Title: Finally

Disclaimer: don't own Doctor Who.. never will

Summary: Finally he has her back, if only for a moment.

Spoilers for season four.. if any of you have heard the news :D Billie is coming back for three whole episodes

For a moment their gazes fell upon each other. Her eyes were filled with pain, so were his. Neither wanted to believe what they saw, because they new it would only end in more pain. He took a step towards her as his two companions watched. His hand twitched on his left side, aching to touch her again. But he was afraid the if he did, she's vanish into thin air. For now he chose only to look at her, unblinking. He feared one wrong move and she's be gone forever.

No one dared to speak as she stood before him. Everyone afraid to ruin the moment. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but nothing left. She tried to step forward but her mind compelled her to stay still.

Martha looked at the two with a slightly envious heart, sure she had mostly gotten over the Doctor, but something still burned in her heart.

Finally he got the courage to speak, even if it meant she'd disappear, he needed to say these words at least once.

"Hello again Rose." He whispered weakly.

"Doctor." She nodded, whispering back.

"How have you been?" He questioned, taking a step forward.

She took a step forward as well. "Ok, it's been hard, but I'm fine. You?"

The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh you know, saving the day, screwing up time, running. It's been, exciting." He laughed nervously. "How is your mum?"

Rose smiled, stepping forward. "Had a healthy baby boy, she named him David. She said 'You doctor always looked like a David to me.' I told her she was silly."

The Doctor stepped forward, nearly closing the gap between them, a small smile on his face. "I appreciate the sentiment."

Rose nodded, refusing to seal the gap between them. "I-I missed you."

He smiled lightly. "I missed you too."

"I never stopped thinking about you. Each time something alien happened, I always pictured you next to me. For some reason that always helped me find out what I should do." Rose laughed.

"Same here." The Doctor laughed too.

"Are they your new companions?" Rose asked, suddenly noticing the two women behind him.

The Doctor looked away. "Yes."

Rose smiled big. "I'm happy you found people to keep you in line."

The Doctor looked up and smiled. "Yeah, they're great help. Sometimes they do things that remind me of you. They're very clever."

Rose smiled. "I was never any good."

the Doctor laughed. "don't belittle yourself Rose, you were the only companion that changed me this much."

Rose blushed.

Both refused to touch, the fear of the other vanishing from site was over powering.

Silence ensued.

Moments passed.

He pulled her into his arms, grasping her firmly. She buried her face in his chest. They stayed in each others arms, knowing that it was only momentary peace. Soon the darkness would come. Soon they would go into battle. Soon she would have to return to her world. But just for a moment the Earth let time stop. He finally had her back.