Chapter 2: It's only the beginning!

Xander was making his way out to the ring, after hearing Noble's name announced he took a deep breath and went out, his entrance was "What have you done" by Within Temptation The announcer said :


He came out and had a huge smile on him and greeted the fans who cheered him and he giving fives to the front row audience but his mood shifted to Noble who was intent on making his debut a 5 minute wonder.

The bell rang both tied up but Xander caught Noble off guard when he put him in a wrist lock and started using his martial arts with a few kicks to the head which stunned Noble but he shaked it off and charged at him but he utilised his small years as a break dancer and ducked with a split legged and came up with another kick to the head which sent him to the turnbuckle. But Noble came running out and hit him in the ribs then stomping on him and threw him into the turnbuckle then dropkicking him into it. But as Noble was showing he had him down but let his guard down and Xander caught him in a suplex but followed with a german, then a belly to belly combination he had him down but needed 1 more move before the kill, he then hit a senton over the top rope on to his back, then worked on his arm then his leg and applied a combination of the STF and the Crossface chickenwing which led to a tap out.


I won? I did it oh man my debut in the WWE and I did it! Xander thought to himself and celebrated with the crowd who were amazed by him and cheered him for his victory.


He was just getting changed when both The Major Brothers came up to him and said,

"Yo dude that was one awesome match! Yeah I mean you really took it to Noble and that finisher you got a name for it?" both of them asked.

"It's called the Dead End I made it while I was in Europe for a few months and I needed something new to show, and thank guys means a lot from guys like you!" Xander replied

"Hey dude since we don't have a match tonight you wanna hit the town?" Brian asked.

"Sure if you guys want me to?" Xander said.

"Dude we want you to and since your new you need to be introduced to the guys, we're meeting them down the bar so meet us outside when your ready ok?" said Brett.

"Sure I'll get myself ready ill see you guys in a few." Xander said.

He changed out of his gear, showered and changed into normal clothing and they were standing there waiting for him and the 3 headed out to the local bar and when they arrived they found themselves at a table of other superstars who he thinks he doesn't deserve to hang with them, but they all insisted he join them.

"Everyone this is Xander Cage the newest acquisition to Smackdown!" Brett announced.

Round the table was Chuck , Michelle ,Jimmy Wang Yang Torrie Wilson and next to her was Ashley, they were all there shaking his hand and greeting him.

"So you used to do MMA?" Chuck asked.

"Yeah I did 2 years in the orients along with my wrestling of course and basically mastering my mixed craft of both styles." Xander said.

"Oh so like you did both and it also looked to me you did some break dancing as well?" Ashley said in humour.

"Well I needed another activity outside of wrestling and martial arts so I took up dancing and I decided to use the moves I learned as offensive and evasive manoeuvres as you all saw." Xander said in a comical tone.

After a few drinks and getting to know everyone they all decided to head back to the hotel and rest up, he said goodbye to everyone he went up in the elevator to his room but before he went in he heard arguing and decided to investigate. He saw Ashley and Jamie and it looked like he was hitting on her so Xander went right up to them and as Noble saw him he looked like he just seen a ghost.

"OK Jamie whatever it is you want the lady doesn't ok, so why don't you leave before I do something I might regret." Xander warned.

"You got lucky tonight but Jamie Noble ain't finished wit u and baby you know u want me! Jamie said, and walked off.

"God what a creep! He asked me to manage him and I said no and he started hitting on me but you came along, thanks Xander I owe ya one." Ashley said.

"No problem, anything for a friend and if he bothers you again call me and I'll be here." he said and they both laughed, she said her goodnight to him and he walked back to his room lied down on the bed and thought It's only the beginning he thought.