November 6, 1985
11:20AM PST

Marty is bored. Very bored. He could barely stay awake as his History teacher, Mr. Arky, droned on about the sixties and the Vietnam War. Mr. Arky is a balding, uninspired man of fifty-five who just lost at the game of life. Marty would be more interested in the subject if his teacher talked about the music of the era. But unfortunately, this wasn't the case.

"So your paper on the sixties is due on Friday," said Mr. Arky, as the bell rang. "Remember, it's five pages double-spaced."

Marty hasn't even started the paper and it's due in two days. Marty always has lunch after History class. Lunch is his favorite subject. He likes it even more than Music Appreciation. Marty doesn't care for his Music Appreciation teacher, Mr. Lewis, very much. Especially when he rejected Marty's band The Pinheads at the dance auditions. Ironically enough, Mr. Lewis looks a lot like Marty's favorite musician, Huey Lewis.

Marty sat at his usual lunch table. He has his girlfriend Jennifer sitting with him. The guys from the Pinheads and their girlfriends were sitting there too. Marty's the lead singer and guitarist of his band. The bassist with the blond mullet was Denny Lindstrom. The drummer was Robbie Wooderson. Robbie kind of looks like Marty, except he's somewhat taller and he always wore black biker gloves. Then there was Josh Friedman, the keyboardist with the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.

"You guys are so lucky you don't have Mr. Arky," Marty told his bandmates. "I have to do some stupid paper that's only due in two days. I didn't even know about it until today."

"The assignment has been on the board for over two weeks," said Jennifer.

"How much have you written?" asked Marty.

"I'm almost done with mine," replied Jennifer.

"So, Marty," said Denny. "Does one o'clock on Saturday seem like a good time for our next band practice?"

"Sure," said Marty.

"And we'll be doing it at my garage?" said Josh.

"Yeah," said Robbie. "My mom's having friends over for a game of Bridge, so one o'clock at your garage sounds good."

When school was over, Marty car-surfed over to Doc Brown's house.

"Marty," called out Doc. "Come in here for a second." Marty walked into the kitchen.

"Try these chocolate chip cookies," said Doc. Marty took a bite.

"They're delicious," said Marty. "Did Clara make them?"

"No, I did," replied Doc. "Four years ago." Marty spit out his cookie.

"Want some milk?" asked Doc. "It's eight years old." Marty was disgusted.

"You see, Marty," explained Doc. "I invented a device that preserves food by vacuuming the air out of plastic bags."

"That's great," said Marty. "I'm doing a paper on the sixties at school and I was wondering if I could use your time machine to visit the era?"

"Oh, I suppose you could," said Doc. "I wouldn't recommend using the train, as you don't have enough driving experience to operate such a large vehicle. However, I managed to make another time machine out of a Delorean. I already went to the future and got it hover-converted. I have some clothes that you can wear." Doc left the room and came back with some sixties clothes. Marty took them and went into another room to change.

Marty came back wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt, striped bellbottoms, and a vest adorned with American flags. His hair was parted in the middle and he was wearing a headband and purple tinted glasses.

"Well," said Marty. "Do I look fab?"

"'Groovy', Marty," replied Doc. "Not 'fab', you look groovy. And now for the finishing touch..." Doc puts a love bead necklace on Marty.

"No way, Doc," said Marty. "I'm not wearing love beads, no matter how groovy it is." Marty takes the love beads off.

"Wrong, Marty," said Doc. "You say 'Sorry, man, like, the beads trip isn't my thing.'"

"Sorry, man," said Marty. "Like, the beads trip isn't my thing." Marty was obviously having a hard time with it.

"How about this instead?" questioned Doc, handing Marty a Peace sign necklace.

"Fine," said Marty. "I can deal with this." He put it on.

"No," said Doc. "It's 'Far out! I can groove on this.' Now pop quiz: Who is the president in 1967?"

"Kennedy," said Marty, then remembers that Kennedy got shot in 1963. "No wait- Nixon."

"Lyndon B. Johnson," said Doc. "Didn't they teach you history in school?"

"Yeah," said Marty. "but I never thought I'd have to use any of it."

"I suppose you don't know who the governor was either," said Doc.

Marty shook his head.

"Ronald Reagan," said Doc.

"The president?" asked Marty.

"The actor," replied Doc. "And who's the mayor of Hill Valley?"

"Hey man," said Marty. "Like, politics isn't my trip, man, so like, quit hassling me!"

"Groovy," Doc said, smiling approvingly. "I think you're now ready to go. And here's three hundred dollars from 1967." Marty took the money and went into the Delorean and drove it at 88 miles per hour.