November 6, 1985
4:00 PM PST

Marty descends the Delorean in Doc's driveway. Marty gets out of the Delorean as Jules and Verne run up to greet him.

"Wow!" exclaimed Verne. "Did you just come from outer space?" Marty chuckled.

"Verne," said Marty, sarcastically. "If that's a spaceship, then I'm Michael J. Fox!"

"Well," said Verne. "You do sorta look like that J. Michael Fox guy."

"Michael J. Fox, Verne," corrected Jules. "Not J. Michael Fox."

"Well, actually," said Marty. "This is a Delorean. It's a car. This is also a time machine."

"Oh yeah," said Jules. "I remember Dad telling us he built his first time machine out of a car."

"Well," said Marty. "I'll see you guys later!" Marty skateboarded home.


After Marty skateboarded into Lyon Estates, he made it to his driveway. Marty enters his house to see his parents cuddling on the couch, looking over A Match Made in Space.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," said Marty.

"Hi Marty," said Lorraine. "What on earth are you wearing?" Marty notices that he's still wearing his hippie clothes.

"Oh, I had to borrow these from Dr. Brown," explained Marty, nervously. "Because of one of his experiments." Marty hurries down the hall to his room. George and Lorraine exchange a look.

"I just got a chill," said Lorraine. "You know, like déjà-vu? He reminded me of somebody back in the '60s..."

"Lorraine," said George. "You're always thinking about the past. The future, that's what's important. By the way, are Toby and Audrey still coming over for dinner on Saturday?"

"They sure are," replied Lorraine. "They're bringing Meg along too."


Marty is in his room, beginning to write his essay for history. It will be pretty easy for him to write now that he has lived through it.