VeggieTales Adventure

Forced by Writer's Blah's Sister

© 2007, Writer's Blah

WRITER'S NOTE: I was forced to do this. If I did not, I would be choked by my sister who is five years old. I do not own VeggieTales or Spongebob's Dennis. VeggieTales used to belong to Big Idea. Now they're owned by Warner Brothers. Dennis is owned by Nickelodeon and United Plankton.

Once, Junior's dad was washing the clothes. (What clothes?) Junior went to his dad and told him that he was going to see some animals. So then his dad said, "Sure, Junior."

He settled out to find all the different animals that would not eat him. The first animal was a cow. Actually, it was Mr. Lunt in a cow suit. Mr. Lunt scared, "Boo!"

Junior yelled in fear. He got enough courage to say, "Hi."

Mr. Lunt greeted, "Hello. My name is Mr. Cow."

"Well, Mr. Cow, you're in a cow suit, right?"

"I am."

Junior's like, "Well let's see the other animals."

Then the other animal was a duck suit. In the duck suit was Larry. He dressed up like a farmer who is in a duck suit. He was like, "Hello, Junior."

Junior's like "What on earth are you?"

"I'm a duck, see? I look all shiny!"

"Oh. Can you get out of the water now?"

"Uh, I'm a little stuck here."

Junior's like, "Can I pull you out?"


So Junior pulled and pulled and pulled until Farmer Duck Larry flew to the sky and fell on the ground. "Do you want to see all the other animals?"

"Yeah. See ya."

Next, Junior saw a pig suit being worn by Pa Grape. Pa Grape's like, "Oy. Hello."

"Hello there, Mr. …pig?"

":Oy, hello, Junior."

"I was hoping you could teach me a little song."

So Pa Grape's like, "Sure."

So Pa Grape starts singing, "Jingle Bells, oy, Jingle Bells, oy, Jingle all the way. Oh, what it is to ride…blah, blah, blah, you know the song."

Last, Junior saw a little tiny sheep, a father sheep. A little tiny father cheap sheep suit worn by Bob. The others were Jimmy and Jerry Gourd and the only female sheep was Madame Blueberry. Junior said, "I have a feeling to ask, 'Since you are all farm animals, will you come to my farm?'"

They all answered, "SURE! This place stinks anyway. It's not even owned by anyone." When they all went back to Junior's farm, Junior's dad was very proud of him by doing a good job of finding all these abandoned farm animals a home. He said, "Could you get one more farm animal to fill our pens?"

Junior's like, "Sure."

He hurried back the other road, and he saw a lot of turtles. Then the girl turtle was Annie. The other turtle was Grandpa George. He's like "Could you please come back to my farm?"

"Would you?"

"Sure. "

"All right, but we're slow."

When they went back to the farm, Junior's dad was super proud of Junior, for getting his entire original farm animal pack back. "Thank you for getting all my original farm animals back, my son."

All the farm animals went to Junior's room. They knew he had a great adventure. Then they put him to sleep. In the morning, he woke up and Dennis came out. He then ate the dirt while running away and laughing maniacally. Junior scratched his head and said, "Why did that walking fish just eat some dirt?"