Chapter 2

The next day Veronica looked for Weevil and found him in one of the class playing craps with his boys. He laughed when he saw her tilt her head before asking him about Duncan's laptop, but he would not fall for it.

"Why do you care so much about that computer?"

"I just do. Listen, why don't you give me the laptop and I promise to find who took your money."

"Sorry that not gonna happen, that tilt of the head you do isn't going to work with me this time."

"I just want to help you; you don't know how bad things could end up for you. You don't know them like I do."

"Really?" he asked as if he were surprised and scared by what he was hearing. "Please Veronica Mars protect me from the big, bad, sweater, vest-wearing rich boys. I'm really scared now."

"You know what, keep acting like that and in the end we will see who is wrong and who isn't. The 09ers aren't going to let you take their things without saying or doing anything." She told him, turning around and heading towards the door but Weevil stopped her, telling the 09ers might stop losing their stuff if he got his money back.

"So if I find who took your money they will all get their things back?"

"Yeah, but until then…"

"Okay, just a question, why a guy like you would play poker with 09ers?"

"I hear about a five thousand dollar card game played by idiots, I'm interested."

"You thought you could easily win some money."

"Yeah, these guys don't know a thing about poker, can't help it if they can't handle losing to someone who isn't one of them."

"Okay I'm going to find who did it and you're going to return their stuff."

"Yes m'dam!" he said with a smirk. "So have you read any of these letters I found and gave you?"

"Not yet, but I promise to tell you what's in them as soon as I've read them." She said with a big smile, acting as if she were a bimbo on crack. "Right after sharing what's in them, you can bread my hair while I br…. No wait I can't, you're bald." She replied with an innocent smile.

"What's up soda pop?" Veronica asked her father as he walked into their apartment later that day. He dropped his bag on a stool and went to kiss his daughter on the forehead.

"How was work?"

"Good, school?"


"Didn't get fired?"

"Nope, it's planned for tomorrow."

"Okay, thank you for warning me, make sure Clemmons calls me after my lunch break but before my 3 o'clock appointment."


"See that's why you're such a good daughter, not only you told me you are going to be expelled tomorrow but you're going to make sure it's done when I'm free."

"I live to please my father." She said with a smile, she walked towards the kitchen and put her bowl in the sink. "I'm going to work a little, do you need something"

"No, it's okay, go do your homework."

"Okay." She kissed his cheek and went to grab her bag before going into her room. She was pulling out her algebra book when the bunch of letters fell on the floor and like always curiosity got the best of her, she had already waited one day. She grabbed a letter opener and read the date, it was written about three weeks before Lilly's death she thought.

'Dear Veronica, Ronnie Ronica,

I don't even know how or where to start this letter because you've got so many names that it's impossible for me to decide how to call you, you've got so many personalities.

Sure you're Veronica Mars, but you are never the same Veronica Mars, when you're with Lilly you're someone when you're with Duncan you're someone else and when you're with me you're once again someone else. I'm not saying you play different roles to please everyone, because I know how honest you're, that's just the way you're and that's one of the things I love about you.

In fact, I love many things about you, how you pout when you realize that there's no more chocolate for sundaes, or we can't have sundaes for dinner, or the way you play with your long hair. The truth is that I just don't love these things about you, I just love you and I don't mean it as a friend, what I'm trying to say is that I'm in love with you Veronica. I know this must come as a shock to you, and believe me it's a shock to me.When I first saw you in your soccer uniform I fell for you, but then it was to be expected, you were hot even if you were only 12. I would have asked you out during your 15th birthday but Duncan did it before me. I'm not one to trespass on Duncan's preserves since he's my best friend and then Lilly arrived and we hooked up. I'm sure it's a scary thing and it's unexpected, but I love you Veronica and everybody knows it but you and Duncan. Even Lilly saw it, why do you think she broke up with me this time? It wasn't over the Yolanda thing, she is trying to pushing me to admit my feelings for you and I hope this letter isn't going to scare you and you aren't going to cut me from your life, because I need you Ronnie even if you don't reciprocate my feelings. I'm not ready to have out of my life, no matter what happens after you've read this letter, don't ignore me or stop being friends with me. If you don't have feelings with me, that's okay, I won't ever tell you a thing about them again as long as you stay in my life.Logan