Stork carefully landed the Condor on the terra. "Ok, what now?" Stork asked. "Well, you take Ace into the city, using the back roads. I had Piper call ahead and tell them we'd be coming. It'd probably help if you knocked him out. I need to get a few things before I head in." Moonshadow answered. "Ok, but how do we knock him out?" Aerrow asked. "Oh, I think I know." Stork said, an evil grin on his face as he kept hitting a frying pan into his hand. "Bock!" a random chicken said. Radarr looked at it. He hated it when those things would pop up randomly.

After the Storm Hawks had dragged the Dark Ace through the back roads, they hefted him up the steps to the council room. "I'm going to go do the paper work." Starling said, not really knowing what had happened, and wanted the Storm Hawks to get credit, not her. She'd probably surprise Moonshadow like that, with her nobleness and all.

"Ehh, what do we have here?" The head council member asked, putting on his glasses and leaning back in his chair to get his glasses to focus. The head councilor hated getting new glasses they would never focus at the same distance, but he had leaned back to far. "Oh, ahhh." He said as he fell backwards his chair falling over with his feet sticking up in the air. "So what happened here kids? How did you get him?" The head council member was shakily getting to his feet.

After the Storm Hawks related their story he said, "Kids, I'm sorry, but no one named Moonshadow Cyclonis, or even Moonshadow has ever become a Sky knight, or was ever in a Sky Knight squadron. All the members of the Flaming Pheonixes were wiped out. I think your friend is a fake." "Then why would she help us?" Aerrow asked. "Cyclonian are always deceitful. She could be faking to get the Dark Ace behind our defenses, and then destroy us." Piper new that Moonshadow would probably call him a stereotypical pessimist with no room to be moved.

"So you think that she's going to kill us in our sleep?" Finn asked. Then he and Junko cracked into hysterical laughter. "Don't you think if she actually wanted to do that, she would have?" the Dark Ace said who had groggily taken in the conversation after he'd woken up. He hated this useless jabber, and it was giving him a headache, thus taking away from his moping. To think he used to think about gloating in Aerrow's face before he or his master killed him. Now he just wished he'd live.

"Well, sir, if you're that worried about it, we'll investigate. But, err, what do you want us to do with him?" Aerrow asked, to take the subject off of the still giggling Finn and Junko. The head council member sighed. "The Rex guardians are arriving soon I've heard. Take him down to a holding cell, until they can deal with him. Once the time is decided, we will hold a fair trial for him." "What's far about a trial? We all know that the only point in the trial is to look organized and discuss how you'll kill me!" Ace protested, his voice hitting high points at intervals. Stork brought out his frying pan.

Moonshadow's day looked like it was going to take an interesting turn when the whole Storm Hawks squadron turned out to stand in front of her, with mix faces of doubt and rage. Moonshadow, who was currently snacking on a hotdog, swallowed and paused long enough between bites to ask "What? Do I have something on my face or something?" "No, we just want to know your real purpose, and why you lied to us." Starling stated coldly. Moonshadow started at them dumbly for a minute, and then just cracked up. Cackling like a mad person she fell to the ground.

Five minutes later, when Moonshadow finally got control of herself, she said, "Whom have you been talking to you? That has to be the worst theory ever thought up. That's so cliché!" Starling raised an eyebrow. "So your not even going to deny that you're plotting something?" "Didn't do anything. Let me guess, you've been talking to the head council guy, and he probably told you I wasn't in that magical big book of his." Moonshadow said taking the last bite, and then starting mournfully at her empty hand.

"Ya, how did you know?" Piper asked, whatever doubt she had being dispersed. "Well, I don't know what on earth the leader of my squadron, Spear, put down as my name. He thought that it would be best since I was a Cyclonian." Moonshadow shrugged. "Such is life." "So, you thought this was irrelevant to tell us because…?" Aerrow asked. "Well, I didn't think you guys would actually believe something like that. After all Tommy never gave his real name. I think he went with Euritude on a dare or something…" "Who's Tommy?" Finn said giving her a dumb look. Moonshadow shrugged. "And how come you needed all that stuff then?" "Gramps and I don't have world's best relationship, ever since me and Tanner, sorry, Tanner and I, put a whoopee cushion on his chair during an important meeting…good times, good times." Moonshadow finished with a far away look in his eyes.

"Order in the court!" The head council member shouted above the hubbub that was taking place. Dark Ace had been haled up from the dungeons by armed guards (even though he was still unconscious from the blow given by Stork), Moonshadow administered water to wake him up, when asked if he had a lawyer he (obviously) said no, and Moonshadow was thus appointed. Everyone was yelling about misdeeds that had been committed by Ace at one time or another, clear down to a little baby saying "Goo-goo Gaga." (Which Harrier of course took to meaning "He stole my candy!") After about four or five hours of this Moonshadow asked if she could get an Aspirin for the humungous migraine she was getting.

A break was called, and the Dark Ace had to be woken up. After five minutes, the whole court returned, when something burst through the window. Everyone screamed, (though the Dark Ace's was particularly high) after it was for certain that it was just someone's pet bird wanting comfort from a nightmare, every one looked to make sure the Dark Ace was still present. They found him clinging to Moonshadow's neck. "Off." was all Moonshadow said.

"Now that we have heard all testimonies, does the Dark Ace have anything to say in his defense?" All that was heard was a giant snore. But instead of it coming from Ace, it originated from Moonshadow. "Would someone please wake up Moonshadow?" The judge (a.k.a. head council member) requested tiredly. Harrier complied by yelling her name about five times. Ace rolled his eyes. "What did you do to her Ace? Poison her drinking water?" Harrier demanded, (though secretly he hoped she wouldn't ever wake up) "Well, yelling her name won't do any good whatsoever if you don't take her headphones out of her ear." Ace stated in his obviously tone.

Harrier, who was sitting directly behind Moonshadow, reached down and tugged the headphones out. Harrier still tried to wake her up to no avail. Raising his eyebrow to Ace, Ace put his foot underneath one of the raised chair legs (Moonshadow was leaning back in her chair), and proceeded to flip the chair up and over. Moonshadow jumped to her feet saying "Objection." (Piper, who was currently in the back of the room with the rest of the team wondered if she hadn't faked it, or the Dark Ace hadn't known much about Moonshadow's sleeping habits)

"I don't think it's necessary for my client to say anything. Besides, some of the facts that you're taking into hand are coming from a baby for pity's sake! And your using Harrier as a translator, Harrier, who's vocabulary barely extends past 'Cheerio', and 'Good day chap! How bout a walk in the park'? I ask you good court the events described were not all my clients doing. Most were committed by the talon troops and it is inconsiderable and unlawful to fully charge him with all these acts. I ask that you see that the facts are separated from fiction. That is all." Sitting down Moonshadow went back to her normal bored impassive stare. Everyone later said that she got to into that lawyer stuff.

"Err, the jury must congregate to reach a decision, this will leave you with an hour break. Court dismissed." And with a firm whack of the mallet, the judge left with the rest of his jury. "Lovely." Ace muttered darkly. "Well, look at it this way, you have an hour more of your life to live." Moonshadow said with a smile.

"After taking everything into due consideration, we've decided which testimonies to take into consideration, and which to dismiss, one of them being Harriers interpretation of baby noises." The judge announced, but before he could continue, Ace turned around, stood up, and cried, "Stick that in your juice box and suck it!" After Ace being asked to sit down, the judge continued, "The jury, and senior squadron leaders have decided to host his execution at dawn." "But gramps, that's to early. I need my beauty sleep. I've finally found out that the stupid insomnia I have is wearing off." Moonshadow complained loudly. "Fine, we can hold it at noon, but I'll make no other exceptions." And with yet another resounding whack of a mallet, the court was dismissed. "See if I ever want you as my lawyer again." "Hey, I got you out of Harriers little translation didn't I? Besides it could be a lot worse, they could have sentenced you to having your intestines torn out burned in front of your eyes, and then having your head cut off." Ace shivered. She had a point.

Moonshadow was walking down the hall away from the courtroom when she was kicked in the side. Hitting the wall she was about to retaliate when she had a cool knife pressed against the soft flesh of her neck, right across the windpipe. When she followed the arm back to its owner she gasped slightly. "Look Cyclonian scum, keep away from the Dark Ace. Useless as you are, there are a couple of people that want to see you dead for how you acted today." Starling hissed. Two nodding women, who had been brought together out of dislike for Moonshadow, flanked her. The Storm Hawks suddenly rounded the corner, and Starling lowered her arm and walked off before the Storm Hawks fully had a chance to take in the situation. "Are you alright Moonshadow?" Piper asked, worried. "Ya, I'll be fine." The ex-Cyclonian replied relaxing her grip on the dagger hidden in her cape.

Everyone was partying, celebrating the fact that the Dark Ace was finally going to be out of their life, everyone except for Moonshadow and the Dark Ace himself. Moonshadow, who had disappeared before the party had even started, had said it was too early to celebrate a victory not yet achieved. The Dark Ace was fashioned by every bolt, chain, and cuff that could be scrounged (which happened to be quite a lot). Pinned from head to toe, Ace could barely blink. He barely even heard the soft noises of a drill at work…

The next morning when the guard was sent down to get the Dark Ace ready for his execution, all they found was empty chains; their locks picked.

After the alarm had been sounded, everyone took roll, and the only one not there was Moonshadow. Everyone was sent out on search.

Sleeping in a tree, Moonshadow was oblivious to all that was happening. "Moonshadow! Moonshadow where are you?" The Storm Hawks called. Piper had suggested looking out in the less populated parts of the terra, since Moonshadow didn't particularly like being surrounded by that many people that like giving her dirty looks.

"MOONSHADOW! WHERE ARE YOU?" Finn bellowed. There was a rustle of leaves over his head and a "Nnn." "Moonshadow?" Finn questioned. "What? It's like nine o'clock in the morning, way too early for me." None the less Moonshadow dropped out of the tree.

"Where's the fire?" She asked as Finn anxiously tried to pull her towards the skimmers. "Dark Ace escaped last night." "And let me guess, I'm being blamed for it." Moonshadow said, annoyed. "Yup. How did you know?" Finn asked. "Well, since the particular story is turning so cliché, it is pretty easy to guess what's going to happen next. Hopefully there will be a plot turn soon." Finn didn't know where all this was coming from, but he decided better not to ask.

"Where's the Dark Ace?" Starling demanded. "I don't know. It wasn't my job to watch him. After all, I'm just the useless Cyclonian scum who has to stay away from the Dark Ace." Moonshadow said coolly. Her fuse was getting real short, and she was about to blow. "I'll ask you one more time, where…is…the…Dark… Ace? Answer or face the consequences." Starling all but hissed. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Moonshadow grabbed Starling nun chucks, landed a kick in her stomach that sent her flying across the cafeteria they were talking and landed on her stomach.

"Listen sister. I'm not going to have some stuck up snobbish brat tell me what to do got it? You're forgetting that I lost my whole team to him! Now I could do one of two things, judging by how this over common plot is going: 1) Storm out of the room mad and don't come back until you beg at my knees because you have no other choice because the Cyclonians have all but wiped the floor with you, or 2) Tell you you're stuck with me, get over it, grow up. I think I'll go with option number 2. And just so you know, if you mess with me, the Talons won't be the only one's wiping the floor with you." Moonshadow said, and walked off.

"Well now, I think I might actually believe that that is Margaret from the Flaming Pheonixes." The old council member chuckled. "Always wiping floors with people, no matter who they are. But the janitors at least don't have to clean them that day.

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