Starling was flying through the skies on her skimmer toward the Condor. She was also contemplating her day. So far it had been quite nice. 'Well, every time I have a day like this, something has to go wrong.' She thought to herself. She really hoped nothing would ruin her good day, but that was inevitable.

Starling landed on the Condor's hangar, making a couple skid marks. 'Cool.' She thought to herself. She thought it was a pretty cool skid mark too. When she looked around the messy room, she noticed something a little out of place; a lightning yellow and fire red bike was parked in the corner. Starling decided to investigate.

When she got to the bike, (she thought secretly to herself that it was pretty cool) she could she a person working on the engine underneath the bike. The person must have noticed her, because she slid out from underneath it in a fluid, graceful motion. "Hi. You here for a pizza pickup?" The young woman said in a British accent. She probably in her early twenties, and was wearing all black. The only thing really that wasn't black was her pale face (slightly oil stained, though), and her electric blue eyes.

"Umm, actually I was looking for the Storm Hawks. This is the Condor their ship." Starling said, a little protective, and ready to beat up anyone that would try to use it as a pizza delivery vehicle. The woman was about to respond, but was interrupted by Finn yelling "Mooooooonshaaaaaadoooooow!" "Ya?" Moonshadow replied. "Why are you talking in that accent? Oh, never mind, Aerrow was looking for you." Right on cue, Aerrow walked in. "Oh, Starling! Surprised to see you here." Aerrow said. "Looks like you've met Moonshadow then." Starling didn't want make Aerrow upset by telling him that she had asked if she was here for pizza.

"Um, yes kind of." Starling said. She didn't like how awkward the situation was getting. Moonshadow held out her hand for Starling to shake it. Just as they were about to shake Starlings eyes narrowed and she jerked her hand back as if she was about to touch something very nasty. "Cyclonian." She hissed. She said this as if she were saying murder. Moonshadow rolled her eyes. "You Interceptors are all alike. How would you like it if we just met and I said 'Interceptor' in the same way you just said Cyclonian? Would that make you feel nice? I know I might be going a little hippy, but jeez, have a little consideration."

"What you mean 'You Interceptors are all alike'? What's that supposed to mean?!" Starling asked weapons whirring, ready to strike at the first sign of a threat (other than the fact that there was a Cyclonian standing right in front of her). "Well, I met your team once, not very nice I must add. I heard your team was all dead. But that's what happens when you break oaths." Moonshadow said. That got Starling's attention. "What oath?" "Oh he swear an oath upon pain of death never, ever to let a female join his squadron. One of my teammates really wanted to join the Interceptors, because he had extended an invite to all the males on my squadron who would want to join his squadron. Of course he turned her down in quite a rude way, made her cry for a couple days. After that, we all just kinda hated his squadron, because, of course they all thought it was funny that she was crying." Moonshadow summed it up with a shrug of her shoulders. "Besides, about your earlier comment I'm a ex-Cyclonian." "Once a Cyclonian, always a Cyclonian." Starling sneered.

"But, obviously your squadron didn't do to well either, or they would be here right now. What they fall off of their skimmers goofing off, or were they taken out by other squadrons because they were traitors?" Moonshadow look as if she were about to burn Starling alive on a steak. "If I were you, I wouldn't go around spouting off your mouth like that. Especially if you have no clue what you're talking about." Moonshadow said. To Aerrow, the ex-Cyclonians eyes looked like they were turning a reddish color.

"Moonshadow! Can you help me cook? Maybe you can teach me a new recipe, or something!" Piper yelled down from somewhere up above. "Sure I'll be up!" Moonshadow called. With one last glare at Starling, she walked out of the hangar.

"Why did you do that?" Aerrow asked, having trouble keeping the anger from rising in his voice. "What did she do to you? I can see your starting shock at her being a Cyclonian. But to bring up her team being dead like that, and then say they all did because of one stupid reason or another? I mean, come on! She could have said 'Well that's stupid you let your team get killed by a couple of stupid lizards. It wasn't even important enough to get taken out by Cyclonians'." "She was the one that brought up the fact that my squadron was dead! I was just defending my teammates." Starling yelled in defense. "DINNER!" Piper said over the intercom. Everyone on the Condor had heard the little yelling match in the hangar.

When the little group walked into the kitchen, the table was set already. Everyone was there except for Moonshadow. "Where's Moonshadow? Pouting?" Starling asked pleased that she caused the girl not to want to come to dinner, until Finn said, "Feeding The Dark Ace." Starling's jaw dropped. "What? Did you say Dark Ace?" "Ya. You should really get your hearing checked. You could have a disease called demonstrativeto inflotativeto. It's fatal." Stork said, though it wasn't in his usually paranoid tone. He actually sounded like he could care less if she died of some unheard of disease.

Moonshadow silently sat down in her chair, still moving far more graceful that Starling expected possible. She reminded her of one of those vampires. 'Wonder if she brainwashes these guys.' "I'm not a vampire. I'm human." Moonshadow said, indifferently. "That's kind of mean. Do you think that just because she's a Cyclonian that she has to brain wash people and can't have friends." Piper said, in a tone that was like a mother's when she said 'Jimmy! Don't hit your brother!' Starling didn't think she said that out loud, but oh well…

"Well, I don't see any other reason why people would be friends with a Cyclonian! She probably plotting with The Dark Ace to kill you all in your sleep." Starling said very prejudicially. "Um, actually she was the one that caught Dark Ace in the first place." Junko tentatively said. "Humph." Was all Starling said. Aerrow throughout the conversation was watching Moonshadow's eyes change color from electric blue, to blood red. 'Maybe she is a vampire.' Aerrow thought. "Aerrow that isn't very nice!" Piper cried distressed. "Um, I didn't say that out loud." Aerrow exclaimed.

Moonshadow yawned. Good night guys. 'Good riddance.' Starling thought, and of course everyone heard that too.

Starling was staying in the Condor for the night. As she got ready for bed, she thought back on dinner. 'That was really creepy.' She thought. And what was with Moonshadow? She didn't say one word in defense of herself. 'Odd, but I guess I'll have to figure it our in the morning.' Starling thought.

That morning nobody saw Moonshadow. Piper got stuck feeding The Dark Ace, and used every chance he got to annoy her. He thought it was quite fun until the remains of his breakfast, milk and some brand of cereal, got dumped over his head.

After 3 o'clock, normally someone would have gone to check on Moonshadow, but after she had more or less moved in, no one had been in her room. Even Starling was too scared to go in. Ace ended up getting his lunch late, and apparently thought either didn't learn his lesson the first time, or thought Aerrow would be more tolerant. After the second or third comment the grilled cheese sandwich was splattered across his face.

By dinnertime, even Starling was worried. What if she had caused her to commit suicide or something? Even she couldn't bare the thought of that on her conscience. After dinner, nobody bothered to take Ace his dinner. That is until Starling had the idea that maybe, Ace might know something about her disappearance.

The whole team was crowded into the infirmary, so Ace knew something was up. "What? I really doubt you're all here to apologize for dumping food on me." Ace said, a little apprehensive to what was going to happen. They all seemed on edge. "We're wonder where Moonshadow is, because she hasn't been around all day. Um, we were also kind of wondering if she a…vampire?" Aerrow whispered. The Dark Ace burst out into hysterics.

"You…think…Moonshadow…is…a…vampire?" Ace said through the hysterics. He was laughing so hard that tears started to roll down his face. "Well, how else would you explain her not being here today, and her eyes changing from blue to red?" Piper demanded. The Dark Ace started hiccupping. "Moonshadow hic only hic sleeps once a hic month. And when she hic does sleep, hic she sleep the whole hic day. Cyclonians of hic royal blood have powers above hic anyone else's. Normally you can see when they're using this power hic through the color of their eyes hic unless they're really good at using them. Moonshadow hic normally controls this, but can't real well when she's tired." By the time he finished his speech, the hiccups had become less frequent, though they were still quite annoying.

Everyone (save Ace who had fallen a sleep with his hiccups) was waiting at breakfast for Moonshadow. No one went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Silently they all stared at the door leading into the kitchen. Starling had promised herself that she would apologize, but she couldn't promise to completely trust her. "Why are you guys staring at the door?" Moonshadow asked. She had unintentionally snuck up behind them. "Where did you come from?" Finn exclaimed. "Uh, the kitchen." Moonshadow said as if that was the weirdest question to ask her. No that they looked; Moonshadow was wearing an apron, with a big frying pan in her hand filled with scrambled eggs.

"Food!" Junko and Finn yelled. "Ah." The ex-Cyclonian exclaimed as the two started to attack the eggs. "You could at least wait for me to put it down." She said carefully setting down the pan. "We're approaching Atmosia! We'll be there in about 30 minutes." Stork announced over the intercom.

Down in the infirmary, Ace was wide-awake, and had heard the announcement. 'So, I have about 30 minutes before I know how I'm going to be put to death.' Ace thought grimly.

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