Title: How to be human

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Chapter title: Bleached

Summary: Rukia makes a fatal mistake and decides the only rational reason is to blame Ichigo. Isshin takes matters into his own hands and Yuzu and Karin get confused. IchiRuki Crack

She glared at his smirking face. Her relentless violet stare did not faze him like she thought it would. Nevertheless she kept her glare holding strong. It was a never ending staring contest between the two. Isshin looked on with a quiet interest as the two stood before the washing and drying units in the house. He was waiting for one of them to talk, waiting to make some sort of move to get the two of them utterly embarrassed. He grinned as a plan filled his mind.

Rukia clutched the article of clothing firmly in her hands and Ichigo had his arms folded firmly across his chest. Neither would admit to being thee one to blame for this odd predicament.

"baka." She muttered under her breath.

He glared fiercely at her. "What did you call me?"

She glared even more sinisterly at him, any normal man would have been cying under her intense gaze. This was Ichigo Kurosaki and he did not cry.

"BAKA!" She shouted, thumping him on the head with her free hand.

He rubbed his head with an angry scowl. "What was that for you demented midget!"

She ground her teeth. "THAT! THAT WAS FOR THIS!" She shoved the article of clothing into him causing him to yelp and step back.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He shouted, trying to brush any essence of the clothing from him. It were as if it had been infected with a deadly virus.

"Showing you what you've done!" She shouted, trying to hold back her tears.

"Chill Rukia..." He stated cooly, no that the offending article of clothing was away from him.

"It's not my fault, if you want to blame anyone.. blame yourself!" He bit.

She held back her tears of hatred. "I hate you Ichigo!"

He rolled his perfect amber eyes. "It's not my fault you can't do your own laundry."

She let a tear roll down her cheek. "You told me to use bleach."

Ichigo sighed. "I told you to use some bleach..."

"You could have been more specific. I thought you meant all of it!" She wailed, throwing her ruined piece of clothing at Ichgo, it landing perfectly on his head.

There was a flash of a camera and Ichigo's eyes went wide. He launched himself at his father, who had taken the photo.

"GET BACK HERE YOU PERVERT!" Ichigo shouted chasing after the older man.

"GET BACK HERE YOU.." Rukia stopped to think. "BAD INSTRUCTION GIVER!" She started back up to chase him.

Isshin ran past Yuzu waving. Ichigo followed not paying his sister any mind. Yuzu opened her mouth to ask a question when Rukia sped by.

Karin walked up to her sister, silently eating as they watched the scene unfold.

"Karin," Yuzu whispered. "Why does Ichi-nee have Rukia's underwear on his head?"


A/N: so yeah my first shot at a Bleach story... what do you think? hehehehe. I've never written Bleach before.. did they seem in character?