Back when the original Storm Hawks were still alive, and the current Master Cyclonis had not yet been named ruler, The Flaming Pheonixes were at the head of the Cyclonian rebellion with the Storm Hawks. They where young and had a habit of being bored like all teenagers when there's no action going on, so they would waste their time (or so Sephiroth said) on mining for crystals by their base. Well, that was there downfall. Moonshadow and Tanner went out to mine for crystals while the rest of the team practiced sky dueling (well Moonshadow and Tanner were supposed to be practicing, but, they had an 'out of sight fight'). Tanner decided that they should try the places that nobody had really tried. As Tanner was digging he found a crystal he had never seen before. It had an arrow pointing in both directions like so: -. Well, being the dare devil of the team he reached out and grabbed it, even though he had been drilled countless times with lectures about not touching crystals especially when they where raw, because in the past he had touched a crystal and it turned him blue or something like that, giving Moonshadow a lot of work reversing the crystals effects. Well this time the damage was nearly irreversible, because this crystal was an ultra-rare, reversing crystal. What ever it touches it changes almost every characteristic about that object or human being. Tanner's hair turned black his eye's shrank and turned red, his eye brows even grew bigger, but worst of all his personality changed dramatically, form being the good caring person that he was he changed into something that had no mercy (referring to Dark Ace's catch phrase 'this time no mercy' ). Moonshadow sat in horror, and after the changes where complete she ran down to her best friend's side. She decided just in case that she would take Tanner's Pheonix fire crystal. When she reached out and touched his shoulder, and merely whispered the name Tanner, he turned around and kicked her into a rock wall. With that he picked up a Firebolt crystal that Moonshadow had mined, and put it into his sword. Then he got on his skimmer and flew off.

When Moonshadow woke up she thought it might all be a dream, but when she went back to the base, she saw all off her friends dead, even the leader. Heart broken she buried her friends. She soon discovered that in fact the reversing crystal was not raw and the rubble around it looked like it had been dug up before Tanner had dug it up again. With closer inspection she found that there had been a Cyclonian camp there. She new what her father had done. And she new that no doubt that Tanner, no that wasn't him, it was someone else he was...

"The Dark Ace, I'm so glad to see you've joined the Cyclonians."

-Years Later after the first downfall of the Cyclonians and the rise of the second Storm Hawks-

"We're hit hard and if we don't find a safe place to land now there won't be anything to land." Stork stated in his usual terrified/paranoid manner.
"Then get us out of here now! We'll go through the wastelands to get away from them." Ordered Aerrow the Storm Hawks red-headed leader.
"Well I think...Waaaa." Finn was stopped mid sentence as the Condor went into a nosedive into the wastelands.
"I can't pull up. Everyone head to the skimmers before we're all doomed even more." cried Stork as he frantically ran for the hangar door, everyone else close on his heels. As everyone hovered and watched the Condor crash on a plateau in the wastelands. Stork let out a small sad whine from the back of Piper's Heli-scooter. "Awww man what are we going to do now? The Cyclonians will be on us in any minute." Finn cried.
"I don't know but here they come." Just as the Cyclonians were in firing range, a horn blared out across the wastelands, and blasters could be heard firing, but they weren't the Cyclonian blasters.

The Storm Hawks watched as the blasters fired at the Cyclonians. Their commander called retreat and they all flew off. The Storm Hawks gave a big cheer, but then they were fired at with some sort of crystal and everything went black.

When Aerrow awoke he was strapped down to a metal table. Aerrow started to struggle but a deep masculine voice said, "You struggle, you die. That is our rule around here." Two figures stepped into view wearing black masks. One was a big strong man that looked as if he could break every bone in a person's body with his pinky finger. The other was a skinny tall woman that looked as if she could be in her early twenties even though Aerrow couldn't see most of her face. "Now tell me," the big man, "why were the Cyclonians after you, and what's your squadron's name?" "We['re the Storm Hawks, and the Cyclonians were chasing us because we stole a shipment of dangerous crystals from them." Aerrow stated. "Then you are enemies of Cyclonia right?" Said the female in a soft caring voice. She took out a pair of keys. "No Moonshadow. You know for a fact that the Storm Hawks are dead. These are probably thieves that crossed paths with the Cyclonians." Said the man. "No. He's not lying. The old Storm Hawks might be dead but this is a new squadron." She stated, and with that proceeded to unstrap him.

Aerrow fallowed closely behind Moonshadow because the big man ( who later he found out his name was Bruce) kept giving him dirty looks. "Where are we going?" asked Aerrow. "It doesn't matter where we're going pipsqueak! You're the prisoner we'll take you where ever we want to!" Bruce yelled. "We're going to take you to your squadron. Ah here is where they're staying." Moonshadow said. Bruce glared at her but she pretended not to notice. Bruce gave Aerrow a shove, and the sky knight stumbled into the room. Aerrow scanned the room. It wasn't the dark, damp, and cold cell he expected, but bright and cozy, anything but dark. There were five beds and he saw all of his friends but one clustered around a bed in the middle. He faintly heard Moonshadow say, "I'll be back to bring you dinner." Then he heard the door closing and a key turning in the lock. He went over to see why everyone was clustered around and where Finn was, but just taking a look at the bed answered both of his questions. Finn was lying on bed, blood smeared across his face, little cuts and bruises, and a gash running across his chest. Aerrow gave an involuntary gasp "How did...?" Aerrow started, He was interrupted by Stork who said, "He was too close to the blast and they miss calculated so he got hit, hard." "Is he going to be ok though?" Aerrow asked frantically "That girl was in, she looked him over and said that he should be ok in a couple of days." Piper stated calmly. "I hope she's right." Junko said with a really downcast expression. "It's ok Junko. She seemed to know what she was doing. After all she's the one that save Finn and Aerrow from going into a pool of lava." Piper stated. "Hey, where's Radarr?" Aerrow asked worried for his co-pilot's safety. "I think they put him in a cage, because he kept trying to bite Moonshadow." Piper stated. "More like they probably put him in the stew. He's doomed. We're all doomed. They're going to give us to the Cyclonians. I just know it." rambled Stork in his usual manner "Don't say thing like the Stork. You're going to make me believe it." Junko said in a small tone.