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Chapter 28: Where it all begins again

It was finally here, Wrestlemania 24 and I was still recovering from my attack from the monster just two nights ago in the parking lot, I was taken to the hospital and I was given the all clear to compete tonight, but I was warned I may aggravate my fractured forearm and my hairline tear of my bicep muscle. But I did not care I was going to finish this even if my career was at stake, I never leave things undone I have to finish it.

Last night was the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and it was the greatest as we witnessed countless legends inducted, the highlight of it was that Ric Flair was inducted and it was the greatest night to see The Nature Boy inducted into the hall of fame class of 2008 and tonight he will do battle with the showstopper himself with Flair's career on the line.

I had a look around the arena and saw how huge it was and that this will be an outdoor event and I was trying to get some sort of a game plan for my match against Deranged, I mean this match is Falls count anywhere, meaning we can go anywhere we want and anything is legal and pinfalls and submissions counted anywhere we went. It will be the most physical battle I have ever been in but I want this rivalry to end, and what better way to do it than on the grandest stage of them all in front of the entire world.


I was in the back preparing myself for my match that was on it's way and while I was training I watched the Belfast Brawl match and It was a brutal match between Finlay and JBL, they were exchanging blow after blow to each other and even though JBL came out the winner of it I knew that that match was nothing compared to what I was going to be unleashing on my opponent tonight.


I knew it was now time and I know my friends were very concerned about how this would turn out if I really injured myself tonight, but as I already said I ain't backing down from a fight I never have I my life and I'll be damned if I start now!


"oh man here we go."

"This is gonna be off the chain!"

"I hope he wins!"

"He'll get annihilated by that freak."

"He beat him before what gonna stop him from doin it again?"

"Isn't he still injured from that attack?"

"Don't let us down kid!"

"I believe in you"

I came out to the ring in full battle gear no smile or anything just walked down the isle in front of over 70,000 people armed for battle, I was absolutely focused and I looked at my heavily taped arm and knew it was a bulls eye for him but I didn't care for it was our final encounter. I awaited the arrival of my opponent and we were both making our debut at Wrestlemania and the entire arena went black and his entrance blasted and he came out from the floor behind the announce desk pounding his chest and screaming and leaped over the guard barrier and was on the outside and as he approached I decided to take the fight to him early and from where I was and ran and jumped out of the ring right into him and sent him falling on his ass. The bell rang I began the assault on him by punching the hell out of him with repeated shots to the head, and got up and got a reaction for it but I went right for the weapons and brought out a garbage can full of them I threw out what was in the can and smashed it across his head but no damage so I hit him again still nothing, I went for a third but he caught me by the throat and lifted me up In the air and choke slammed me hard to the mat below, he gained the upper hand and I was in some pain and he had bad intentions on his mind as he grabbed me and took be to the barrier and positioned me sitting up and he went back a bit, began pounding his chest and did his scream and was going to crush me into the barrier but I managed to regain myself and got out of the way on time and he broke through the barrier and I saw my opening he was dazed. So I went after him and we began fighting through the crowd and we exchanged blow for blow and a fan gave me a drink of his beer and I threw it in Deranged's face which momentarily blinded him, so I decided to go up and I went up the flight of stairs and from there I aimed, locked, target and I flew over five rows of people I managed to clear. I came crashing into him and I knew I had him, that was until he sat up and just nailed me in the head, and grabbed my head and rammed it into the nearby camera pole and it cut my head open, I began to bleed and he saw the blood and it somehow fuled his rage and began repeated shots to the wound and he just dragged me over to the exit way on the left hand side of the arena and as we left the ring area we went to the back and as he lead me away I managed to get loose of his grip and I kicked him right In the nads as hard as I could and I hit him again and again until he was down on his knees, so I has my shot to turn the momentum around in my favour and looked around for a weapon and I saw a crowbar, I grabbed it and I went over to him and without thought, I hit him right between the eyes with it and it busted him open on the inside of his mask, I grabbed him by the hair and took him through the building and I rammed his bloody head into the walls of each corridor staining it with blood, I just went crazy and we reached the entrance of the arena and we fought in front of a crowd I grabbed a mop from the janitor's cleaning cart and wiped it into his face for humiliating me at the rumble. I threw it down and I looked around with my face still bloodied but as I went for him again he got back up and nailed a huge clothesline on me and raised me up by both hands around my neck and without hesitation, he dropped me with a huge chokebomb on the concrete which just rattled the back of my head and crushed my back. As I layed there he looked at me like I was just some weak little animal that got trapped and is ready to be pounced on, so like the predator he was he grabbed me by the foot and dragged me back into the arena and we were in the left part of the arena and he just continued to deliver shot after shot to my head and blow after blow to my back and abdomen, I was in complete agony and I didn't know where I was but I knew I was in trouble, I had to figure a way out and turn the tables on him somehow, but my help came in a form of a fan who was right in front of me and was holding some sort of hot drink so I tried to crawl over to him but the monster was stalking me so I had to try and buy myself some time and waited for it and…low blow and I ran over to him as far as my legs could carry me, I asked if I could use it and he just smiled and gave it to me and I raised it up high and waited for it…..and….threw it right into his face which burned him. I pursued him after he tried to get some distance from me and we fought out of the crowd and went right to the stage entrance and was continuing the fight by me ramming his head number of times into the steel setting of the entrance and I began nailing some punches and kicking combos in to weaken him, I tried to ram his head again but he grabbed my right arm out of desperation and began to apply pressure with his strength and it felt like as if the entire weight of a building was crushing my arm into pieces. He wasn't letting go that's when it was time..he took me by my arm and onto his shoulders ready for the Final Flight down to the stage below. He went for it but I got off in time and he teetered on the edge and I knew this was my only chance….from there I hit Rage in the Cage from there sending us both crashing down to the stage below, the crowd and superstars in the back were in complete disbelief at what had just happened, we were both down but I was still conscious but I knew Deranged better he will be up soon so I had to act now!

I got up slowly clutching my arm in pain, and I ascended to a higher position I wasn't sure how high it was but it was around at least 20 feet in the air I was perched on the side of the titantron and looked down at him and from there I hit X Marks the Spot which I got all of right on top of him and the ref came down to check and saw I was on top for the cover 1-2-3 I did it, I finally ended it, it took me years but it was over, tonight the feud ends.

The entire arena was in shock and amazement at my taken risk and all I could remember was that we were both carted off on stretchers and the crowd was in some silence to see if we were ok and I lifted my good arm up and a massive ovation was given but the damage was done. This night was the start of new beginnings, new champions, new warriors on the rise and victory at a price.

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