza.

I love pizza, it is my all time favorite food. Yet, I can't seem to get myself the eat it. All I can think of is the fact that my once best friend turned into such a jerk. He knew that the last blow would really hurt me, yet he didn't' care.

I look down at my hand and see the ring. "Bloom and Sky forever" it said. "Yeah, right", I scoff. He doesn't care. He never really did. My mind is telling me to throw the damn ring away, but I can't get myself to do that either. "What's wrong with me" I think "it's just a stupid ring. Take it off here, while he can see you, and throw it away!"

But no matter how many times I repeat that in my head, I can't do it.

"Bloom, are you there" I hear a voice say. "Huh?" I reply. All of the girls are looking at me. "I said, why aren't you eating? It was your idea and you must be hungry" Tecna repeats.

I smile and says "thanks guys but I guess I just lost my appetite."

"Does it have to do with those boys you and Stella were talking to?" Flora says.

"No" I say quickly, scolding myself for acting defensive so hastily.

"It is. So what's with you and those acquaintances, or so you call them" Musa says.

I sigh, giving Stella a look that says should we tell them? Stella nods yes, and so I start the story. I tell them about the night when the witches attacked and Sky and then the sleepover followed by moving in with Stella and finally meeting with Brandon and Sky now. After I finish, my friends are dead silent.

"Oh Bloom, I'm so sorry" Flora says, giving me a hug. "Yes Bloom, I didn't know that you had such a hard life" Tecna replied, holding my hand.

"Hey, B, if those guys are such jackasses like you said, then they don't even deserve to talk to you" Musa says, making me laugh slightly before she to joins in the hug.

"Hello" Stella says behind me "I need to be in this hug too. I mean I am the one who was tortured along with Bloom too you know!" Everyone laughs as we all get into one big hug.

Just then my phone vibrates in my pocket. I look and it's an alarm. "Girls, it's already 8, we need to get back for curfew" I say. They nod and we leave a check for the pizza.

We were just about to leave when Stella said "hold on just a minute" and went towards the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later, she returned, smiling. "What did you do?" Tecna asked smiling.

"Well, I just gave my uncle, the owner of the restaurant, some references about two of his employees" she replied with a devilish grin.

"You didn't" I replied, laughing, knowing that she trash talked Brandon and Sky. She just gave an innocent smile and we all laughed, leaving the restaurant. Looks like they won't be working there anymore.

We caught the last bus to Alfea and made it back just before curfew and we headed over to our dorm.

"Guys, tomorrow we officially start as freshman" Flora said. Musa snickered and said "for Stella this is actually her second time as a freshman." We laughed as Stella pouted.

"Hello, I told you. It was in the name of fashion. You know when I find this new shade of pink, all of you will wish that you had faith in me. It will the most fashionable color there is!" she said to try and rectify her mistake (2). Then we all started laughing even harder.

There was a knock on our door and in came the Dean of Discipline at Alfea, Griselda. This woman was the epitome of strict and cruel. "This is the dorm of Bloom of Sparx, right?" I nodded and she handed me an envelope. "Your classes have been changed for the semester" she said.

"What the hell?" I replied in shock. This was not what I had in mind for the surprise of a lifetime. She scowled at my outburst and mumbled a quiet sorry.

"Not just you, but all of you" she said looking at everyone in the group. "What?!" they replied.

Everyone started to talk at once, but Griselda then said "young ladies, behave yourselves at once" at which we all shut up "all of you are enrolled in a selective class. Only three groups of fairies can join this program, and it is a high honor." With that she left.

"What do you think this means?" Flora asked. Tecna frowned and said "I guess we'll just have to find out, though I do not remember this program in any of the information guides."

Stella took the schedule and grinned. "Well this may just make our day a little better, we have class in the morning, which sucks, but it's the only class of the day! And get this, we get to work with some Red Fountain cuties!"

At this everyone huddled around the paper. It stated that we would be working together in some combative class to help prepare us for something, I didn't care about that part much. My eyes lay dead on one line: "magic is necessary to pass this class."

"Crap" I said as I ran into the hallway, snatching the paper from Stella's hand, and hearing Stella calling out my name from the dorm room.

"Ms. G" I said, catching up to Griselda. She turned around, revealing Ms. Faragonda too. "What is it, Bloom?" Ms. F said.

I showed her the paper and she gave me a smile. "You should be very proud Bloom" she started "this is a high honor and a few can take it. Your mother and sister were part of this elite group."

"Thanks Ms. F" I started, trying to sound respectful "but I don't think I can take this class. You see, I kind of don't have any magic."

"What, but you're from Sparx, all of the members of the royal family had magic since the beginning of time…" Griselda snapped.

She would have continued if Faragonda did not hold up her hand to silence Griselda. "I know that Bloom" she replied "but I still want you to take this class. I feel a strong energy in you Bloom, and sometimes magical beings realize their magical at a later age. But one thing is for sure, I want to find out what happens to you."

Ok, now I think that I'm going to faint. "Wait, do you mean that I could have magic, like my sister and mother?" She nodded. A thousand thoughts flooded me at the same time. I could have magic. This was something that I wanted as far as I could remember. My mother and sister had it, but I was always told that I didn't have it.

"Bloom" Ms. F calls, bringing me back to reality. "Huh?" I reply, half dazed. She looked annoyed. "I said I don't want you to talk about this to anyone else, for right now you're just there in that class to help out in whatever way you can, and right now that is without magic. Do you understand?"

I wanted to ask her why, but something in her eyes told me to drop the subject. I nodded and walked back to my dorm.

The moment I opened the door I was bombarded with questions. "Where'd you go Bloom" Flora asked. "What happened?" said Tecna. "Why'd ya leave?" Musa asked. I laughed for a second and said "relax guys. I just had to… see if this was the same program my mother and sister were in."

This was a lie but I didn't know if I could fully trust these girls yet. Stella gave me a look, but I gave her one back that said I'll tell you later.

"Alright Bloom, but let's see who our new boys are" Stella said. "Prince Justinian of Vienon, Prince Lucas of Sariana, Prince Manlu of Grecca, Charles of Romanda, and Thomas of Cambria" Musa read (3). I smiled lustfully and said "one for each of us, perfect." Everyone started laughing again. Somehow, I had a feeling that this year was going to rock and we'd be really good friends.

"Goodnight guys" I said, heading over to my part of the dorm. "Goodnight" I heard from all of the other girls.

Before I knew it, I fell fast asleep. Well technically I was asleep but I kept having the same nightmare. All I could see is darkness and then sudden flashes of visions. I see my dad, that strange woman, and those witches. Then I see Sky and Stella, and now I'm spinning out of control. I keep hearing people yelling at me to do things and how I'm a failure at life. Ok, I can't handle this anymore. I keep screaming for this to stop but no one can hear me. My head is killing me, it's like someone is trying to kill me in my sleep.

Suddenly there's a bright flash, and everything stops. "Bloom" I hear a distant voice say. Wait, I know that voice. "Daddy! Where are you, I need you!" I yell, but to no avail.

"Bloom" I hear, but it's someone else's voice. "Bloom" the voice repeats. "Bloom!"

"Ahh… what?" I say, waking up clearly confused.

Flora and Stella were at the foot of my bed, looking at me. "Bloom, hurry up, this is our first day of classes and your going to be late" Flora says, helping me up. Oh god, that can't be good.

Stella mouthed "was it that dream again?" I noded and she looks worried. I mouthed "I'm ok" back to her.

I run into the bathroom, nearly knocking down Musa, who was putting on makeup. "Hey!" she says, fixing the mascara line I caused.

"Sorry" I quickly say, brushing my teeth and hair at the same time. By some miracle I get ready in five minutes, though Stella did have a near heart attack when she noticed I had two different shoes on, but when I fixed that I actually thought I looked good. I had on a light blue mini dress with my hair up in a bun.

We walked down to our class. When we stepped in, Ms. Faragonda welcomed us saying "welcome girls. Take your seats over there." She pointed to a circle of chairs, with ten chairs total. I looked around, seeing that there were only us.

"Um, Ms. F, where is everyone else?" She grinned and said "you girls were the only ones that actually accepted the class. Everyone else refused to take it right away. Now we're just waiting for the Red Fountain boys."

Well I'll be damned, I could've gotten out of this. But hey, maybe I can figure out if I have magic or not through this.

I looked around and everyone else gave looks that read "oh well, at least we have the boys."

I actually was excited about this, and I rarely get excited anymore. It seems like since the sleepover with Sky, whenever I get excited about something, something came and ruined it. But not this time, it was going to be perfect.

Just then three guys entered the room. Ms. F motioned them to take a seat in the circle. "Girls, we actually had to give you the only group of guys that accepted this class, so these are a few of your teammates. Where are the other two?" she asked a boy with red hair and glasses who looked a little like a nerd. "They're landing the hover car" he replied.

Ms. F looked at us and said "this is Timmy," pointing to the red haired kid "Helia" pointing to a guy with long black hair that was tied in a loose pony tail that looked like he came out of a monastery, "and Riven" pointing to a guy with maroon, spiky hair who look the most fit out of the three but seemed to have a bad attitude. Then she went around and introduced us to the boys.

Just as Ms. F was about to tell us the name of the two other boys, we could here footsteps coming into the classroom. "Sorry we're late…" one voice said. Holy crap, I knew that voice. "Bloom, Stella?" the other voice said. I looked at Stella who was looking at the boys in shock, I did not want to turn around, but I had to, though, just as Stella spat "Brandon and Sky."

I hate irony, and now I am never going to get excited again. This was going to be torture.

(1) This means my little princess in Spanish, thanks to google translator.

(2) I'm a big fahion-holic and I think that this was one of the funniest parts of the first season because my friend actually tried to do that, but after two weeks she gave up )

(3) I just made all of these up, and if there are such places as these, I don't own them!

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