Naruto's Deity Chronicles

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Year C.E.71 1.24 Mars orbit

A vessel travels past Mars and towards a blue planet called Earth a figure on the ship looks over data collected of the planet and it's inhabitants.

"It seems that this planet is in a state of chaos over something so stupid as how a person is genes look like"

He then types something on a black phantom rectangle and several screens pop up showing different things. One screen was of people rioting on the streets holding signs that say 'Down with Coordinators' or 'Genetic manipulation is wrong'. Another screen showed space vessels battling other space vessels that were using some type of humanoid mecha called a mobile suit from the data he received. And from the data he found out the names of the two sides, the one using the mobile suit is called ZAFT and appears to be made up of 'Coordinators', people who are genetically altered at birth and it appears they live mostly in space in hourglass shaped space colonies. And the opposing force is called the Earth Alliance made up of what they call 'Naturals' people who aren't genetically altered and it appears that they have greater numbers but were the ones at a major disadvantage since it seems that the mobile suits of ZAFT are superior to any thing the earth forces have. On the third and last screen it showed the history and reason for the war and what he found out made his blood boil for you see it seems the Earth Alliance are the instigators of the war with the blatant killing of coordinators and the worst these acts is an incident called the 'Bloody Valentine' when a nuclear missile was somehow snuck onto a Earth Alliance vessel called the Roosevelt by a terrorist group called 'Blue Cosmos' that believe all coordinators must die for the 'preservation of their Blue and Pure World'. That incident took the lives of 243,721 innocent people and the colony destroyed was an agricultural colony no military technology whatsoever and that was something the figure cannot stand the most the suffering of innocents and that's how he came to his decision.

"That clinches it I going to save this world and make sure no innocents suffer like that again if I can help it and the first thing I'm going to do is bring those poor people who died such a horrible death back. Kamidake we're heading for this earth and we are going to protect those who deserve protection or my name isn't Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Understood Naruto setting course for planet earth"

And with that Naruto Uzumaki master of the Kamidake, lord of demons, most powerful fox deity, and master ninja made his way to earth to help those who deserve it the most.