No one ever said I was going to save the world.

I guess it's a good thing I never had to.

Date: June, 1991

Today was too weird. This couple came to the house and weirder was both Mamí and Papí were home. They spent the entire after noon sitting in the living room drinking café. The weird thing is Papí and Mamí are never home at the same time, at least not this long. They both have to work to keep us fed and clothed and we have to do our best so we can have better jobs and not have to work so hard. That's what Mamí says and she cleans houses all day that's why my sisters and I have to clean ours, so when she comes home she can just relax, that doesn't happen often.

Papí works hard too. He used to work in a restaurant, I don't remember because I wasn't born yet. He tells me stories sometimes, about his other jobs in the restaurants. He was a bus-boy in this fancy one downtown but they wouldn't let him be a waiter. I don't know why that's such a big deal, he's really funny I think the customers would have liked him. The other place only let him wash dishes but Mamí won't let him do that at home. She always kicks him out of the kitchen until its time to eat. That's why today was weird; they're never home together unless it's for dinner. Papí doesn't miss those because Mamí will hang him, she said so.

Del kept telling us to be quiet; I don't know why she had to include me I wasn't even talking. She made Mar get off the phone. I wish I had my own room or less brothers and Mar. I like Del, she's bossy most of the time but she's not as bad as Mar. She thinks she's all grown up just because some stupid boy likes her. I think he's gross, Papí doesn't like him either, says he looks like he took a shit in his pants. I'm not supposed to say shit but that's what he said. Lu doesn't like him either that's why Mar only gets to talk to him on the phone. Lu told him not to show his pimply-puke face at our house anymore if he didn't want it permanently re-arranged. Mar had a fit when she found out, I heard her screeching all over the house and she still won't talk to Lu. She didn't even complain to Papí because he would just side with Lu. He's the oldest so it's his job to take care of us, especially the girls.

Then…they called me into the living room. I thought Del told on me so I stuck out my tongue at her. Useless, I know but what else could I do? She's bigger, older and we had company but later… she's not gonna like me later.

I walked in slow cuz I wasn't sure if I was gonna get it in front of company but then the fancy lady smiled at me. I wish she hadn't because it made her look scary. I wanted to run to Papí but I made myself stand still and smile back- Mamí would definitely hang me if I didn't behave. They kept talking about some school an Academy for girls but I didn't pay much attention. They just looked so perfect. The lady with her blond hair all shiny and put in a fancy twist. She looked like a Barbie doll and her clothes… wow, I'd never seen a lady in such fancy clothes before. This wasn't even Sunday church clothes nice; it was way better and the man-.

He was wearing a suit with a tie and not a bowtie like on TV, he looked real nice too like the men in the magazines but he wasn't as handsome as an actor.

Aww, man! I missed it. I wonder what happened today? Eh it was probably just a re-run anyway…

Wow, I can remember that day. I don't think any of us ever forgets when we're plucked out of the warm bosom of our families and dropped into the cold lap of the 'Academy'. They didn't lie about that, it is an all girls school with the best education money can buy and they do have girls from all over the world in attendance at any given time. The one thing they didn't tell my parents was that not every girl got in and some didn't survive past their teens.

Did you figure it out? Plenty of clues if you know where you're looking or reading in this case.

The one's who came for me, who… saved me I guess you could say, were two of their best;

Miss Liana Rayne and Mr. Jonathan Pierce. They came to my house and sat down looking as perfect as any couple I could ever imagine because that's what I thought. If anyone who looked as they did- well they had to be married didn't they? That was their first lesson, never take anything at face value or you might just end up dead.

They knew my parents couldn't afford to send me to private school, they barely managed to keep all of us clothed, fed and with a roof over our heads so me going halfway across the world for school was so not happening. I was heart broken just at the thought of the 'implied' freedom from my siblings being snatched away from my grasp before I could even fully appreciate how truly lonely that would be. Then they dropped the 'good news' as if my being accepted to a private school wasn't Mamá and Papa's full cup. My grades were good but I was still in grade school and I had been looking forward to a whole year all to myself in the big kids' school. An entire year before annoying little brothers came to spy and report on what I wasn't doing, the little liars…

The scholarship practically won Papí over. He was so proud I think he puffed up a size but Mamá wasn't having it. How could she let her little girl go so far and all alone?

Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic at the thought of leaving them all behind, my siblings, because I'd had enough of the sharing. One of my friends was an only child and she got a lot more attention from her parents than I saw in a month. Even at the age of twelve I knew it was difficult for my parents to take care of eight of us. Yes, big family but that's what they wanted and they never complained.

Rayne told them I had a full scholarship, I guess the Council really wanted their Potentials, especially the young ones, makes it easier to tell us what to do if they take the time to program us. Still, Mamá had her doubts and I was only twelve, the prospect of flying across the ocean to some unknown place was a wonderful adventure but terrifying none the less.

Pierce extolled the virtues of the school, how safe and secure the grounds were and Rayne went so far as to hand Mamá a pamphlet. A shiny little lie and it helped that it was all in Spanish, it made her feel…respected some how.

They were both so good. They knew what to say and how to say it so my parents would agree. Pierce told them we were under constant adult supervision; I'd have the best teachers and tutors. He was charming, articulate, pleasantly smiling as he drank his coffee… and such a fantastic liar. But in the end it was all me. I can't help but wonder if my life would have been different if I'd just kept my mouth shut.

I had Papí wrapped around my pinkie, I could do no wrong in his eyes and I was the baby of his girls. It's a wonder he ever let me go but I used his love against him and… well, I got what I wanted. No siblings to annoy me, not even a couple of friends and all the freedom the Council would allow.

Wonderful life huh?

AN: So just a thought. I'm not sure I'll continue this I don't have much of idea of where it would go...

I'm more than willing to keep writing so long as some one supplies ideas or points me in the right direction.