Title: Meeting Again for the First Time for the Last Time!

Author: Ignorant One

Rating: T for language.

Word Count: 899

Summary: A short ficlet depicting the starting battle between the Kyuubi and the 4th Hokage. Sequel to 'Rumplestiltstails'!

The trees were upturned, dozens of the best shinobi in Konoha litter the battlefield; either deceased or dying. The earth was in upheaval every time one of the demon fox's tails made contact with the ground, sending shockwaves in all directions; even the elite ANBU had a hard time keeping balance as the ground shook beneath them.

"Hold off 'till Hokage-sama arrives!" A shinobi bellowed, and with that multiple ninja leapt from the earth, performing the most advanced jutsu they knew; some even resorted to flinging kunai and shurikin as hard as they could. The metal weaponry rebounded off of the creature's fur, and the jutsus were simply shrugged off or ignored.

Although one shinobi made a little headway, he produced a glass vial from one of the many pockets lining his vest, and threw it as hard and as accurately as possible. The vial struck its mark and shattered all over the nine-tails nose; the glass itself was ignored, but the chemical it contained reacted almost instantly. The Kyuubi reared back once it inhaled the toxic substance; tails lashing too-and-fro as it furiously pawed at its muzzle. After a few seconds the entire field quieted, the shinobi waiting to see if the poison had any effect.

The demon's eyes watered and it drew its head back, and after a mighty roar…it sneezed. White-hot fire and evaporated particles of the toxic mixture blanketed a quarter mile of forest. Incidentally, the shinobi who threw it as well as eight of his buddies were instantly vaporized by nasal flatulence the erupted from the Kyuubi…ew. As far as the battle was concerned, things weren't going to well for the shinobi; the four hundred plus shinobi that had once occupied the forest were now reduced to an estimated one hundred and eighty plus.

Just as all hope seemed lost in the one sided battle, large tremors shook the earth for miles as the large silhouette of Gamabunta sped towards the fox; the Hokage mounted on his head and nodachi drawn. The frog boss made a thrust with the blade, but the fox swiftly side-stepped and latched onto the folded steel with its powerful muzzle. The Kyuubi held onto the blade as Gamabunta wrestled with the nine tails to remove it from its powerful grasp.

It was a stalemate, neither side willing to give ground; and the large creatures leaned into one another their faces nearly touching. While the frog was focused on watching the fox's tails, the Demon had its eye focused on the blond perched atop Gamabunta's head. The Yondaime Hokage hands were a flurry of motion; speeding through dozens of hand seals a second. Once the blonde Hokage finished the last few seals in the sequence he paused.

The fox arched a furred brow, it's eyes focused on the blonde's face, which was covered with his bangs. In a quick movement, he raised his head, revealing the tough and serious expression that adorned his face. So the work she did on his mind years ago really did have an affect on his attitude after all. The fox mentally patted herself on the back for doing a great job with that hopeless shinobi. Despite the sharp blade that filled her muzzle, she smiled.

The Yellow Flash finally spoke up. "So it seems we meet again for the first time for the last time, Rumplestiltstails!"

The smile faded as the words registered in her mind. What the hell did he just say? 'We meet again for the first time for the last time? W…T…F?

Those were her last thoughts before she was sucked into a blinding vortex and then shoved into an incredibly cramped space; cursing Kazama Arashi with her last breath.

Scene Break

"Yup, and that's how it happened." The nine tails said after taking a drag, handing her blonde lover the cigarette. Naruto wearily eyed the death-stick as he placed it between his fingers.

"Wow, 'we meet again for the first time for the last time'? Geeze, who would've have thought that dad could be so corny and un-understandable!? The fourth Hokage, creator of horrible catch phrases…and my father…my gene pool seems to be lacking in intelligence." He took his own drag and blew a smoke ring that dissipated with distance.

"Hey, what he lacked in brains he more than made up for in brute strength and massive chakra capacity. Intelligence can be gained, while chakra reserves can only be improved on marginally. So count yourself lucky, my brains, my chakra paired with your brawn…we make a perfect team. In," the fox leaned down kissed the blonde nin's chest, scraping her teeth southward. "and out of the bedroom. Now, what about that cunnlingus you promised me?"

With a sigh and a smile, Naruto lowered himself down off the bed, kneeling between the Kyuubi's thighs and set to work; trying his damndest to get the oral worship over with so he could sleep. Seriously, demon foxes and their libidos!

A/N: There we have it! The sequel to 'Rumplestiltstails'! Tell me what you think of it. I am taking requests, so please send them to me and I will write them if I have the time.

Ignorant One