Yo! Osh, chapter 3!

At the academy's main gate

Persona was already at the main gate but remained unseen behind the shadows waiting for other teachers to arrive at given place. 10 minutes later, Persona sensed two familiar teachers heading towards the main gate and a couple of other teachers who came to help load things up. Persona appeared beyond the shadows with his arms folded.

Aoshi and Narumi saw Persona, and so did the other teachers who just stared at Persona in disbelief. Persona raised an eyebrow. Narumi smiled his usual smile at Persona while Aoshi smirked, "Ara ara, Persona. You look very good with those clothes." Narumi nodded, "Hm, Aoshi-sama is right. You should wear something like that for a change."

Persona twitched, "Urusai." Narumi chuckled and Aoshi just smirked. Persona had to wear normal clothes other than his usual clothing; he wore a black turtle neck top with a pair of black jeans with a pair of black shoe. He obivously can't wear his mask and revealed his dark crimson eyes. Narumi wore a beige turtle neck top with a pair of corduroy pants.

After loading up their things inside the car. Aoshi faced the two teachers, "The both of you better get this job done fast. I want her to be in the academy as soon as possible. I didn't want to mention this in the meeting yesterday but this girl is being watched by the Anti Alice Organisation."

Narumi's expression turned serious. Somehow, he felt a pang in his chest when Aoshi mentioned the AAO. Narumi looked at Aoshi who was emotionless. Narumi knew very well how it hurts Aoshi to mention about this. Persona remained emotionless but he got interested.

"What you're trying to say is that, this girl is very special?" Persona asked. Aoshi nodded. "Sou ka, in that case, we'll get back to the academy as soon as possible. There's also a high possibility that the AAO agents will make a move if they know we're out to get Yuki-san." Narumi said.

Persona didn't move an inch hearing the details. Narumi smiled, "Serina-sensei was concerned about this, Aoshi-sama. You knew about this all along, why didn't you request her to enter the academy bef-"

Narumi was cut off by Aoshi, "I did, but a promised I made to a friend of mine. Promising him, that Yuki-sama will only come when the time comes." Aoshi looked at Persona who just looked back at Aoshi emotionless, "Yuki-sama is the only heiress to the legendary person in this academy.

Persona, you are going to find this very interesting. Trust me." Aoshi smiled.

Narumi nodded, "Hai, we'll be taking our leave now. Shall we, Persona?" The emotionless man went into the car without a word. Narumi sighed and bid goodbye to Aoshi.

The academy car left, Aoshi watched the car going further away and thought, 'Kasumi-senpai, the time is here, huh? Take care Mikan-chan for me as well. Just like Ai for you, Mikan-chan is the only one for that person and myself. Besides, that person would be surprised to see Ai again.' Aoshi went inside the academy with the teachers.

In the academy car

Narumi looked outside the window, watching the street lights passed by. He then turned to look at Persona who was just closing his eyes calmly. Narumi smiled and looked out the window again. He remembered the memories he had with that person. Narumi closed his eyes and drew out the face of that person again. Narumi remembered how that person used to be close to the legendary person. How important they are to each other. They were like sisters even though they were not bloodly related. 'Yuka-chan, where are you now?'. He remembered when Mikan chased him this morning after he went out the class.


"Narumi-sensei! Narumi-sensei!" The brunette shouted his name. She kept running towards the teacher like a little girl. Mikan didn't care about the other people who stared at her. She shouted his name a few more time and louder. She panted but kept running after Narumi, "Otou-san!" Narumi turned to her. She stopped at her track and was on her knees. Her eyes was on the ground, her sweat from her forehead fell to her cheeks then her chin and to the ground. A couple of tear drops started falling from her eyes and onto the grounds. Mikan saw a pair of shoes and looked up to the person in front of her. She smiled, "Otou-san..." Narumi bent down to her and put his right hand on her head, "Gomen, Mikan-chan. I didn't hear you called me just now." He laughed nervously. Mikan sweat dropped but kept smiling.

"O-tou-san," She panted again. Narumi smiled at her, "Shh, relax. There's no rush now." He pulled her up and they sat on the nearby bench.

The soft autumn breeze blew against their cheeks and through their hair. There were silence. Mikan was about to say something when Narumi cuts her off, "I have something to do for the academy. I'll be back in a day or two. While I'm gone, I want you to do your best studying for your upcoming exam, ne, Mikan-chan." He faced her while smiling.

Mikan abruptly stood up and put both her hands on her hips, "Otou-san, bring me back souvenir, ne?" She winked cutely and Narumi chuckled, "Hai hai, Mikan-chan." Mikan smiled but she couldn't ignore the feeling she was having and so, she decided to ask Narumi.

"Otou-san, I know I'm not suppose to ask but the feeling I'm having whenever you mention about this job you have to do for the academy, is somehow, getting to me. What is it that you have to do?" Mikan looked at Narumi almost pouting.

Narumi sighed. He knew Mikan would certainly asked, "It's something important and urgent as well. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I think, you," Narumi paused. Mikan looked at him intensely. Narumi smiled, "Daijobu. You're going to like it. That's all I can say, Mikan-chan."

She sighed loudly. Narumi smiled and patted her head, "You better get to class and don't worry. You won't feel bored since Natsume is not going for missions for a while." Mikan blushed 100 shades of red and looked away. "Otou-san! That stupid pervert, ehm..." She didn't have anything to say but she kept blushing. "Take care of yourself, ne, Otou-san." Narumi nodded and left her to his room.

End of flashback

Narumi gave out a long sighed, "Mikan-chan.." Narumi pouted. He was bored without Mikan around. He knew very well that Mikan was already 15 years old and a growing teenager but he couldn't stop treating Mikan like a little child because of her childish attitude.

Persona looked at Narumi from the corner of his eyes and closed them back. 'Idiot.' Persona thought. He smiled that fatherly smile again. "Persona, what did you tell to your class?" Narumi asked.

Persona opened his eyes but didn't look at Narumi, "Basically nothing. I don't need a tearful goodbye." Appointing it to Narumi who just laughed nervously while sweat dropped. Obviously Persona saw the moment between Narumi and Mikan's goodbye.


Natsume just came from the Sakura tree after he left Ruka there. He sensed Persona and headed towards where Persona was. Persona was waiting under the shades of the trees, a little further away from the Sakura tree where Natsume was.

Natsume walked with his hands inside his pockets and faced Persona, "Another mission?" Natsume asked coldly. Persona smirked, "Iie."

Natsume cocked an eyebrow, "Then what is it?" The wind blew pass them.

Persona was silent for a moment, "I have my own job to do for the academy for a while. That means you won't have any missions for a few days. Enjoy the freedom you'll have. The class can do whatever they want while I'm gone. But if there's any reports from those annoying teachers, you know what awaits for them."

Natsume looked at him emotionlessly and nodded. He heard Mikan's voice calling for Narumi. Even Persona heard it and they both looked at where the voice came from. It was true, it was Mikan and Narumi. They were conversing and saw the whole thing. Persona felt annoyed by Narumi's fatherly action. He knew exactly why Narumi was being specially nice to the brunette and to him the brunette was making things harder for him ever since she entered the academy like making Natsume disobeying him and going against him face to face when she was elementary. But he knew, he can't threat her nor harm her since Aoshi protected her from behind the scene and because of her alice. Persona walked away from the place and dissapeared without Natsume noticing.

End of flashback

"No wonder I felt like somebody was watching me that time." Narumi said. Persona looked out the window and wondered how the girl looks like. All he knew was that the girl was Takumi's and the legendary Shiroi Tori's only daughter. He was actually anxious to meet the girl.

Shirokin High School Big Hall

A dark blue haired girl was walking up and down the floor waiting for her friend. "Ai, are you okay?!" Tomoyo asked her from outside of the dressing room. Tomoyo gave Ai a dress of her own design and asked Ai to put it on for the night.

Tomoyo knocked on the door again. "Oh come on, you've been in there for at least 15 minutes already, the ceremony is about to start any minute now." she pleaded her best friend

At last, Ai unlocked the door for her best friend to come in. When Tomoyo came in, all she can do was, stare at her best friend and her jaw dropped.

Ai felt a little awkward. The dress is a tube like dress, colored in purple with two medium sized roses at the left side of her hips. The dress followed her curvaceous body. It made her look stunningly beautiful.

Tomoyo smiled cheerfully and held her hand dreamily while looking at her best friend. "Ai, you looked wonderful. Ara ara, I guess, you're the bell for tonight and mission is done." Tomoyo said proudly to Ai.

Ai sweat dropped. "You look beautiful yourself Tomoyo." Looking at Tomoyo who was still looking admiring her in the purple dress.

Tomoyo was wearing an open shoulder dark blue colored dress, with a matching choker. She puts on a blue head band on her head. Simple but pretty. When both girls went out the dressing room, all eyes were on them. They awed.

Tomoyo and Ai looked at each other and smiled, "Osh! We can do this!" They said in unison.

The two academy teachers had arrived at their destination. They arrived at an elite school where they see many rich snobbish people were there. They were greeted by a man in his late 40's. He has gray hair and olive eyes. He was wearing an expensive and branded suite.

"Hissashiburi, Narumi-kun, Persona." He offered his hand to shake. Both teacher smiled and shook hands.

Narumi smiled in relieve seeing his senpai again. Takumi was a year older than Narumi and Persona not to mention Serina and that person plus Aoshi. Persona nodded at Takumi.

Takumi smiled, "Looks like neither of you changed." Takumi looked at Persona and smiled even more. Narumi got the idea and giggled, "You think so too, huh, Takumi-senpai?" Narumi said while smiling. Persona twitched. Takumi and Narumi both chuckled and Persona. Takumi was a little surprised seeing Persona in usual clothes.

"She's inside. I'll introduce her to you later." Takumi said and both teachers nodded and went inside the school. As Narumi and Persona entered the school compound, all eyes were on them straight away. Girls of all ages had their eyes on the two teachers, not leaving them even for a second. Narumi just grinned while Persona felt irritated, 'Baka Narumi. Stop using your alice already.' He thought.

"I'm not using my pheromone. Our good looks charmed them on itself. I guess it's because of you." Narumi teased Persona who just grunted.

Inside the big school hall

Takumi showed them their seats and they sat and waited until everyone filled the hall. Then, the lights were dimmed and the host came on stage. "Good evening everyone! How are you tonight? I'm Hanamoto Nomiya and I'm your host for tonight. Well, I see everyone is anxious for the festival, I know how you feel because I am too. Especially when our most talented students are performing tonight. Well, our first performance is a little ballad song yet very nice. Please welcome, Otsuka Yumi-san." The audiences applaud.

After her performance, there were some other performances as well. Singing, drama, jokes, and some others. "Alright everyone! This is the last performance for tonight. We kept the best for the last. I would like to welcome our two most best and beautiful singers in school, please welcome Dojima Tomoyo-san and Yuki Ai-san!"

Everyone cheered loudly and the boys were whistling like a hungry fox. Mr. Narumi sweat dropped and grinned. Persona was annoyed. "Here she comes," Takumi said to the teachers. Both of the teachers set their eyes on the stage when the girls came up.

Tomoyo came up first and stand beside the piano followed by Ai who went straight to the piano. When Ai came in, Persona who always doesn't care, he was actually for the first time stunned by her,beauty. She was like an angel walking down this earth. He couldn't take his eyes of her. Still, he kept his cool and just looked at her.

"Konbawa, minna-sama! I know all of you had been waiting for us and everyone who performed earlier did a great job. Ai and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm sure everyone knows that Ai is going to be leaving us soon, so this will be our last performance together." Everyone in the hall suddenly fell silent. The whole school knows about Ai's sudden transfer but didn't know exactly why.

Ai took the microphone from Tomoyo and bowed to the crowd, "Minna, don't be sad. Cheer up. I don't want to see everyone sulking jus because of me. There will be a lot more great things in this school. I really did enjoy al the times I've been in this school. Arigato gozaimasu, minna!" Ai looked at the audience and smiled. She held back her tears as far as she could. She smiled at her father.

"Alright, here's our first song for the night entitled, Friend. Both Tomoyo and I composed this song for everyone from Shirokin High."

Ai took her seat at the piano and took a deep breath and released. Her fingers start playing soft notes on the piano keys and Tomoyo starts to sing.

Tomoyo closed her eyes and starts to sing gracefully while Ai kept playing nice piano note to it.

kokoro kara waraete itasareru toki ni ha

jibun no shiawase ni kitsuku koto de kite nakatta yo

mou nodoru koto ha dekinai ano natsu natsukashiku natte mo

hosokute demo tsuyoi sono te hanashita no watashi daka

(When I was filled with laughter from the heart

I didn't even notice my own happiness.

I can't go back, no matter how much I miss that summer.

That slender yet strong hand. Because I pulled away.)

taisetsu na hito dakara kitsuka nakute

miushinai isou ni naru keredo

kurikaeshi kurikaeshi ii kikaseru yo

"kono sekai ni kimi ha hitori shikai nai"

(Because you're important to me I feel like

I'll lose you without noticing it, but

again, again I tell you that

"In this whole world, there's only one of you.")

Ai and Tomoyo sang together while smiling to each other. Ai looked at the audiences and tries to find her dad only to find a pair of crimson eyes staring at her; she smiled at him and continues to sing with Tomoyo.

'Did she just smile at me?' Persona thought to himself.

shunkan no kawari me o tsugeru kaze ga fuite

kimi o sukoshi tooku kanjiru jibun ni obieta yo

futari mada issho ni ita koro shinken ni koi shite naita ne

ima yori kizutsuki yasukute demo kitto kagaiteta

(A wind that tells the changing of the seasons blows

I'm afraid of feeling that you're far away.

When we were still together, I truly loved you and cried.

I was easier to hurt than now, but I certainly shined.)

Tomoyo's part

shinjirare sonna mono mitsukattara

kanarazu te o nobashite miyou

kurikaeshi kurikaeshi ii kikaseru yo

"hanaretete mo mune no oku de tomodachi da yo"

(f you find something you can believe in,

I'll certainly give you a hand.

Again, again I tell you that,

"Even if we're separated, in our hearts we're still friends.")

Tomoyo sings

hareta hi ha seao o miage nagara

ame no hi ha mizu tamarike tte

kurikaeshi kurikaeshi shitte iku yo

umareta wake ikiru imi o

(While I look up at the blue sky on a clear day,

I kick puddles on a rainy day.

Again, again I know

why I was born, the meaning of life.)

Ai sings

setsu nasa ni makesou de kurushii hi mo

yoru ni mayogekomi taku natte mo

kurikaeshi kueikaeshi kimi to no hibi

omoidashite sasae ni shite

(Even on painful days,

even if I want to flee into the night,

again, again, I remember my days with you

and use them as support.)

Ai finishes the song with beautiful piano notes and then Tomoyo said, "Hai, minna-san, this will be the last song for tonight. It's my old time favorite from my favorite music composer, she's very talented and I hope everyone will enjoy this song as much as I do. Thank you"

Tomoyo looked at Ai and Ai only gave her a puzzling look. Tomoyo whispered something in Ai's ear. She was stunned. Ai looked at Tomoyo without blinking and whispered back, "I thought we're suppose to sing something else, what's with the sudden change?" Tomoyo smiled, "Daijobu, I love this song very much. For the sake of last." Ai frowned a little and smiled back. Ai nodded and Tomoyo delightfully smiled back.

Tomoyo looked at the audience and smiled, "This last song was written a long ago by my favourite composer and the song is called, Mousukoshi." Ai blushed.

Ai closed her eyes and starts to play the piano then she starts singing

soshite kizuita toki ni kangaeteru no wa kimi no koto de...

When I noticed I was thinking about you...

sore ga sugoku hazukashikattari

I felt very embarassed

sugoku iyadattari omoete

And I really hate that feeling

Ai opened her eyes she was searching for someone not her dad but the person who got her attention. She saw him and they were locked at each others eyes then Ai closed her eyes and continues singing.

sore wa boku ga kimochi wo tsutaeru koto ga kowai kara de

That's because I'm afraid to convey my feelings

atama de osaetsukete mo kokoro ga dousuru koto mo dekinakute

Even though I suppress it in my head I can't do anything about my heart

autabi ni kimi ni satorarenai youni

I don't let you notice it when we meet

itsumo to kawarinai youni hanashiteru tsumori de

So it can be normal how I plan to talk to you

yoyuu mo nakute kurushiku natta boku wa

To act so composed has started to hurt

kimi ni uso wo tsuiteshimau... dakedo

Lying to you I will put away... but

Both girls sang

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

kimi no kokoro ni chikazuitara

If I can get closer to your heart

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

ima kono toki ga kienai youni

So that this moment won't end

douka kamisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai

Please God, give me courage

Ai's part

soshite omoiagunete mo kakkou warui dake no boku de...

When I'm alone with my bad crazy thoughts

Persona kept his gaze on Ai. His eyes can't seem to move away from the angel. Without Persona even noticing, Mr. Narumi saw all their (Ai & Persona) actions. All he can do was smiled, 'maybe this girl can change him. This ought to be good' Mr. Narumi thought to himself.

kimi ga dou omotteru no ga ki ni natte mo

I worry about what you think of me

ippo mo saki he sumanai wakatteru tsumori de

I'm sorry I stepped forward to try to let you know

jibun jyanai you na mune no MOYAMOYA ga

I'm not myself, I don't like the fog around my heart

itaku natte nigetakunaru... dakedo

Depending on someone else makes me run away... but

Tomoyo and Ai sang together

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

kimi no soba ni irareta nara

If I can get beside you

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

Ai sang alone

yoru yoake nai de kureta nara

Night does not continue once dawn comes

sabishii toki mo namida wo nugutte ageru kara

So wipe away your tears when you're feeling lonely

yozora ni ukabu kakete mo hikaru tsuki ga

The glowing moon floats out into the heavens

tsuyoku mo narenai jishin mo nai

I'm not stronger or more confident

boku wo mite hohoenda hora ne...

See me smiling, look, OK?

They sang together

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

kimi no soba ni irareta nara

If I can get beside you

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

Ai looked at him again and this time she realized that her heart beats faster.

yoru yoake nai de kureta nara

Night does not continue once dawn comes

Ai sing and finishes the song

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

kimi no kokoro ni chikazuitara

If I can get closer to your heart

mou sukoshi... mou sukoshi...

A little more... A little more...

ima kono toki ga kienai you ni

So that this moment won't end

douka kamisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai

Please God, give me courage

The song finished with a little touch of her humming. She stood beside her best friend and bow to the audiences. They appauld. She took a glance at him and got off the stage. Everyone applaud loudly and whistles were heard everywhere in the hall. The students stood up and applaud. Some went back stage to say goodbye to Ai.

Behind the stage

Takumi approached the two graceful girls who were talking to each other, "Girls! You were absolutely great just now! I'm so proud of the both of you." He hugged his daughter and gave a cheerful smile to the girls.

The two girls bowed, "Arigato, otou-san/ojii-sama."

Ai saw the guy with the pair of crimson eyes. She looked at him again and this time they're locked in each others gaze.

'They look alike.'Persona thought to himself. Narumi had the same thought as he saw the girl. The same brown hair with cerulean eyes. She had every features of her late mother, Shiroi Tori a.k.a Hanako Kasumi, the legendary person in the academy. Persona knows very well how Shiroi Tori was.

'It's him.' Ai thought. Obvious to her knowledge, she knew exactly who those two were. Especially the blonde male. She knew that the person with pale skin and dark crimson eyes wes the current dangerous ability type teacher and she silently smirked.

To be continued…

Alright my beloved readers. I hope you like it this far. Just wait for the next chapter.


Japanese to English

Ojii-sama - uncle

Sensei - teacher

Daijobu - It's okay

Hissashiburi - Long time no see

Sou ka - I see

Hai - Yes

Senpai - senior

Minna / minna-sama - everyone

Arigato - Thanks

Konbawa - Good Evening