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"Narumi-kun.." he finally spoke. Narumi smiled and nodded, "Hai?"

"Bring me to the nullifier. Now." he demanded. Narumi was quite shocked but nodded anyway.

He led him to the field where Mikan was playing. The man was certainly amused seeing the burnette. "She resembles a lot like your lover, no, Narumi-kun?"

Narumi flinched. Yes, he hated that man.

Narumi still put on that smile, "What are you talking about, Kagurazaka-senpai?" True, that Narumi loved his senpai, who had the stealing alice. Azumi Yuka. His unrequited love led him to protect Mikan more than anything else.

The man smirked and was walking over to Mikan suddenly a blade of paper passed in front of the man and struck the ground. A branch fell to the ground. The man stopped at his track. The rest of the students who were there playing P.E stopped whatever they were doing and looked at that direction

The man smirked, "Oh.. Yuuki Ai." He turned to his left and looked up the tree. He saw her and gave another smirk.

Ai stayed in the shadows of the tree she was standing under. Narumi and Kagurazaka noticed another presence besides Ai. It was none other than the academy's Kuro Neko, Hyuuga Natsume. Narumi was quite surprised but inwardly he was happy that the two arrived.

Kagurazaka smirked towards the two, "Oya, aren't the both of you being very impatient, no?"

Natsume jumped down the branch from opposite Ai and created a fire ball in his right hand. Kagurazaka smirked even more. He noticed a familiar brunette from the corner of his eyes. Mikan and everyone else saw the man but could not see what was stopping him. Somehow, Mikan felt uneasy. She dropped the ball that she was holding and she felt her feet moved on her own.

Natsume saw somebody moved and turned to the person. His eyes wide shock, 'Mikan, don't come here!'

The man smirked even more. He sensed the urge to protect the brunette from the young lad. Under the sun, Kagurazaka's eyes shined. Ai saw it and felt even annoyed, "Tch, such an annoying alice, baka jiji!" she silently cursed Kagurazaka.

Ai stayed in the shadows where no one further than they were can see them. Natsume couldn't budged from where he was since he did not want Mikan or anybody else to see him being there or more like avoiding chaos. Mikan kept approaching them.

Everyone just managed to watch. Hotaru knew something was not going right. Natsume twitched in annoyance and looked up at Ai who was just staying silent doing nothing. He wondered, 'Oi, Ai. Do something! That Polka Dots is coming nearer!'

Narumi could not do anything about it either. His pheromone won't work against Kagurazaka's alice and also Mikan's presence made it even impossible to use his pheromone since she always activates her nullifying alice. Narumi felt helpless. 'I'm leaving this to the both of you, Ai, Natsume'

Underneath her silver mask, she closed her eyes and focused on the brunette's figure.'Straight focus, concentrate. Mikan-chan! Mikan-chan!'

Ai kept her eyes shut beneath the mask. Her breathing was slightly panting but made sure that her composure was calm. Suddenly, Mikan abruptly stopped at her track and her eyes wide opened. Ai exhaled her breath and slowly opened her eyes.

Her mind played all the dreams she had had and blankly looked around her, left and right, left and right.

"E-eh? I thought I was passing the ball to Hotaru? How did I get here?" she puzzled. Hotaru noticed Mikan's behavior. Natsume furrowed his eyebrow in confusion, Narumi looked at Mikan in amusement. The blonde took a glance at the girl on the branch. Narumi smiled. He knew Ai broke Kagurazaka's alice from Mikan.

Kagurazaka turned to Ai with amusement written all over his face. Natsume, Narumi and mostly Ai hated it. Ai took off her mask which surprised Natsume. They knew the rules; do not show your identity to your enemy, rule #1.

Ai looked at Narumi, "Sensei, settle up that" she diverted her gaze towards Mikan. Just like Natsume and Narumi, trying to avoid as much chaos as they can and Ai did not want Mikan to get involved in this kind of matter, yet. Not until she thinks Mikan was ready.

Narumi gave a slight nod and came out of the shadows of the trees with his usual behavior and practically dragged Mikan back to her P.E lesson.

Narumi scratched the back of his head with a nervous smile, "Gomen ne, minna. I was testing out something behind there" he slightly bowed to the P.E teacher.

"Narumi-sensei, don't make more ruckus already. You're distracting the students" Narumi laughed nervously.

Mikan looked blankly at Narumi. As soon the P.E teacher returned to the other students to dismissed them, Mikan tugged on Narumi's shirt. He returned the blank look Mikan had with his fatherly smile, "You better get to class. Your next period is Jinno-sensei's class right?"

She knew something was definitely up. "Narumi-sensei. Is Natsume alright?"

Narumi was taken back but smiled and nodded, "He is."

Mikan nodded and ran to the rest of them back to class. Narumi sighed and looked at the place where he was a moment ago. 'Yuuki-san, Natsume, be careful..' Narumi walked away.

"Didn't I tell you? Not to go near her?" Ai's voice sounded like a threat.

Kagurazaka smiled slyly, "Oh.. You broke my alice. Impressive." He looked at Ai.

Natsume stood up. Ai jumped off the branch, beside Natsume. He looked at her. He knew she was exhausted. She used a lot of her second alice. Kagurazaka smirked and walked nearer until Natsume casted fire circling him. Directly warning him to not come any closer.

"Interesting this is.." Kagurazaka laughed and looked at them.

"You're protecting her, Kuro Neko? This is getting more interesting, Shiroi Tori. I never expected for you, the great assassin to have a Kuro Neko taking care of you.. Why? Tired? Maybe I should put you to sleep. A long sleep.." He continued with a smirk.

Natsume twitched. He casted the fire larger when Ai stood in front of him. She smirked, "Oi, baka. Do you really think you can hurt them?"

Natsume and Kagurazaka both look at her. Kagurazaka raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean, Shiroi Tori?"

"You already have the answer, old man." She walked nearer. Natsume blinked. 'What the hell does she think she's doing?!'

"Natsume, turn it off." Ai ordered him. Natsume twitched and followed her order.


Kagurazaka looked blankly at Ai, "I still don't understand.."

"You really are an idiot. You said it yourself. I am the Shiroi Tori. The great assassin. I can kill you right now. Those men of yours, can't do anything without anyone leading them. If you think that person will kill Tomoyo and my family. Think again. Your words were nothing but threats. Mere threats." Ai smirked.

Kagurazaka was speechless. True, what she said was true. He smirked, "Clever girl."

Ai grinned, "You will obey me. Protect Tomoyo and my family with your life. If not, I'll come and get you.."

Kagurazaka sighed, "I understand. Make sure you make it worth my time and energy protecting them." He walked away.

Natsume cocked an eyebrow as he listened to their conversation. "What was all of that about?"

Ai turned to Natsume, "It's a deal. He is still in love with Yuka, Mikan's mother. And obviously, he is in debt with us for protecting him before, back when he was still my mother's comrade. He still wants me to continue my effort in search of Yuka."

Natsume remained emotionless, "Sou ka..." He turned behind him. Ai smiled, "Hotaru.."

The raven-haired lass stepped out of the bushes and remained emotionless, "So that was what it is.."

Ai nodded and smiled, "You know what to do, Hotaru."

Hotaru nodded, "If it means that Mikan will be protected."

The three of them came in an agreement and went back to their respective classes.

"Tsubasa! Misaki!" Ai shouted while waving her hands and hugged Misaki from the neck. Tsubasa sighed while ruffling her hair.

"Mattaku, where have you been?!" Tsubasa asked.

Misaki nodded, "We've been worried about you, Ai-chan."

Ai release Misaki from the neck hug and grinned. "Gomen gomen. I was helping out Narumi-sensei. I kind of forgot to tell you." She fake a laugh.

Tsubasa and Misaki sighed in relief. Misaki hugged her, "Don't do that next time. Whatever it is, no secrets, okay?"

Tsubasa looked at Misaki and nodded, "Misaki's right. Don't scare us like that."

Ai nodded with her grin, "I'm hungry!"

Tsubasa and Misaki smiled and chuckled. Tsubasa came up with an idea, "Ha! Let's race to the dinner hall. Whoever gets there the slowest will treat them to Central Town this weeke-" Misaki and Ai ran off. Tsubasa gaped open. He started to chase after them.


Misaki stuck out her tongue, "You're treating us, Tsubasa!' Ai chuckled.

They got to the dinner hall, panting. Well, only Tsubasa and Misaki. Ai was calm and composed. Her breathing was not disturbed at all. She sat down and ate with the rest of them.

Ai left Misaki and Tsubasa at the dinner hall, giving them an excuse that she was tired due to the 'help' she did this morning. Ai walked calmly across the academy ground and headed towards the Eastern Forest. She promised him.


"We went to the Eastern Forest which was said to be forbidden. And I found that place though it was really a rough battle with those moving thorn trees. I've to admit, they were fast. Even Kuro Neko got scratched." Ai blurted out everything in a very carefree voice of hers.

Natsume raised an eyebrow thinking that how could she explain something like was suppose to be a secret to Persona so easily? 'This girl, she said that so... carefreely?' he thought.

"Oi, how did you get pass that impossible tree?" Natsume asked.

"Oh, that. You find the main root and stop it but cutting or burning the mother root. Then everything go 'dead'" Again, she said it carefreely.

Persona was almost speechless. 'I know she's a genius like Natsume or even more than him but I never knew she could be so rebellious. She found that place which I was trying to get through ever since Aoshi forhibitted it to everyone. I wonder if Misaki knows? I'm sure he does. Well at least, she's okay.' Persona thought.

"There will be no punishment for this little happening. Come by the gate at 11." Persona went off.

Ai and Natsume looked at each other. "Don't you be late or on time. Be there earlier." Natsume warned her and jumped off to his room.

Ai sighed, "Persona..."

He came out of the back of the tree she was leaning. "You wanted to know how the place look like right?" She said while her eyes are shut very calmly.

"Find me when the crescent moon is up. If you're able to find me with all five senses of yours, that place I'm at is you reward." Ai opened her eyes and gaze upon Persona.

End of flashback

She looked up at the beautiful dark sky. The crescent moon was beautiful that night. It was bright as if it was silver in color. She smiled. She walked through the forest in a calm manner and reached in front of a pathway. It was dark and it was getting colder. She did not mind and walked through that path.

She trotted up the stairs and reached the place. Her eyes softened with a gentle smile. No matter how many times she had been there, she would always be amused by it. She sat on her favorite tree that was facing the lake and the crescent moon. She leaned her back on the truck and closed her eyes.

The clock stroked 10.00 p.m. sharp. Persona just got back from a mission in the city. He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, black pants and a pair of black shoes. What can he say? He looked good in black since his pale skin matched it well. He glanced up at the big academy clock and it was late. He headed straight to Eastern Forest.

He remembered their promise. He looked up the sky and saw it was a perfect crescent moon. The autumn wind blew softly against his skin. He ran his fingers through his hair. He followed the scent, her presence. He finally reached a dark pathway. He looked at the tree that used to move around dangerously, and was dead.

It's still amazing how she defeated this.

He walked through the pathway and climbed the stairs. As he reached the top and his eyes were widened in shock.


The place was amazing. The lake water glittered under the moon's light. He found himself smiling. He walked around but her presence was not there. He stopped under a tree. Oblivious to him that she was right on top of his head. She grinned. She let him feel her presence and when he looked up, she wasn't there.

He smirked. Playing games are we?

He stood there calmly and counted. 3,2,1...


As he was about to turn his head..


He fell to the ground with her on top of him. She smiled, "That took you so long.."

He smirked, "If I came later, would you still wait?" He sat up but she was still on his lap.

She gave it thought and folded her arms, "I would but you'll find my body on the ground, cold." She made a dramatic voice and pretended to be a drama queen. She giggled and he smirked.

"I'm still amazed that you found this place easily."

Her gaze softened, "Not really.." She faced him.




He broke the kiss and looked straight into her cerulean eyes. She was blushing 30 shades of red. He tucked her hair behind her ear and wrapped his arms around her waist.


He smiled. Yes, smiled. A pure genuine smile on his handsome face. His crimson eyes softened looking at the girl in front of him. He embraced her. He buried his face in his neck. Her scent was filling him. Vanilla

He broke the hug and pecked her cheeks. She smiled, "Ne, Serio."


"I-" she paused. She looked into his eyes, "I love you.."

He nodded and held her cheek. Gently caressing it, "I know, and I don't think I need to answer that." He caught her lips and kissed her, passionately. She draped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. He switched their position where she was underneath and in between his legs.

It was getting hotter for them. He gently caressed her left thigh. He kissed her neck. He unbuttoned her blazer and loosen up his shirt. He gave her a hickey and kissed her lips. They stopped and stare into each other's eyes.

"May I?"

She blinked. She was not sure herself. Staring back at him, she smiled, "Hn.." she nodded.

The autumn wind blew gently against their skin. Under that bright crescent moon, the stars glittered, the night was peaceful.

"Natsume no baka!" The brunette shouted.

He smirked, "You were doing horribly in maths. You are a triple star, Strawberries."

She pouted. The pout that always, he considered cute. He smirked even more. Mikan tackled Natsume on the floor, under his bedroom, trying to grab her mathematic book back from Natsume's grip.

"Natsume, give it back!"


"Mou, I have to complete it. And I can't finish it with you disturbing me!"

"Stop blaming it on other people. You weren't concentrating, baka shoujo!"

She pouted again but this time, she stopped and got off their position. She stood up with her bangs covering her eyes. Natsume looked at her.

"Fine. Whatever. I'm going back to my room." She moved away from him and got her books from his table. She was about to walk away until he caught her waist from behind.

"You're staying here." He whispered in her ears.

She did not say a word, "Then tell me that you're not hiding anything from me!"

Natsume was taken back, "What are you talking about, little girl?"

She faced him with her eyebrows furrowed, "Don't lie. You know something. I felt her just now. This morning."

Natsume knew what Mikan was trying to tell him. He threw away the books in her hands on the floor and hugged her tightly.


She clenched his shirt while burying her head deeper in his chest, "Natsume, nee-chan is trying to tell me something, isn't she? She was the one protecting me.."

Natsume nodded and held her tighter, "Aa. Just stay here."

"Hai.." Mikan nodded.

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Japanese to English

Baka shoujo - Stupid girl

Baka - stupid

Yadaa - No (in a refusing way)

Hai - Yes

Mattaku - Jeez

Sou ka - I see