Kyubi Dreams

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and I never will. This fic is only for fun and no profit is planned at all. This is my take on Paladeus's "Naruto Dreamscape" challenge. This will take place after the time skip. No specific point after that.


Tsunade just realised that Shikamaru knew about the Kyubi. "WAIT A MINUTE! ANBU! BRING SHIKAMRU BACK HERE NOW!"

Three ANBU nodded and shunshined off, grabbed Shikamaru and returned in less than twenty seconds since he was not even down the hall yet. Shikamaru stared at Tsunade in a daze and yawned "What is it now, Lady Hokage?"

Tsunade nodded to the ANBU for them to leave and they shunshined off. "Shikamaru, you now know of the Kyubi. I have to inform you to keep it a secret with accordance to the 3rd Hokage's law."

Shikamaru yawned. "I've known about the Kyubi since the Chunin exam three years ago. Naruto told me without thinking about it. He was talking to Gaara and said he had a demon in him. I put two and two together. It was too troublesome to worry about things. Now may I please go back to cloud watching?"

Tsunade's eye twiched before she sighed. "Yea fine, go." Shikamaru nodded and walked off, hoping he would not get dragged back.


Back with Naruto and Hinata in the dream world, Hinata looked at Naruto. "Naruto, I have a idea." Her stuttering is compley gone after admitting her love to Naruto. She was not nearly as shy. Oh, she was still shy, but trapped in world with just Naruto and having the Kyubi trying to get free, she had other things on her mind. Some of her thoughts was worry about the Kyubi, some sexual were fantasies. But if she even tried those fantasies, her shyness would return ten fold and her head would likely pop from the blush. Thinking of said things, she did blush.

Naruto saw Hinata blushing. "Hey, Hinata. Are you okay?"

Hinata looked at Naruto. "Oh, um..." she blushed deeper. "Y-yes just," she shakes her head and stops blushing. "I was just thinking, we need to find away to stop the Kyubi and for that, we need to train. I have an idea. If we can enter other people's dreams, we can get trained by other ninja, so I suggest we sleep during the day and at night, go to a jonin or the sannin or someone and have them train us. Then, in three months, we fight the Kyuubi and hope for a miracle win against him."

Naruto gives one of his big goofy smiles. "Ok Hinata! I'm always up for training together! The two of us can beat anyone!"

Hinata smiled. "Ok, let's go to your place to sleep."

Naruto got nervous. He didn't want Hinata to see how messy his place was. "Um, my place is to small for two people. Um, let's sleep at your place." Naruto let out a nervous chuckle.

Hinata got nervous. "Um, I d-don't want to go there. I have n-o good memories. Let's just sleep there," she pointed at a random building which was a some shinobi's place.

Naruto shrugged. "Ok Hinata. You know best." He was glad he avoided Hinata going to his place. The two walked to the building holding hands.


Back in the real world, Jiraiya has decided to go out for a drink of some sake. He was worried about Naruto and also jealous that Naruto got to spend time alone with a young beautiful girl. "Stupid brat has all the luck." He downs his seventh bottle of sake straight.


In the dream world, Naruto and Hinata have walked in to the apartment. It was basically empty. Whoever lived there didn't decorate it at all. It had a fridge, a couch, tabel and a bed. The rest was normal stuff; a bathroom, bedroom, ect. though there was one odd thing. A katana, black in color with an odd-shaped hilt. It was similar to a square, but had breaks stoping it from forming a square shape and it had black metal chains wrapped around the handle. Naruto looked at it.

"That's a strange katana." Hinata only nodded. Naruto then spoke up again. "Ok, I'll sleep ou the couch. You can have the bed."

Hinata inwardly cursed. She wanted to share the bed with Naruto, but she sighed to herself. "Ok Naruto, that's fine."

Naruto stripped to his boxers, forgetting Hinata was in the room. Hinata blushed and feinted, landing on the bed. "Hinata must have been more tired than I thought." He smiled, cluelessly, then walked to the couch layed down and went to sleep.


That night, Hinata woke up. "Damn, I passed out just when things were getting good!" She put her hands over her mouth and looked around before she looked out at the couch and saw Naruto still asleep. He had not heard what she said. She carefully got off the bed and walked out to Naruto and gently shook him. He bolted up. "What, who? Oh, hi Hinata. Is it time to train already?"

Hinata smiled. "Yes, let's go find one of those dream rifts." Naruto quickly got dressed and grabbed Hianta's hand and bolted off. practically pulling her. "TRAINING! TRAINING! YES, WE GET TO TRAIN!" Naruto sang. Hinata just giggled at his enthusiasm. They found a dream rift in the middle of the street. Naruto shouted, "Whoever it is, there's one!" He pulled Hinata towards it. She tried to protest. "Naruto, what kind of ninja would..." it was too late. They had entered the dream rift.


Naruto looked around excitedly, then noticed two things. First, Hinata was naked, taller, had larger breasts and skinnier waist and longer hair. In short, she looked like she had done Naruto's sexy jutsu. Then Naruto looked down and saw that he was in his sexy jutsu. He, now she, screamed "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Hinata was covering herself in embarrassment when they both heard a perverted giggle.

Jiraiya was there. "ALLLLLLLLLLL RIGHT! TWO PERFECT 10'S!" Naruto just screamed some more.


authros note yes im evil for endign it ther id also liek to apologise for not updatign for a while been busey o and illpoint out now whats going on itsjiriyas dream so things hcange based on what he dremas of so naruto and hianta are only like that for he tiemt ehy are in jiriyas dream they will look dfirent in almsot eveyr dream based on the perosn pernality i hope you enjoeyd thei chapter i tryed to make it abitl onger but this fic tells me wher to stop and it told me to stop ther and im still lernign at this fic author stuf so im no good at extending things any ways time for the omake for this chapter o and yes i rembted to put the easter egg in this chapter to this 1 i tryed to make extrmly obvius



Shikamaru has just been shunshined to the Hokage by three ANBU

"What is it, Lady Hokage?"

Tsunade smiled at Shikamaru. "YOU FIGURED OUT NARUTO'S SECRET THAT HE HAS THE KYUBI IN HIM! YOU WIN THE GRAND PRIZE!" The walls slide up and Tsunade gestured grandly with both arms. "A NEW CAR!" There's a beautiful, red 2008 Ferrari there.

Shikamaru smiled brightly and started to cry. "Oh, this is the happiest day of my life!" He jumped up and down and hugged the ANBU and Tsunade and everyone else he could.