She's His Daughter

Year 1

The sun shone over the blue waters of the Caribbean with great intensity. Not another ship sailed by and it was dead calm. How great it felt to be in command of all piracy around the globe, and to also posses the one thing that can bridge the gap of time, a child. Elizabeth Turner looked down at her son, who was fast asleep in his basket. Every few minutes he'd move his hands in his sleep. This sight warmed her heart, even after all happened exactly one year ago today. Ever since last year's "event" life had been as good as close to normal as it could have been, until sailing full speed towards her ship was a black sailed black hulled vessel.

"Uh, not now Jack," Elizabeth grumbled to herself as she lowered the anchor and then picked up her crying son.

"Ello love," Jack stated waving his hands in glee. Elizabeth glanced at Jack and didn't reply.

"Is that the whelp's?"

"Yes, why are you so concerned about that," she replied.

"So you already have some experience with young children," Jack announced.

"Why is this so important," Elizabeth demanded rocking her now calmed down son.

"Well, savvy I went to Tortuga to relax after the tragedy with your dear William, and just two weeks ago the wench presents me with this." Jack ended his climactic statement by lifting a basket showing a tiny baby asleep inside.

"Jack, you've made such a mistake you'll never be able to care properly for him—."

"No, it's a her," Jack corrected lightly tapping the baby's nose and cooing at it like an irrational child.

"She'll," Elizabeth exaggerated, "Never lead a proper life!"

"And that's what I'm here to bargain about," Jack stated.

"You're bargaining for your daughter's life how—," she was then again cut off.

"No, I offer you and whelp jr. extra protection, if you help raise dear Madeline Elizabeth her," he concluded again looking down at his daughter. Elizabeth sighed, had to agree with Jack, protection could never hurt and his daughter would need a maternal figure to grow up properly."

"Deal." Jack folded his hands as in prayer, for once he was thinking of the best for someone.

"Under one condition," she added. Jack stood in astonishment, this was going to end perfectly.

"He goes by his real name, and not whelp jr."